Carving Gengar Pokemon & Paw Patrol Pumpkins

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We are the family that makes a big deal out of carving pumpkins. Each year, I let the kids gut out our pumpkins (saving the seeds to eat for later) and pick out their favorite tv character for me to carve for them. I don’t know what I get more excited about: seeing their faces light up when I am finished or the challenge of the difficult characters they pick each year for me to carve. Either way, it’s exciting and I am not sure I am ready to let go of the control when they get older and want to carve them themselves. But while they are little and even pumpkin carving kits are too sharp…I will take the reins. 

Last year, I shared with you how to carve Lighting McQueen, Sofia the First and Minion pumpkins. YOu can see the video below to show you how. No, we don’t just challenge ourselves with one but three characters each year. One for each of the kids and they are kind enough to make me do one for me too. (Daddy isn’t into carving pumpkins like we are so he just watches). 

The first year we ever carved pumpkins the kids picked Olaf and Doc McStuffins pumpkins. I wasn’t sure if the characters would come out as close to the characters the kids were familiar with so I was ecstatic when they both squealed as I light their pumpkins up on the porch. 

It’s time to share with you what we are carving this year… 

How to Carve Gengar Pokemon and Paw Patrol Pumpkins easy templates

Gengar Pokemon and Chase and Marshall from the infamous Paw Patrol. I should have guessed what the kids were going to request this year after their amazing Paw Patrol Double Birthday Party this summer at Grandma’s in America. They haven’t stopped watching all four seasons of it since. 


As the years before, I always use the same easy method to carve all my pumpkins. Google image your favorite character screen shot it and resize to your pumpkins size using PicMonkey or other photo editing software. Tape printed character onto your pumpkin as flat as possible and use something sharp or a pumpkin carving kit to poke dots along the template. Then remove the taped printed template and you will see the character in the form of dots on your pumpkins. Use a small knife or pumpkin carving tools to cut along the dotted lines. It’s that easy and makes for a quick carving session once you get the hang of it. Took me about an hour and a half to do all three of our pumpkins and that includes letting the kids gut them. 

How to Carve Gengar Pokemon and Paw Patrol Pumpkins easy templates

PAW PATROL PUMPKINS: Chase & Marshall How to Carve Gengar Pokemon and Paw Patrol Pumpkins easy templates

GENGAR POKEMON PUMPKIN:How to Carve Gengar Pokemon and Paw Patrol Pumpkins easy templatesHow to Carve Gengar Pokemon and Paw Patrol Pumpkins easy templates

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  1. Ah, you are amazing! I am shockingly bad at carving but i just butcher with a knife and the girls draw incredibly hard faces for me to carve ha! Next year, i am going to try some actual faces like these! x

    • Hahaha So I have been told that my characters for pumpkins and costumes are way too American for England. Most people carve scary things and dress up as witches and vampires but back home we do all sorts of characters on our pumpkins and dress up as any character. Next year I might have to try to take the English approach. hahah But we had such a great one this year.

    • My kids were pretty excited themselves. Next year, try my easy steps and you could do them too. Promise it’s fool proof I can’t draw a stick person and can do these.


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