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A loft just sits there, unfinished, offering space that usually goes unused. Or like mine, it could be full of Christmas decorations and family albums that are being covered by dust each day, as we speak. It really is nice to have a place to hide things away from season to season but lately I have been thinking it could be so much more useful.

You can convert a loft into a million different things to add space and value to your home. You may be having another baby and need extra bedrooms and bathrooms for the older kids now. Perhaps like me you have two wild, hyper toddlers on the loose and need a playroom which is high on my want list. Even though I may need that playroom I keep going back and forth from a studio office for myself too. I have one tiny little corner in my house that has a desk that is always full of ‘to do’s’. But I need more space for my food photography and food props to my lights and reflectors etc. Each month I seem to get more and more work stuff in and no place to put it out of the way of being broke and played with before I can play with it. Typical blogger problems, I know. So I have been dreaming of my loft conversion and what would make the most sense for our family, our home, and our budget.

PLAYROOM:Dreaming of my loft conversion interior ideasDreaming of my loft conversion interior ideas

A play room would be the ultimate dream, if I could have it all decked out like these above. The kids would have their own space to be free without worrying about breaking this or coloring on that for the most part. I love the idea of a playroom. The one thing that keeps me away from this idea, besides my selfish want for an office, is that they are almost 3 and 5 year’s old. How long would a playroom be useful? How many years would they actually spend hours playing around in it before it’s not cool and it’s not used anymore? Three or four years maybe that’s really not a lot of years if you are in your forever home. I am trying to think of the bigger picture. I know you can always redecorate it to another room so this is what brings me back to wanting a playroom so badly for them. You see my back and forth thinking its trying to be logical.

Loft playrooms are great you can splash out on color and style with more bold patterns and vibrant decorations. It’s supposed to be dream land for kids isn’t it? I would get bright colored velux blinds to pop against all white wood flooring and white walls. I love something about a solid white room with really vibrant colors everywhere. I imagine shopping for a bean bag or cushions throw about to create reading corners and play beds. Storage for all those toys. Oh my goodness, can you imagine a downstairs without toys thrown everywhere when someone shows up at the front door for “a quick visit”. Storage is so badly needed in our house.

BEDROOMS:Dreaming of my loft conversion interior ideas

Dreaming of my loft conversion interior ideas

When considering a loft conversion I have to say, I research all my options. Our family is a family of four and whether we stay a family four who knows. At the moment having a spare room for grandparents staying over is a must especially when my parents come from America. I could easily convert the loft into a bedroom with small bathroom for guests. It would give them their own retreat instead of feeling like they are in the mix of chaos with the kids and us.  

I even love the idea as the kids get older to put them both up in the loft conversion together. It would be creating their own space for them and I could use one of their bedrooms for an office and the other a gym perhaps. I love the thought of utilizing space in a home. There isn’t a part of our house that ever goes unused or unneeded.

STUDIO OFFICE:Dreaming of my loft conversion interior ideas

But if the selfish part of me wins, I dream of my very own space. One I can lay out my lights, camera, food props and play to my hearts content and shut the door knowing it will all be safe when I return. It’s a very selfish conversion but one day I hope it comes true. I love the idea of a room flooded with light from above and I would put in as many windows as I could. I have been pouring over Pinterest of what type of desk I could put in my dream loft office. I think about the work I could get done being up their undistracted unlike the desk I have that is currently in our living room/office/playroom as we speak. There is no hiding anything from anyone. 

Do you have a loft conversion or thinking about one? What do you think is best for a conversion that isn’t breaking the bank? We all would love an oasis with a balcony to the heavens but that’s just not possible so let’s brainstorm plan b instead. Comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Dreaming of a loft conversion // interior ideas”

  1. Yes, I often dream of one, too. Like you, I consider a bedroom with bathroom or perhaps a beautiful study space for myself, with wall to wall shelves for books. Ah, the more I think about it, the more I want that! Though of course I may never actually come out of it then!

  2. I’d love a loft conversion to give us an extra room but we aren’t allowed! My Grandma had a beautiful guest house near the beach when we were growing up and, aside from having 8 bedrooms, they converted the loft in to a studio with a kitchen area, bedroom area and ensuite and that’s where we’d all go and “live” when we went to stay. It was beautiful! Sadly she sold the house about 10 years ago.

  3. How cool is that second picture of the playroom. I would love for my children to have their own playroom although I would also like to have my own office! 🙂

  4. We had our loft converted about 3 years ago into a big girls room. In the eves we had the perfect sized storage built for toy boxes and books.
    I love the vellux window which has a blind fitted and the light in there is amazing! I hope you get your dream room. Carly x

    • Oh that sounds just perfect for us. I think we are waiting until next summer for budget and really know what we want to do with it. What a lovely space for your little one I bet.


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