Factors to Consider When Buying a Stroller Fan

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A stroller fan is useful during hot days when you are out with your little one. They can be a lifesaver on hot summer days when you are out and about because there is nothing worse than an overheating fussy baby on a day out! But how does a stroller fan work and what do you need to look for when buying one?

What Is A Stroller Fan?

These portable fans fit on to your stroller, so you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere you go. They usually clip into place, so you can move them around depending on how your baby is sitting or lying at the time. You can attach it to the pram hood or to the sides of the bassinet of you are using a carrycot on your pram.

Why Do You Need A Stroller Fan?

As adults we are able to regulate our temperature pretty well. We will sweat if we’re too hot, but babies and young children don’t react in the same way and it’s very easy for your baby to overheat. Using the stroller hood to provide shade for the baby is a great start, but you shouldn’t attach any other covering as it will stop the airflow and make the situation even worse.

A stroller fan provides fresh air flow and good air circulation into the pram and under the pram hood. It will cool baby down and keep them cool so they (and you!) can enjoy your trip. Of course, you don’t just have to use it for days out. As stroller fans are portable you can unclip it and take it inside with you, keeping them cool in a highchair or while they play safely inside. There is no doubt in my mind that stroller fans are worth it.

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Are Stroller Fans Safe For Babies?

The trick here is to pick the right fan. Not all clip on fans will be safe, but if you choose a fan that is designed for use on a pram then it will be child safe. They have soft, often foam, blades that won’t hurt little fingers if they reach up and touch it. Battery compartments should be securely shut, usually screwed into place to prevent any accidents. Use some of my tips below to help you choose a safe stroller fan for you baby.

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How To Choose A Stroller Fan

1.      Safety

A stroller fan must be safe for the baby. It should be free of any part that can pinch, scratch, or cut delicate skin. Look for blades made of soft, safe plastic, and choose a fan with an adjustable tilt that won’t move too much when you push or pull your stroller.

Ensure the fans come with safety locks to prevent your baby from playing with it or turning it on accidentally. Make sure the device has no loose wires anywhere, as they may pose an injury risk while pushing your child in the stroller.

2.      Noise Level

Low noise levels are a key factor to consider if you’re looking for a comfortable fan for babies to use on your kid’s stroller. A stroller fan shouldn’t distract you or your little one with unnecessary background noise. Be sure to look for fans with low decibel ratings. Some fans are only as loud as wind chimes, while others sound like table fans. You should go for one that creates less noise. Especially if you’re planning on using it for an infant and in public spaces such as airports and shopping malls.

3.      Adjustability

When shopping around for your baby’s stroller fan from shops like Diono, you should consider an adjustable device based on your preferences. This can include height, tilt, and direction of airflow to get a comfortable setting that best matches your child’s needs. Multiple settings will allow you to adjust the fan depending on your situation.

It’s good to have control over how fast or slow your stroller fan blows. This way, you can create a climate that matches what you and your baby prefer. Most high-quality fans allow you to adjust how much air they output based on your preferences.

4.      Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleanliness is probably one of your biggest concerns for your baby equipment. You want something easy to clean and won’t accumulate dust and debris, grow mold, or be a breeding zone for bacteria in those nooks and crannies. The last thing you want is for harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, or other toxins (like BPA) to leach into your child’s hands. Look for strollers with removable plastic covers and cleanable/replaceable air filters.

5.      How is it Powered?

Does it run on batteries, powered by electricity, or is it a rechargeable fan? There are many different power sources for stroller fans, including batteries, AAA or AA rechargeable/replaceable batteries, and AC adapters. The type of fan you get will largely depend on how much time you expect to spend outside with your child. Depending on your lifestyle and how you plan to use your stroller fan, each option will offer benefits and drawbacks.

A stroller fan is an essential item for babies from the first year and beyond, especially during hot days, but choosing which one to buy can be tricky. Stroller fans come in various colors, features, shapes, and sizes. So you should be on the lookout if you want the best possible experience with your new stroller.

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