{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #18

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:30 pm

Mommy has decided she is going to bed early tonight and Daddy is watching golf so I thought I would see what Mommy is always working on, on this mini tv.

I came across a few of Mommy’s posts that you all seem to be laughing at. Well, I am here to tell you, I know how to talk, I know what I mean, and it’s not my fault if no one else but my baby sister understands me completely. But since you all like to laugh at me, and Mommy and Daddy occupied, why don’t I tell you a few things about them.

StolenFunnyPhraseDayFirst things first, I wish they would STOP asking me if I have to go to the potty. It’s annoying. I will go when I want to go, on that potty right there in the living room, the one out in the open with no privacy, how can I miss it? They really should trust me, as I have told them time and time again, “Trust me!” I said.

Mommy likes to tell you all about my secrets too. Well, here is one of hers, she isn’t as sweet as you all keep saying she is. She shouts, A LOT, lately. Mostly because she thinks I am being a smart aleck, but I am just reiterating the rules she has taught me, I would call that just smart!

She told me not to hit Missy Moo, so I told her not to hit my hand when I wanted to stick my fingers in the plug in. “Don’t hit, that’s naughty!” I said.

She told me not to yell in the grocery store, so I told her not to yell when I threw my sandwich on the floor. “No shouting” I said.

She also told me to say sorry to Missy Moo when I hurt her with my foot, and of course I told her to say sorry to my bum when she spanked me for spitting in her face! She didn’t take me seriously the first time as her veins popped out of her head, so I pointed to my bum and bent over to show her that I really meant it. “Say sorry to my bum” I said.

I am only trying to reinforce the house rules, why can’t she see this? I think she might need a visit to my naughty step to help her think about it although she might just play on them like me.

Mommy doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor anymore, sadly too because I like a good joke. My Papa always says laughter is the best medicine. I really do hope it taste like Calpol. Maybe laughter or calpol could help Mommy, I know the latter always helps me. I say this because I came home from nursery this week so excited to teach Missy Moo about my new joke I learned, ran over to her cute little bald head and “knock, knocked” on her head. Mommy went red again, and Missy Moo screamed, but neither of them answered, “who’s there?” Ok, I decided to wait a day to try again, maybe they were having a bad day. Jumping out of bed today after a good snooze, I was feeling refreshed. I ran over to Mommy this time and “knock, knocked” on her head. I got a laugh from Missy Moo, but Mommy just stared. She clearly needs to relax a little and have some more fun.

I see Daddy isn’t mention much on here, I know he is a private man but I know he has laughed one too many times at the normal things I am trying to say. So for that I have been holding all my poo in all week and doing it right before he wakes me up. To leave him a great big smelly present before he goes to work. That will teach him to laugh at me and tell Mommy what I say, so that she writes it down here and you all laugh in the same way.

So there you have it, laugh at them this week, instead of me. I am smarter than you think.

But shhh, don’t tell Mommy, that I have been on here tonight or I won’t come back in the future and share more of their secrets. And for those of you that have been laughing at me each week, continue to do so, Mommy likes to think she is funny and I like to hear her laugh at her own jokes.


One last thing before I get into my big boy bed, tomorrow is the last day to vote for this thing call the BiBs! Please would you consider voting for my mommy, she mentioned Fresh Voice and Social Media the other day to Daddy but if you find she suits another one that would be great too. I personally think Family would be great for her. I will share my cars with you, if you do!

5 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #18”

  1. This is lovely to read. I love the potty bit! I really wish we could read toddler’s minds. Its so funny what goes on in their heads! Sounds like he really knows his own mind! #sharefriday

    • Thanks Lorna for stopping over from FB. He doesn’t do it often but Buba likes to take over my blog! hahaha I think it would be amazing to hear a child’s thoughts. I bet they are more simple then we give credit for. Like this. hahahaha

    • hahah I am glad I am not the only one. I always feel so guilty afterwards, but testy toddlers really get me going hahaha Thanks for commenting hun.

    • Sometimes I know it just makes us feel better but that’s what we need at the time. I have no patience lately either but not sure if that has to do with testy toddler or teething baby or both together with chicken pox. ahhhh


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