How aware are you of your daily spending habits?

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What do you spend your daily pennies on? Well, most of us don’t have extra money to spend everyday and yet we still spend it without thought. It could be a buying a coffee on your way to work, a pack of gum at the gas station, bottle of water on your lunch break but it all adds up. I don’t think we focus on the daily pennies we spend in the bigger picture of our financial lives. If you are on a tight budget these little daily pennies can add up quickly and blow that budget out of the water without you noticing before it’s too late. 

The more aware you are of these little distractions the less likely you will be tempted to spend. I always try to ask myself,  “do I need it or want it?” Sometimes as a society we can get carried away with convenience and not realize how much more we pay for convenience too. Grabbing lunch on our work break can cost us a small fortune that we could have made at home and packed for more than half the price. A treat here and there is still nice to have but on a daily basis those are a lot of daily pennies spent for convenience. 

How aware are you of your daily spending habits?

Here are six things you are mostly likely to buy regularly without thinking how much you spend on that particular item.

1. A pack of gum

2. Morning coffee

3. A bottle of water

4. Magazines or newspapers

5. Fast food 

6. Snacks: chips, candy bar, sweets, pop

I started realizing how much money I was spending on the little daily things in my life instead of trying to buy in bulk and save money by planning ahead. I am usually so good with my money and always have been. I remember at eighteen I was so aware of my credit score and what I charged and spent my money on. I guess getting my bachelor’s degree in business, finance was always at the forefront of my mind. I am slowly living my life a little more sloppy in my old age now. I need to get back to saving

I love having something to budget for whether it is saving for a large birthday present for hubby or a holiday getaway for the family. If I don’t have the money and I use a credit card to purchase something I really want, I always make sure it is covered by the next paycheck. My credit card purchases are never used on daily spends either. I save them for a big purchase that I may need earlier than I get paid but never more than I can afford. My momma always taught me to follow these little rules to make sure I never go into huge credit card debt. I want to teach my children to be financially smart too. 

Are you aware of your daily spending habits? Do you save and keep an eye on your credit report? You can quickly check it with Experian credit report to ensure your spending is on track. Why not try for one week to become more aware of the little things you buy that you don’t need and see how much you could be saving. 

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2 thoughts on “How aware are you of your daily spending habits?”

  1. Brilliant blog post and one that has definitely got me thinking about my own spending habits. I tend to do two big grocery shops a month and then have an allowance for fresh produce (e.g. milk, bread, etc). Every month I go way beyond this budget due to little trips to the convenience shop for magazines, drinks, sweets for the kids… and so on. This is something I’m going to try and cut back on.

    • I know I was doing the very same and it’s easier the more aware we are of the little things we spend money on that adds up big time over the year. Good luck on your daily spending cut back and saving up for something that would be worth it like a family holiday.


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