Decorating Easter Baskets

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This week has been full of illnesses and rashes in this house for both Buba and Missy Moo. I had a whole week planned full of Easter activities and fun. I was even excited to see the sun out. But with them not feeling well it pushed us back a few days. So as they started to fell better yesterday, I pulled out the Easter ‘fun list’ I had made and got to it.

First we started off, decorating their Easter baskets, preparing them for the Easter egg hunt this weekend. If you have followed my blog long you will no I am not a fan of messy play “yet” and with two very young ones, I stuck with the stickers and markers.

All you need is two plain, plastic baskets. I go ours from Tescos and a few sheets of Easter stickers. And a sharpie or any permanent marker to write their names on them.


I helped draw their names on one side in bubble letters with the markers and left Buba to decorate his basket with the stickers and to help his sister decorate hers. He loves stickers so as soon as I showed him what we were going to do, his eyes lit up and he sat down and got right to the task at hand.   He was so cute too, because he had to show me his basket after every sticker he placed. “An egg, Mommy, a little boy, Mommy, a bunny, Mommy, a train Mommy, a bubble bee, Mommy” all waiting my approval of, “yes, I see.” It was a long process but they were both giggling and talking back and forth in their secret language as well.


My favorite part was listening to him describe each sticker he placed to Missy Moo. Then he explained to her that she would get a little girl sticker on hers because she was a girl and he would get a little boy sticker because he was a boy. He has been very curious lately of who is a little boy or girl and who is a big boy or girl. It’s hilarious, although sometimes embarrassing when we are in the grocery store and he points at an elderly lady and says, “he’s a big boy”.  *Head hanging low, running away in shame.


Missy Moo couldn’t quite help with the stickers without trying to eat them so Buba gave her his finished basket to play with while he finished decorating her basket for her. He was nice enough to keep asking her, “do you want this one Missy Moo?” pointing to each sticker but never waiting long enough for her to answer. It was an easy project, with no mess. Buba loved his creations as you can see below. He kept asking me when can he go egg hunting so he could use his basket and worrying about Missy Moo not being able to carry hers because it’s too big so maybe he could carry both of them. So cute.


In the last few weeks I have been reading all these fabulous blogs about doing creative crafts that are fun, easy, cheap, and don’t involve a lot of mess. At first, I kept thinking my two are too young to get anything from crafting yet or even be able to sit and do a project without eating the supplies! But now it’s made me realize, that’s not true at all. I just have to be creative and put my thinking cap on. Even a little page of stickers, like this, gives kids room for creativity, thinking for themselves and making decisions. Granted Missy Moo was still a little young for this but she didn’t mind sitting next to him and taking it all in. It got me thinking, kids are never too young to start crafting.

My new goal is to buy a little bit of crafting supplies and fun activities each month to stock us up for those rainy days. I even ordered some playdoh and a few tools to use on it, last night. I won’t be jumping into the glue and glitter anytime soon, but coloring, playdoh, puzzles, and stickers are just as much fun to start out with. So watch this space there will be more projects to come.

We even made Easter bunny cookies, post coming tomorrow. Come back to see Buba’s creation and him eating his very first proper cookie!!!!

15 thoughts on “Decorating Easter Baskets”

  1. Such a sweet idea, great for getting them involved too! Can’t wait for next year, I’m going Easter crazy! Ha xx

    • I had a lot more on our list but sickness got in the way. Glad we were able to do something. I love the holidays any of them. Any excuse to do themed projects and fun. lol

  2. I love this easter basket cuz they are simple! Unlike the others ones tha tare too busy for my liking! #Letkidsbekids

  3. Ah, stickers are so much fun, my girls love them.
    (If you want tips for starting a craft box of essentials, you should take a look at my craft box essentials for parents post I wrote this week)
    It looks like Buba enjoyed himself 🙂
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    • Oh I will definitely have to check that out. Buba is really getting into it. I kept telling myself he was still too young but clearly not. and he does really love it.

  4. Lucas says – A fine job and I like that the buckets are big enough to collects LOTS of eggs!!!
    The Mothers say – Fab post and we love that your boy described everything to you xx

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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