{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #16

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:15 pm

Another week has come and gone, and we are finally seeing progress on our potty training toddler and our crawling mad baby. Life couldn’t be fuller at this moment.

If only I had about 20 more hours each day, to do all that is on my “to do list”. I don’t know why I make them, they just get longer and longer, and things just get pushed off instead of done according to priority. I shouldn’t really call it a list, it’s more like a “to do novel”.

Welcome to another Funny Phrase Day Friday, where I share with you Buba’s language mishaps, funny phrases, or down right sarcastic remarks on his journey to learn to talk.

Here are a few potty training funnies!

Me: “Buba, you run to the potty when you need to pee-pee.”

As I ran back and forth from his toys to his potty to show him what he should do, as he continued to play and pee at the same time, in the same place. I thought it would help to show him a few times, he needs to learn the urgency of it. 

Buba: “If you say so.” he shouted at me as he kept playing.

In our attempt to get Buba to learn he needs to tell us when he needs to go, we ask him what we thought was every so often if he needs to go? Clearly he thought otherwise.

Mr P: “Do you need to go potty?”

Buba: “No, I play cars.”

Me: “Do you need to go potty?”

Buba: “Just LEAVE me alone.”

He is growing up so fast, the way he uses the inflection in his voice was astonishing, he sounded so grown up. It left us speechless. Then the next time we asked him if he needed to go, we got…

Buba: “Trust me Mommy!”

And last but not least, my last potty training reference, I promise.

Instead of telling us he had pee-peed on the potty or even saying I peed, somehow we don’t get the normal replies when Buba has successfully used his potty.

Buba: “I tickle, tickle, toot, Mommy!”

And I thought he hadn’t been listening to all those potty training books I was reading him.

Moving on from potty training, gosh knows I am sick of it and you all are probably sick of hearing about it.

Just as much as I laugh at his sarcastic remarks and crazy one liners, he is getting to show a softer side. He now says, I love you and runs over randomly just to give me a kiss or a cuddle.  It’s a blessing to see this side of him blossom.

Buba: “Hi, how we doing here?” 

Laying his arm around my shoulders and looking down at Missy Moo playing on the floor. Melting my heart even further, he then got on the ground with his little sister, forehead to forehead, and said… 

Buba: “Hi, sweetie”.

You can truly see how much he loves his little sister. Yes, there are times of wanting to push her over just to see what happens, but for the most part he is always concerned with her, kissing and hugging her, and wanting to be right next to her.

As promised last week, I have added to my Funny Phrase Day Fridays, things that scare my toddler because they are never normal and always random, which I find so hilarious. I know bad mommy award goes to…


Things that scare my toddler…

Buba is scared of the wind. If he walks outside and it blows in his face, he will absolutely hyperventilate.

Buba is scare of the kitchen broom. Clearly I don’t clean enough because he isn’t used to it but while sweeping yesterday, he kept screaming, “What is that mommy? PUT IT back, put it back” franticly running from the room.

I hope you have enjoyed my new version of Funny Phrase Day Friday! What are your kids’ coming out with these days? Comment below.

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    • Thank you Merlinda. We have had a great turning point this week on the pt and he is doing excellent. It’s like night and day. I am just sticking with it and I am glad I did. No more two in diapers. HURRAY


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