Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:19 pm

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The “C” word has been said out loud and the shops instantly have been transformed each into their own magical winter wonderland. Along with the “C” word that we know as Christmas comes the never ending Christmas carols on loud speaker “everywhere you go”.  Gosh, it’s even in my typing that wasn’t intentional either. But I love this time of year and each year it seems to come around faster than the previous year. I don’t know if that’s just because I have children now and times flies by when you have children or if it’s just because I count the days down all year long to get to my favorite holiday!

It’s also that time of year where you need to be thinking what to buy everyone for gifts. Sometimes buying for family and friends can be so hard and not something you look forward to. I like to start early and by December 1st I am usually done shopping, wrapped or ready to ship them out. I also look for gift guides for inspiration when I don’t know what to buy someone for Christmas so I thought this year I would come up with a few ideas for the kids, for the ladies and even the fellas. It’s nice to see what others are looking at for their kids or partners and maybe find something that your own kids and partner would love that you didn’t think of. Something different, unique or a shop you never heard of too.

I have to admit I would love any ideas on my holiday gift guide for ladies here. It is also a shopping list for the hubby if he is reading this. Hint, hint. What lady wouldn’t love these items for Christmas? Bathrobes aka in the UK as dressing gowns is a firm favorite for a Christmas present. It’s cold outside and being cozy and warm during the holidays is a must. I am completely obsessed with bobble hats and came across these amazing large bobbled hats this week and fell in love. When I think of gifts for people, I try to think of items they really need and would use a lot. I remember getting gifts from family and friends and even in my stocking that were thoughtful gifts and I was so grateful for them but they would be something I would never use like a garden bucket set with gloves and shears (amazing for some not someone that kills her garden every year) or cute paperclip set with a book on how to make yarn puppets etc. So usually for Christmas I end up making a list for the hubby and kids of things I need like a boot as my old ones have a hole in them or a new winter coat because I am absolutely freezing. A new watch because mine was stolen. Things like this that I can use day in and day out and that I will appreciate and think of them every time I wear, use or see it. What about you what kind of items do you ask Santa for Christmas?

Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies for moms for mums Christmas

1. All Is Bright Cushion / 2. Bathrobe – Dressing Gown  / 3. Bobble Hat / 4. Statement Necklace  /

5.  Home Spray / 6. Poncho / 7. Brown Leather Boots / 8. Silver Rose Gold Watch / 9. Apron

Make a list for yourself and share it. I bet there are loads of gifts that you want that can inspire others. I am sure some of my wishlist here would go down lovely with other ladies out there. I always say though you can’t go wrong with gift vouchers to their favorite shops so they can pick out their own items too. They make great stocking stuffers.

What will you surprise your partner, wife, mother, aunt, niece, daughter with this year?

(This is not a collaboration just ideas to help inspire some lovely Christmas shopping this year). 

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