{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #19

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:35 pm

It has come to my attention that Funny Phrase Day Friday last week was stolen by my two year old while I was catching some early zzzz’s. Well, for those of you who snickered and laughed at the secrets he told about his parents, shame on you, and Buba you may be clever enough to steal Mommy’s laptop from time to time, but Mommy always wins, and it’s pay back time.

Yes, I am that competitive even with my own kids, poor things. They have no chance with competitiveness on both sides, not to get it so I am very prepared what we might have created, in both of them, when school starts.

FPDF19Buba lately has been a very, very curious two year old. What two year old isn’t? But lately it’s that one step further where in public can get a bit embarrassing. He wants to know the following are you a girl or a boy and are you little or big. Let me explain while I sit and blush for those whose minds went in the gutter. A little girl is a baby, a big girl is from a toddler to an adult in Buba’s mind and the same for boys. So Missy Moo is a little girl, and Mommy is a big girl, and Buba is a big boy as well as Daddy. Sounds simple right? Wait until you get into the grocery store and he points to a larger lady and shouts at the top of his lungs “that’s a big boy, there Mommy see!” As I turn six shades of red and run the opposite direction, I shhh him and say no that’s a girl. The arguing begins. “No, Mommy that was a big boy, I saw!” Still well within ear shot of the poor lady. *AAAAHHHHHH At least he isn’t curious about the different body parts yet, I am not ready for that.

So we are in full force potty training now and I am happy to report it’s been fantastic two weeks of no accidents. Haven’t mastered the night time yet but I have heard that can take A LOT longer. Through this process of training, Buba has learned a knew trick. How to drive Mommy insane as quick as possible. At first it started with him sitting down at the dinner table to eat his dinner and saying, “I need to tinkle, tinkle, toot!” He choice for the I need the potty command. And at first I was so excited running him to his potty, good boy for telling Mommy and then nothing. He would sit there and sit there. I thought oh well, false alarm. Until he did it the next meal, and the next meal. It was his way of getting out of eating whatever I had put in front of him the clever little man. I would bring him back to the dinner table and then would get the request, “I want to go to bed please?” What? It’s five o’clock. I agreed just to see what he would really do. He got down off his Stokke chair and walked upstairs to his bed and laid down. I couldn’t believe it. Even more bizarrely he laid there for a whole 30 minutes before saying, “ok is dinner over?” All to get out of eating his dinner.

Toddlers really are complex creatures when you think about it but so clever. He really is turning into a proper little boy now too with his full conversations and letting us know what he likes and dislikes and why now. He is full of curiosity and questions which I always have found entertaining to see how a toddler’s mind ticks.

Along with being rough and wanting to jump and roll across his sister and me all the time now, he has mastered the art of karate. Don’t know how or who taught him but I have been karate chopped more times than I can count this week. “I karate chop you Mommy”. “Missy Moo, do you want me to karate chop you or jump over you?” is all I have been hearing. In my head I just want him to be gentle and cuddly but I also don’t want to raise a soft boy so I attempt to explain that karate is for karate classes someday when he is actually old enough to take it. Dear me, why do boys have to be so rough and tumbly at such a young age. My pep talk went right out the window and the mailman as always got the brunt of it yesterday. Doorbell rang, I opened the door, Buba ran in from the living room to see who’s at his door, not my door I have been told. Mailman hands me this week’s packages, I am sure he is ever so curious why I get so many packages everyday. We share pleasantries and then it came out of nowhere, “KARATE CHOP!” right on the man’s arm as he handed me the rest of my mail. *head bent in shame I was mortified and muttered sorry and quickly shut the door on his face to hide.

Are your kids saying or doing funny things? Have they embarrassed you in public? Comment below, I would love to hear them.

Linking up with the lovely Katie at MummyDaddyandMe as our funny phrase day moments are all ordinary moments we share as a family and laugh at.



13 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #19”

  1. Kids can be so funny with things they come out with. Isabelle has embarrassed me a few times and I’ve gone as a red as a tomato, thankfully Scarlett hasn’t just yet xx

  2. I love this stage when they start to say such funny things. We have had a few embarrassing things when Mads has been out. A few months ago we were at the checkout in the supermarket and the lady behind the counter was, how do I say this nicely, not the most aesthetically pleasing of ladies (think no teeth!)…Anyway Mads said something that sounded like ‘Mummy that lady is pretty’ to which I repeated it and said’ Yes the lady is pretty Mads,’ and the lady was so happy and said what a lovely little girl she was. Mads then turned round and said ‘Nooooo Mummy she isn’t very pretty, she is very busy.’ Oops that will teach me to listen more carefully! x

  3. Hahahaha, laughing my clogs off! Children say the funniest things with such innocence. You know bear’s embarrassing shout moments form my previous posts: Big poo & daddy’s nuts. Ahem, On that note, night!! xx


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