Family of Five in February

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:09 pm

A lot has happened in the last month. I have learned that our family motto is cram as much into every minute of everyday as much as we can. I keep saying we will slow down but it never happens. With February half term off school this month has been no different than the crazy busy January we have too.

Me & Mine Family Project Family of Five February

We normally go away for February half term but after Mexico and USA in January, I couldn’t face another flight anywhere not even a short flight. I just wanted to stay home with my kids and do fun things around our neighborhood with friends. Even though we packed every day full of adventures, it was still one of my favorite half terms at home we have had since the kids started school.

The amazing weather helped. I can’t believe we have been in sandals and spring dresses for days now. Even though they are threatening us with snow again next week, I am still basking in the sun glow from today.

Me & Mine Family Project Family of Five February

We parked hopped with friends, road bikes, ate ice cream, playing all day out in the sun. I am so glad we renovated our garden the summer before last because it’s the best play ground for Baby O now too. The fake grass he can have all his toys on and the kids love being outdoors so I leave the sliding doors open and they pretty much run in and out all day.

Me & Mine Family Project Family of Five February


Wearing spring dresses and sandals in February!

A sneaky romantic lunch with hubby at Inn at Whitewell.

Learning to play tennis for the first time.


Golfing in warm, sunny weather in February!

The food at Inn at Whitewell.

Taking a week off when the weather is randomly hot in winter.


Wearing shorts to school.

Having his friends over for playdates during half term.

Holding his baby brother by himself.


Practicing her dance for her upcoming show with the neighbor girls!

Playing beauty and nail salon with her godmommy.

Learning head/showers/knees and toes in Spanish.


Finally getting permanent nicknames.

(One from Mommy and Daddy kids call him both.)

 Going on a nursery strike and wanting milk in his new cup.

Trying to walk holding Mommy’s hands. (think he will skip crawling).

Family of Five in February

It’s been a month of watching MM sprout up in height. She is looking so mature and grown up lately. Her personality is in full bloom with her exaggerations and funny facial expressions she pulls to add drama to her stories/fibs/chatter.

Me & Mine Family Project Family of Five February

Buba is catching up with Mommy’s height which is freaking Mommy out a little bit. I can’t believe I will one day look up into his eyes and not down at my own child. He talks more grown up these days and is so helpful around the house with Baby O. I don’t know what I would do with it.

Baby O is trying to pull himself up on everything. He refuses to crawl at all. We put him on his belly he cries or just rolls over. If you hold his hands he will want to walk all over the house though and boy can he cruise in his walker chair with wheels. Just watch out for your toes, it hurts when he rams them.

Next month we are preparing for my brother’s wedding in America. We are all so excited as we are all in the wedding. My bridesmaid and MM’s flower girl dresses have arrived and the boys have been measured for their suits. I don’t think I was this excited about my own wedding (ok, maybe) but having us all apart of it and all dressed up is going to be amazing. Can’t wait to share it with you all. The weather will be gorgeous for it too.

Me & Mine Family Project Family of Five February

We look forward to a nice stack of Pancakes on Pancake day, some fun on Mother’s Day and Easter break, even though late this year, is just around the corner. Time is flying by too quickly these days! I was told this happens when you have kids but never thought just how fast it really goes as I get older.

Me & Mine Family Project Family of Five February
Family of Five in February

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