Home Proofing and Baby Equipment Checklist

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Are you preparing for a new baby’s arrival? There are various things you need to do, and shopping for baby equipment is one of them. You need to set up a nursery and gather all the sleeping and feeding gears. Sometimes a baby may require too many supplies that may be challenging for a new parent to pick. Here is  my home proofing and baby equipment checklist to help guide you!

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Where the baby Sleeps

You need to create a baby zone by setting aside a designated area to place their cribs. Place your baby cot bed near your bed for the first six months; actually, a mini coat bed can comfortably fit at the corner of your room if you don’t have enough space. It is the safest place where you can leave your baby alone; thus, it would be wise if you invest in a quality crib like the beech wood cot, and you can find one from mokee-cots. The baby beddings should bring out a beautiful design in the room, and this is the best place to pull out a theme and be creative with colors. Invest in a variety of crib sheets and have some spare at hand so that you don’t need to do laundry regularly. Look for soft to touch beddings with pure cotton to keep the baby’s skin healthy.

You also need a nursery chair or a cot, a comfortable place to sit as you lure your baby to sleep or feed her. Look for a chair fabric that cleans easily and is spacious enough for you and your baby to cuddle, and with armrests to support your tired arms. Invest in a good chair from a reputable nursery furniture store so that you can later move it to your master bedroom. We all want our babies to grow in safe places, but we also want to continue with our careers, you can, therefore, opt for CCTV installation to monitor your baby. You can watch your child in her mokee mini cot bed and know when she needs your attention, and for those who have baby sitters, you can monitor them too. If you choose the digital CCTV installation, they have advanced features that indicate your baby’s temperature or even support communications to lure your baby to sleep.

Where to Change Diapers

A mini cot bed for your baby is good, but trust me, the diaper changing station is very crucial. After leaving the hospital, most likely, you will need to buy more diapers and some wipes. Buy a changing table and some safety clips in case the baby is a bit wiggly. Avail a diaper pail close to the station in case you accidentally toss the diaper. As you change the baby, you need to apply some lotion to your baby’s skin, but you should consult your paediatrician on the best moisturizer to use to avoid any complications. Your baby will often cry during diaper changing, so come up with a few soothing items like a pacifier. For those that like grabbing their feet, try to distract them with some fancy toys like a colorful rattle.

All baby products need excellent storage; thus, consider using drawer organizers if you are using a dresser top as a changing table. Alternatively, storage bins can work if you have open shelves. You can also choose to have a laundry bin since you may find yourself switching the wardrobe there. Remember that diaper changing is done even at night; thus, it would be best to have a night light to make it hustle free. As you change the baby, you expose a big part of the body to cold, especially at night or during winter to solve this, opt for a boiler installation to keep the room warm. Consider the LS1 installations or London Boiler Company services and ask for ACCL to facilitate alternative power supply.

Where to Bath the Baby

Bath time can be fun if you choose the right equipment; though you don’t need to do significant transformations in a baby’s bath area. You can pick a warm room with a flat surface like a changing table, kitchen counter or a bed. Consider doing a LS1 boiler installation to improve the indoor air quality giving your baby a perfect bath time since babies chill easily. Have a backup power plan by using ACCL to allow unlimited supply during blackouts. You could also need LS1 installations or the London boiler company services to get the right boiler. LS1 ensures that you access endless hot water and heat while washing your baby.

It would help if you also had a rinse cup to control water flow and to keep shampoos off their eyes. Buy washcloths, although you could also use what you have at home provided that it is non-abrasive. Bath toys are necessary tools to lure your baby into taking a shower; you will want something that will stimulate their senses with bright colors or funny shapes. Keep your bathroom neat by buying a toy organizer. You will also want to use a fragrant free body wash since a baby’s skin can be very delicate and sensitive to harsh chemicals. Go for the hooded towel that is ultra-fluffy and well sized for your baby to ensure maximum warmth.

Other Considerations

To make a perfect room for your baby, you need not only a baby cot bed but also a small bookcase next to the cot where you will place your favourite novels or bedtime stories. Also, ensure that you have a light lamp closer so that you can easily switch it off once your baby falls asleep. Don’t forget to get an ottoman where you can stretch your feet as you nurse your baby, after all, you might have had a long day, and you need to get cosy. It would help if you also had a security camera installation to keep track of your kids’ activities to ensure your child’s safety.

Now that you have put into place most of the baby’s equipment, you can now put up some decor to create a sense of ambience. Buy shag rugs, which will cushion the baby once he starts crawling, seating or walking. Go for a flat weaved carpet that matches the color of your beech wood cot to improve the room’s appearance. Since you will want your baby to sleep even in the middle of the day, go for darker curtains to give ample naptime. Fill the room with the things you like and come up with a beautiful design. You should have a bag that is large enough to fit baby essentials from wipes, diapers, toys, to extra changing clothes. Choose one that has compartments to arrange your items quickly and can easily be carried or strapped on a stroller.

A baby carrier, stroller, and a car seat for your baby will be an excellent complement for a more comfortable travel. As you get used to breastfeeding, your baby is also growing and will be a nuisance at times and mess your nipples thus, have some lanolin ointment ready to relieve sore nipples. It would help if you also changed to nursing bras which makes you comfortable and relaxed during feeding. As the baby feeds, breast pads keep your clothes dry in case of leaking. You can also get a breast pump and some milk bags to pump milk or relieve engorgement.


You need to create a welcoming baby space that makes you relax and enjoy since you will be spending most of your time here. The above checklist will help you determine all you need to welcome your bundle of joy.


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  1. Glad to read this post! I’m shopping for baby essentials and just overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to get for my baby daughter. Saving this list for reference.


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