Missy Moo’s Milestones: 1st Birthday Cake Smash


Missy Moo turns one on Thursday! I can’t believe my own eyes how big she is getting so fast. This year has flown by in a big blur. She continues to change each day, and reach milestones faster than I remember her brother doing but only because having two makes it all go faster too. 

We celebrated her birthday with a big bash, accompanied by all our closest friends and family. It wouldn’t be a 1st birthday if I didn’t drag out her celebrations as much as possible, so here we are with a little cake smashing photo shoot too! cakesmashingcollage

When I first started seeing these cake smashing photo shoot streaming across the internet, I thought what a creative idea. I only wish I had done it with Buba when he turned one! Guess I could always do it for his third birthday coming up but it just wouldn’t have the same effect would it? 

I was a little nervous for the mess that I knew would follow the shoot, and the fact that I had only one cake so I had to time the photos just right or there wouldn’t be any before and after photos. Missy Moo took me by complete surprise and instead of tearing into the cake like most one year olds would do, she poked it. She must have sat there poking the cake for what seems like forever. I had to cut a slice off and hand it to her before she would even attempt a bite. Even after handing her a piece she continued to use her all too familiar pinchers fingers and take tiny princess bites. The one time I want her to fully dive in and she eats like an angel. So my cake smashing photo shoot was more a delicate cake eating photo shoot. Until…

Missy Moo learned after a while she could stomp her feet in her cake. This took the cake smashing to a whole new level. I haven’t heard her giggle so hard ever. She had her arms waving in the air and her heel in the frosting. 


I bought the cupcake cake and the cake stand from Tesco, with my clubcard vouchers. I love those things. I attempted to stick with the same colors of her birthday party and reused some of the decorations. If you missed my homemade decorations post click here. Although it was very hard to find just a peach tuttu so it turned into more of a pink and peach theme which I actually liked in the end.  thecake

It was a great time watching her play around in her Miss Francis Tutu and nibble on her birthday cake. Even though it wasn’t yet her actual birthday it’s been great celebrating her 1st birthday so long. Since we are off to America a few days after her actual birthday it was just easier to celebrate it early which meant it has lasted all month. It’s hard to say goodbye to the baby era and hello to toddlerville. She is my last baby and therefore I try to keep her little for as long as possible rather than like my first cheer them onto the next stage. 

She really is Momma’s little angel. I couldn’t have asked for a more cuddly, sweeter, calm baby. She really has lit up all our lives in this family and we are so blessed to be a family of four. I wish the time would slow down so I could take in the little moments more as I do the big ones. 


I think she was made to wear a tutu, I really do. She had her toes pointed ballerina style, the entire time and her pincher fingers as always, were out twirling her skirt side to side like a true princess. You can’t teach these things they just come natural. hahahaMissFrancisTuttuI was really impressed with the Miss Francis tutu too! It is silky soft and expands so it will fit her for a long time to come. There is nothing sweeter than a baby in a tutu. I wish she could wear it everyday. 





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65 thoughts on “Missy Moo’s Milestones: 1st Birthday Cake Smash

  1. What gorgeous photos I especially love the first one with the O in Missy Moos mouth. Perfect way to cherish precious moments x

    1. Sorry not mouth…hand (busy talking to E at the same time as writing to you. A mum is forever multi tasking lol)

    2. Thank you Nicola. She was having so much fun as was I playing around with the decorations and the cake. It was a great time together. So much fun.

  2. Totally adorable, I couldn’t pick a favourite photo I love them all. Her whole face just lights up when she smiles! What a great way to celebrate her turing one and she looks like she enjoyed it all :)

    1. She really did. I had so much fun with her, trying to teach her to make a mess. The total opposite of what I normally am trying to teach her. So much fun. I think I could have done better on the photography side but I am still a beginner.

    1. I didn’t think I would be a tutu lover until I saw her in this one. Just precious. Thanks hunny. Wish my photography skills were as good as my photo staging. lol

    1. Thank you so much. I can’t believe it. It has gone by so very fast, too fast. She is my last baby and I am very emotional this time at her 1st celebrations more than my first.

    1. Thanks Emma. You are so lovely. Hahah I think we all should get tutu like this. I was thinking the same. It is stunning! Wish my photography skills were better though. The lighting was as good as I could get. Need to be more in focus too. My hand shakes too much when I take photos.

  3. Awww missy moo you are just too cute!!! I can’t wait for Arthur’s cake smash, although his cake won’t be as pretty as that haha (I’m gonna test my baking skills)! Can you believe our babies are one tomorrow! I’m so nostalgic I can’t believe how much emotion I have with it all, good and bad!! You’ve got some fantastic photos Jenny you must be delighted!! I laughed when I read about you doing it with bubba…..imagine the mess for a 3 year old haha!!

    1. Oh gosh the three year old would need no prompting to make a mess and smash it. hahahha I just might do it for a laugh. lol I know me too. So many emotions about her being one and no more babies in this house. Crazy how time flies. It goes even faster with your second. We can both be weepy tomorrow on twitter together. lol

  4. How utterly adorable! My friend is a professional photographer, specialising in babies. Cake smashes are all the rage apparently. You’ve done an amazing job here, well done :-)

    1. Oh I am such a beginner and almost wish I had it professionally done as I wasn’t as happy with the photos as I thought I would be. But the set up and her beautiful smile makes it all perfect. Need to take another photography class I think. Thanks though it was so much fun.

