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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:40 pm

This week I am dressing them in White!

Buba Style 1

My obsession with children’s clothes doesn’t just mean high street, designer labels. All too often my favorite outfit of Buba’s or Missy Moo’s is a cheap, sale item. Like this long sleeve white shirt from Asda. I love the rustic old car print on the front.  I have never been a fan of characters, trucks, or wording on my kids’ clothes, don’t ask me why. I just prefer the solids, patterns, stripes, and a more tailored look, especially for my son. This is as close as it gets to print. It’s super soft, washes well, and the best part it was £2! My next favorite are these worn-look jeans from Next. They have big bottom cuffs that can be unrolled as your child grows. With Buba, this is a must, as he grows like a weed. I have him in these jeans numerous times in the week.  I found these Ralph Lauren grey socks in a pack of 3, in the sale before all the Christmas decorations came out. £7 for 3, bargain. It has grippies on the bottom which are extremely hard to find still for his size foot. We have high gloss tiles, as you can see, so he definitely still needs them. My favorite part of this entire outfit, is the brown belt. I actually found them on another pair of pants that I didn’t like but I bought them and use the pants for nursery and playtime. The brown belt gives it this trendy older boy look. He loves wearing it too. “Belt, Mommy??” he asked when I am getting him dressed in the morning. I have created a fashion monster already.

MM Style 1

I have noticed I am a lot more lenient when it comes to Missy Moo’s clothes than Buba’s. I like my son to have a certain look and his whole wardrobe matches that, but Missy Moo anything goes, even characters. Dress, tunics, tops, skirts, leggings, tights, bloomers, shorts, sweaters, etc.. you name it she has it. There is so many more options and combinations that can make a cute outfit, for girls. I like fancy dresses but I also really like simple white outfits. Like this plain white tunic dress from Next. The lace detail is beautiful and timeless.  I love white on her, but she is fair so I like to add one of her fancy headbands,  just to give it that feminine feel. Here I have her in a navy headband and matching navy leggings which I got in a baby boutique in Ireland called “I do” for £5. Every time I go on vacation I scope out the place for unique children’s boutiques. I love them. Maybe one day I will own one myself.

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