Designing a Natural Nursery for Your Baby

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There are a few reasons you might want to create a natural nursery for your baby. You can create a bedroom for your baby that uses natural materials and is a healthy environment for you and your little one. Choosing to design a natural nursery means you can reduce the chance of having materials or fabrics that are irritating. You can keep the air clean and fresh, and you can make sure your nursery is healthy. There are lots of things that you can do to create a natural nursery that’s pleasant to be in and beautiful for your baby.

Use Natural Materials for Furniture

When you’re designing your nursery, natural materials will help to create the feeling that you’re looking for. There are many different types of natural material that will look great in any nursery. You might choose to have solid wood furniture, whether it’s a crib or a rocking chair. You can also explore the beauty of handmade rattan, which is perfect for anything from seating to storage baskets. Other options might include cane furniture or natural fabrics ranging from leather and suede to cotton, linen, and wool. Explore the different materials available and decide which ones are best for your vision.

Choose Reusable Items

If you want to create a natural nursery, the items you use in the room should be natural too. Parents who are particularly keen on all things natural might want to think about using reusable items, instead of disposable, single-use things. For example, reusable nappies and wipes are great. They can save you a lot of money and they’re much more eco-friendly than disposable nappies and wipes. It’s a little more of an investment up-front, but they will soon pay off as you expand your collection. They’re usually made with natural materials, including cotton, fleece, bamboo, and other materials. Reusable items can also mean reusable for someone else and the 4moms swing is perfect to use and then donate for someone else.

Buy Natural Bath and Hygiene Products

Bath items and toiletries are another consideration for keeping your nursery natural. It’s a good idea to keep these things in the nursery, out of the reach of little hands, and you might want to avoid unnecessary artificial ingredients. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that use natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on your baby’s skin. You might want to avoid anything scented, especially if you have a baby with particularly sensitive skin. Look for products that are fragrance-free, and you can also find products that are good for sensitive noses.

Add Plants to Bring in Nature

Plants in the nursery will brighten it up and bring a taste of nature into the room. There are lots of different plants that you can choose from, and you can put them in various places around the nursery. Of course, you want to make sure that the nursery is safe for your baby, so be sure to check which plants are safe to have around. Babies are curious and you never know when they might try to taste a leaf if it’s within reach. It’s a good idea to do this anyway if you have any pets, as cats, dogs, and other animals also have a tendency to chew on things that they’re curious about. You can have plants in pots or hanging up, but make sure they can’t fall or get knocked over.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Let in Natural Light

A lot of natural light in your nursery brightens it up without the need for too much artificial light. You might need to turn a light on when it gets dark but maximising the natural light during the day makes the room brighter and even helps you to save energy too. If you want to bring more natural light into your nursery, keep the window clear. Using light colors to decorate will help to emphasise the natural light, so consider using white or cream or perhaps painting in pastel shades. Mirrors can help to boost natural light too.

Choose Natural Colors

The use of natural colors can bring a natural vibe into your nursery too. A lot of colors can be seen as natural if you think about colors that can be found in nature. You might want to start with neutral shades. Make use of browns and beiges as well as whites and creams. You can end up with a lot of these shades anyway if you decide to use natural materials for your furniture. If you select wooden furniture, you could end up with varying shades of brown. Of course, anything can be painted or dyed to make it the color that you want it to be too. Just pick wisely on safe paints for nursery.

Select Natural Sheets

Your baby doesn’t need anything in their crib for at least the first few months. But, although you might not buy blankets or pillows, you will still want a sheet for the mattress. When you’re choosing sheets, look for natural materials that are breathable and hypoallergenic. Cotton sheets are ideal, not just for your baby’s bed but for your own bed too. They’ll help your baby to keep cool at night, plus they make sure that the mattress stays clean. You can look for natural materials if you’re getting your baby a sleeping bag to keep them warm too.

Dress Your Baby in Natural Fabrics

Your baby’s nursery is also somewhere to keep their clothes, so it’s a good idea to think about what your baby wears. Choosing natural fabrics for their clothes can help you to avoid anything irritating and treat your baby’s skin well. Natural fabrics are often more breathable too, helping to regulate your baby’s temperature.

Keep the Air Clean

Cleaner air can help to make your nursery more natural too. You can use an air purifier or filter to get rid of toxins and particles from the air. When you’re cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter too, to make sure tiny particles are cleaned up. You might want to consider the moisture content of the air and use either a humidifier or dehumidifier to balance it out too. Carpets aren’t always the best choice, maybe have hardwood floors instead.

A natural nursery for your baby is healthy for your whole family. It can also be more eco-friendly for any parents that want to live green lifestyles.


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