    1. Ahh bless Happy birthday G! He will be 3 right? Can’t remember. Have fun. Yes this was so much fun! I really enjoyed it. We had a few hours just me and her and playing with cake. What’s not to love? hahahaha

  5. Fabulous photos of Missy Moo. I especially love the ones where thumb is planted firmly in her mouth. Cake and tutu also look amazing. Belated birthday wishes Missy Moo x

    1. Yes that was the only part of the shoot that I wish I could have fixed. She wouldn’t stop sucking her thumb not even to eat the cake!!! lol So I had to deal with it. I should have gone with a pacifier I can take that away I can’t take the thumb away. lol

  6. That is SOOO Cute and she looks like she’s having the time of her life. I’ve just had a fleeting moment about whether Z could do this for his next birthday but probably not at 4!….he’d probably chuck it against a wall or something :)

    1. She really did have a great time and so did I. I did it while Buba was at nursery so I could give her my undivided attention. It was such a great time together. I am feelling all emotional about her turning 1 tomorrow. My last baby. I said that. I am going to do one for buba who is three next month just for a laugh. I am sure it is going to be hilarious. lol

    1. Thank you. I think I need the tutu in my size too. hahaha Although I might get a few “looks’. It was so much fun. Except most babies dive into the cake. Missy Moo too a lot of prompting to get her to even take a bite and put frosting on her face. It was hilarious. I wanted her to really jump in and smash it up. She just kept poking it. lol

    1. Do it! It was so fun and it doesn’t cost a lot. I bought a cheap cupcake cake from Tesco and you can get cake stands at the charity shop or even tesco I used my vouchers. It helps put the cake at their level. So much fun. I am even thinking about doing it for every birthday as a joke. Watching a five year old do it would be hilairous take on the whole new craze! lol

  7. Oh so sweet. Gorgeous photos, like a professional shoot.

    I don’t think N would have smashed a cake either. He likes his food too much – he would have wanted to have a knife to cut it up and eat it in bits!

    1. That’s exactly what she was doing. I had to smear frosting on her face to get her to lick it and realize that she could make a mess. She poked it for at least 30 mins then I had to cut it with a knife and hand her the slice and she used her other hand to pinch mini bites of the slice. I couldn’t believe it. So fun. I had this envision of her just grabbing a fist full and shoving it in her mouth. lol Oh gosh the setup was great, I can style the stage but I suck at photography. Really frustrating as I think these would have been awesome if I had better lighting and focus in my shots. lol Worlds worse own critic on my photography skills. Need another class I think! Thanks for stopping by and commenting lovely.

  8. So cute. The pictures are fab Jenny, Missy Moo looks like she’s having an amazing time. O would hate this, he’s a bit fussy about getting messy and doesn’t really like cake, but I think it’s a great idea for a photoshoot. These are definitely coming out on her 18th xx

    1. She was the same, she kept wanting me to wipe her hands and face off. It was hilarious. I kept telling her it’s ok to smash it but she wouldn’t hahahaa

    1. I know I said that I want one in my size. Lol thank you so much Lucy. That means a lot. Although I was really pleased with my setup and styling lol I hated the grainy photos. I thought there would be more light and all my photos seem not focused. I really need a class on photo shop too! Lol to fix these things. There are a few I think would be amazing of I was better at photography. Lol so much to learn first time I stayed in Aperture the whole time. Not once in manual! So guess getting somewhere. Lol need a personal tutor on the camera. The manual makes no sense to me. Lol

    1. Thank you so much Louisa. Glad you like it. It was so much fun. I love the tutu on her and I wanted a matching one but they dont come in my size. boo. lol Agreed they should be law is true!

    1. Ya I was the same I didn’t do it with Buba and wish I had. I am going to do a spoof on it when he turns three to be funny. Lol

  9. Happy birthday missy moo. Your birthday is on my hubby’s birthday so I will think of you also tomorrow x hope she has a great day and I love the photos x #sharewithme

  10. Oh my gosh!!! What amazing piccys! Sometimes I want to have a third just to do all this kind of things with them. They are really beautiful and something to keep forever. Does your girl do ballet yet? Have you tried babyballet? That would be so up your street and it starts from 6mths! I used to cry most weeks as it was just so adorable. And congrats on your tots ranking!!! That’s ace! xx

    1. Oh you are too sweet to me!!!! Thank you so much hunny. Lovely for you to say. I am the same I wasn’t blogging when I was pregnant or had Buba so I always think I need a third just so I can. Hahahaha

  11. what a lovely post, beautiful photos! That is such a gorgeous tutu. I am not creative at all, i admire people who can make things look so pretty x

    1. Thank you so much. So lovely to hear as I never know if I think it’s great but do others? Always second guessing my own creativity. lol

  12. Happy Birthday sweet girl! This is adorable! I didnt realize that the cake smash was used for more than a wedding. I really expected much more of a mess! Really cute! I will need to keep it in mind!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. We were just talking about this on twitter. We should have an adult tutu party so we can be a princess for a day. They are adorable!

  13. How gorgeous is this post lady!! And a MASSIVE happy 1st birthday to Missy Moo!!! Loved everything about this post and that wee smile of hers is so infectious. Gorgeous hun, thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx

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