A family day out with our Boutique smarTrike

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:14 pm

 I woke up yesterday morning and peered out the kitchen window and what did I see, that lovely sun shining in. I fed the kids and quickly got them dressed. I told them we are getting out in that sun and having some family fun. Fun, we did have. We went for a long walk, passed the duck ponds, passed the gorgeous grass fields heading towards our local park. We stopped off on a little bench just outside the park, for our midmorning snack and rest.

I was so excited as I have been waiting all week to test out our new Boutique smarTrike. The rain has kept us locked up all week with the kids who were itching to get outside. The smarTrike is the ultimate trike as it has four different stages. With a 33 month old and a 11 month old, I am lucky enough to use it for both of my kids.

So I had to have a quick word with Buba that Missy Moo would ride on the smarTrike first on the way to the park, in stage one and then after the park, I would convert it to stage four, the big boy stage, for him. He really was very excited to ride his very first tricycle. I think it’s absolutely amazing that I can have one smarTrike for my two kids who are at completely different stages in their life. Now, I call that smart!


The moment I opened the box, I was impressed. The colours are very vibrant and perfect for a boy or a girl or in my case ,both. The top pouch is big enough to load it up with anything you need at hand. This feature is handy for me because Buba has deadly allergies, and we have to carry an epi pen at all times.  Makes me feel comfortable that I can keep it in this top pouch, ready if I ever needed it instead of in a nappy bag where it can sink to the bottom at times.. It’s also great for putting your phone in and those baby wipes that come in handy so often.

The smarTrike has so many great accessories too. The back satchel bag is big enough to roll our picnic blanket up in, pack our lunch in and carry those nappy changing essentials too.


Stage One smarTrike

Stage One is for age 10+ months and is perfect for my 11 month old Missy Moo to start out in. It is in full parent controlled  at this stage with extra back support, and enhanced steering experience with the touch steering that I think is amazing. It is so easy to push. It has stationary pedals for her little feet to rest on until she is old enough to reach the pedals. Missy Moo was highly impressed with the attached telephone and the connected cup for it she uses to carry her Peppa Pig. Stage one has a three piece harness to keep your baby secure. The sun canopy was perfect for a day like yesterday when the morning sun was intense and bright. I liked that you could keep it closed, half open or all the way open depending on what coverage you preferred. Missy Moo liked it half way so she could still be nosy and look around but it kept the sun out of her eyes.

smartrike2As you can see above it was a lovely morning out. The kids were full of smiles. The weather was amazing and we were throughly enjoying our new smarTrike all together. Even Peppa Pig had a ride! It was time for some summer time park fun. Off we headed to the park.


The touch steering technology is absolutely amazing. It was so easy to manoeuvre with one hand while I hold my son’s hand with the other. He eventually found a nice little handle spot too that he could hold on to and talk to his sister while we biked!


I was impressed that Missy Moo took to the handles right away. She is a natural smarTriker! Clearly she was happy with her new smarTrike as she was singing along the whole time she was riding…lalalalalalala touchtechno

Just to show you really how easy it is to manoeuvre, even Buba enjoyed pushing his sister on it. “Look Mommy I did all by myself,” was his response, “It’s easy.” Got to hand it to him, he knows how to give a good review.


Stage Four smarTrike

Buba was done with the reviewing and eager to test it out himself. After having a grand time at the park, running free and soaking up the sun it was finally Buba’s turn to ride the smarTrike in stage four which is geared towards 30-36 months. Buba is 33 months so it’s perfect for a first tricycle for him to learn how to ride on. It only took me mere seconds to remove the baby accessories in stage one to convert it to stage four. That in itself was a great surprise. There was no undoing bolts or screws, just a few unclicks and it was ready for Buba. It has a magic button too, to switch from parent control to child control so Buba could take over completely. The swivel wheel makes it extremely easy to for Buba to steer and ensured a smooth ride. Stage4bikeBuba was very impressed with the telephone, he loves to play with his imagination. “Shall we call Daddy, Granny or Harry?” he asked. Then started chatting away on it. He has never tried to pedal a bike before but caught on quick with the smarTrike. He even got a bit silly and made a pretend evil laugh, “look what I can do on my new bike, Mommy.” bending backwards and laughing at the sky. It was a great moment, watching him pedal his very first bike. He told me stories how he was going to fill the back bucket with all his favourite toys for our next smarTrike adventure and where he would take them.

It was a magical moment watching him look so grown up on riding his very first bike. I only wish I had had the smarTrike from when he was 10 months old. We are a little late to riding a bike with him but he will now, soon catch up.

A smarTrike indeed, I can’t rave enough about how great this is for BOTH of my kids. I love being able to switch it  in seconds to cater for Missy Moo to Buba and what impressed me the most was the amazing touch steering and magic button. Even better we are riding around in style, the print and colours are fantastic.  This 4-1 tricycle is perfect for my family.  It will be around to teach both my kids how to ride and experience many more family adventures together.

The Boutique smarTrike  is perfect for my baby & toddler!

i'm a little smartriker    stage 1 badge

* I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, all photos and opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “A family day out with our Boutique smarTrike”

  1. That looks good Miss Moos lovely smile says it all. How fabulous must you all look in the park

  2. Seems like they’ve really improved some of the poorer bits…the steering on N’s is really hard for a parent to steer, although fine for n to ride himself.

    Looks great, and the canopy’s also a big improvement

  3. Lovely review and lovely photo’s hun. I miss our SmarTrike days, Lewis had his SmarTrike which then got passed onto Leah but she never wanted to ride it. Gutted. Enjoy x


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