Baby & Toddler Winter Coats

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

The temperatures are dropping and the wind is biting cold. It’s that time of year again where the woolly hats and gloves need to be bought and the winter coats pulled out of the loft. That is if they still fit. If they don’t and you are looking for some stylish winter coats for your little tots this season, now it the time to shop with all the holiday sales going on.


I grabbed this bargain from Baby Baker by Ted Baker at Debenhams. I was first attracted to the the gorgeous knitted outer layer and big pearl buttons but when I picked it up, I fell instantly in love with the lining. It was as soft as a cashmere baby blanket and had the familiar trendy Ted Baker pattern on it which just peaks out from the hood when Missy Moo wears it. It is thick enough that even on the coldest winter days it keeps her snug. Regular price was £30 but I swooped it up for a mere £12 in the sale.


Last winter for Buba, I had found this really bright blue Ralph Lauren winter puff coat. Not only did I fall in love with it but in the end he wanted to wear it all the time too. Even when spring hit and we had a few warm days he continued to beg to wear his blue coat. He was obsessed with his coat. We thought now that he is hitting the tantrum stage it is probably best to stick with what he knows and loves.  What better way to continue the trend and the love for this coat then find it again in the next size up. For once I had great luck this year and it was on sale via the clearance page of Ralph Lauren USA site. Last year I paid more than I wanted for it, but as a new parent I wanted my son to look hip and fashionable. Now, that is still the case but only if I can grab a good deal. We had so many compliments on this coat and people asking us where we got it.  It retails for £150, I know steep, don’t worry we would never pay that for a toddler coat, I got it for only £65 (and sold last year’s coat for £55 on ebay). So I was only out £10!

Watching kids’ designer clothing websites for sales, and discount vouchers in the mail or on my email, is a great pastime of mine. Sometimes I will click on the website’s clearance page and see what’s on offer. If its a huge bargain, I buy it even if it’s two or three sizes bigger than what they are wearing now. It’s not like they won’t grow into them eventually. Plus, I sell all my kids’ clothes on ebay and designer gear not only wears well, it sells well too. Win, win! Why not have the luxury items without the luxury price tags.

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