Having baby number 3!

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:18 pm

Is three the new two? 

It would seem so as all my friends and family around me are having three kids. Or just announcing that third surprise baby along with me. Years ago it seems we all just had two. One for each hand but more and more, I am seeing families of three everywhere. I have always felt destined to have three kids. I have always wanted more.

This past week, we announced we are expecting that lovely third bundle of joy in May 2018. A spring baby!

The rush of emotions, the anxiety of being such a big age gap between my kids now and the new baby, Daddy getting over the surprise news, and then realizing I had just this summer cleared out the loft and sold all the baby stuff on eBay thinking after four years I was never getting that third baby. Typical!

We are starting from scratch in so many ways. We have no baby items, clothes, nothing. We haven’t done the baby stuff for four years so time to relearn what we have already been through twice already. Funny how we forget everything the moment they grow out of diapers. I also wasn’t blogging when I was pregnant with either of my other two having only started this blog when my youngest was four weeks old. 

That in itself means there will be lots of firsts and lots to document that I never got a chance to do the first two times. I hope I don’t bore my regular followers who come here for recipes, home interiors, fashion and lifestyle blog posts. Don’t worry there will be plenty of those to still come here. I will always do a variety of topics to keep everyone interested but there will be pregnancy and baby spam to come. I hope that’s ok. WARNING: I do get emotional and gushy when it comes to babies. I have been broody for four years so it’s been building. I do apologize.

I found out at one week that I was pregnant. Most people don’t find out this early but I had been battling vertigo and illness really bad and they were testing me for all kinds of things. The nurse informed me, “you do know you are pregnant right?” Well, actually no I didn’t. How could I? I hadn’t even missed my period yet. So my first reaction is no way. So I did what we all do in denial, ran home and took about ten pregnancy test. Stopped taking all the medication I was on for vertigo and ear infection. Then I thought of ways to break the news to hubby.

We have wrapped our head around baby number 3 now. We have plans to build into the loft for another bedroom and luckily we don’t need to change cars. Always a worry when you first find out. If it had been twins there would have been a whole lot more arrangements needed to be made. I am more than ecstatic. The kids are more than ecstatic. 

I find I get teary when they run up and hug my belly. There isn’t a morning since we told them that they don’t kiss my belly and say good morning baby. MM even whispers, “your beautiful” to my bump while we watch tv. It’s adorable. She is utterly convinced it’s a girl and just calls it “her” no matter what I warn her about how we don’t get to choose these things. 

I remember the feelings I had when B talked and kissed MM’s bump but having them both be so aware of the baby and talking about the baby as part of the family already in everyday conversations just makes me smile so big. It warms my heart they have so much love already for something they just found out about a week ago. There isn’t a person that walks by without one of them telling them about our baby news. 

I know this amazing feeling will only swell when the baby is born and I get to watch them form relationships and lifetime bonds with the new family addition. Three is definitely a different dynamic than two. I hope they don’t leave baby out as they get older being so inseparable themselves. I also hope it doesn’t change their amazing bond between the two older ones. So much to think about and worry about but in the end, I know it will be alright. I know there will be so much love following between the three of them. 

So we are on bump watch now and waiting anxiously for the gender reveal. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me as I share it. Thank you all for the most amazing comments and support on social media this week. I was so overwhelmed with the response we got to our video announcement. I cried! Hormones, they do that to me. 


11 thoughts on “Having baby number 3!”

  1. Oh Jenny I’m so excited for you and your family! I can’t wait to see more updates from you and hopefully meet the new arrival when s/he arrives. I started blogging after I had all three of my girls so I didn’t get the chance to document any of my pregnancies – I wish I had as it will be such a lovely thing to look back on in the years to come.

  2. Having a third really completed our family and with your children being that much older, I’m sure they will be excited and involved, unlike mine were. It’s all very exciting. Looking forward to following the journey! xx

  3. I remember thinking and maybe even asking you when you were in America if you were pregnant, it was the first thing I thought of as a friend suffered with the same thing. You look lovely and I am so excited for you to document all the lovely milestones x

  4. Congrats! I also found out super early, but at 3 weeks and by a home pregnancy test! I had taken two before that but had come up negative!


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