Embroidery, Tassels, and Bow Ties: Fashion Forward

Last updated on June 20th, 2022 at 12:18 pm

I am not accepting that summer is over yet. I absolutely refuse to put the sandals and strappy flats away either. There have been some nice sunny spurts in the weather mix lately and while those keep happening, the legs are coming out still. Although this is more about getting creative with styles than just a summer outfit. So keep reading.

One of my favorite outfits this summer had me thinking about fashion forward for myself. Not necessarily what everyone else is doing or what trends will be coming out or what’s hot this season but my own style moving forward. In the past, I would have NEVER worn something like this and I think that’s why it quickly became my favorite. Subconsciously, I may even be influenced with hot trends like embroidery fonts. But for me it was about pairing things I wouldn’t put together and seeing how fun I could have with the creative side to fashion.

Embroidery meets tassels meets bow ties here.

My style use to be very matchy-matchy or as one girl said when I was growing up, “you dress like gap”. I still don’t know if that was a compliment or a total insult. But if my top was navy blue, my shoes and hair ties had to be too. It was boring. I know! This outfit not only has stunning embroidery on the sheer cardigan and tassels hanging off, but I have grey striped shorts and light blue, pointy, dotted flats that don’t match in color or pattern. While it’s not bright yellow stripes meets orange dots just yet I still call that a win. At least, I matched the bows right?

Here is why I wouldn’t have worn it in the past: I never EVER tuck in my tops, nor wear high wasted anything -hello Mommy tum. I never have wings on my shirts they drive me nuts when driving or eating. I have never owned a pointy pair of flats or ones that tie up my leg. I wouldn’t have paired stripes with dots ever. Nor would I have grey and light blue together in different patterns.

Here is why I love it so much: I stepped out of my comfort zone. High waisted helped hide my Mommy tum. My cardigan made me feel feminine and pretty as it flowed when I walked. It was very light so when I reached my arms out it slid up easy making it comfortable to eat or drive in. Pointy flats are comfortable and I didn’t even notice the ribbon up my leg. It was so soft. I worked the layered necklace look I have been doing for a little bit now. Gone are my huge statement necklaces, not forever but for this summer. And maybe a brighter shoe would have worked which I left some shopping suggests below but I still think it works somehow? I love tucking my tops in now too.

I wanted to give you full details of each piece in the photos. I love my Audrey Hepburn sunglasses I scooped up this year at M&S. They are so comfortable and give me a good b*tch look as my friend said. Thanks lady, now don’t mess with me.

I know everyone is looking for Autumn outfits now but I wanted to use this time to share how I have stepped out of my comfortable zone not only by getting in front of the camera a lot more this year but by trying new things out in style and moving my fashion forward creatively in my wardrobe. I tend to do the same in Autumn which I won’t wait so long to share with you all next.

What style did you say you would never wear and now rock it all the time? I would love to know. What’s your go to look to showcase your creativity? Comment below…


2 thoughts on “Embroidery, Tassels, and Bow Ties: Fashion Forward”

  1. This is a great challenge Jenny – I often end up subconsciously just wearing what everyone else is because I keep seeing it on social media! I love the bows on your, it looks really cute and yay for tassels! I can’t quite get to grips with this ‘tucking the top in’ thing as I do have a mum tum that I think is probably beyond help now! Working on it though 😉 xx

    • I think it depends on what I am tucking in. I couldn’t tuck in a tight top if you know what I mean. Mum Tum would definitely take over. Thanks hunny. I do the same see something enough you have to have it. I need more ankle boots this year.


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