House hunting through life’s milestones

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There are so many things to think about when you start house hunting at any stage in your life. Location and price always seem to be the first key aspects that we focus on but there are so many other aspects to think about and it’s a big research job in front of you when you are trying to find the perfect fit.

It could be that you are looking for your first start home, a home to grow into and fill with family, or your ultimate dream home to retire in. Many don’t think about when they want to buy a house or think for the future when they do buy a home leaving them wanting to move soon after. Proper preparation is key in house hunting through life’s milestones.

For me, my first home was a home to grow into with my growing family. When we thought about location, we thought about the future children we would have and where they would possibly go to school and how good the neighbourhood would be for kids playing outside. Even though those things didn’t pertain to us at that time. It was our future we were planning and thinking about. I am so glad we did our research and planned it out. We will eventually look for a home further out from all the hustle and bustle of suburbia when the kids grow up. A quiet place for us whether that’s even in the UK or not I don’t know.

House hunting can be fun, I promise. With the new generation of pinterest boards it’s easy to start collecting ideas for your new home both for the interior and exterior. You can use it to help you find exactly what you are looking for. I even shared my pinterest ideas with my realtor so she could get a feel for what I was exactly looking for in my perfect home.

House hunting through life's milestones

Checklist for buying a house for any stage of your life?

  1. What do you want out of your home? A project to fix up and sell? A forever dream home? Retirement? Room to grow in? Always think about how long you want to be in it first?
  2. Location. Where do you see your daily life happening?
  3. Price / Budget. Never go out of your budget, no one wants to live paycheck to paycheck. Consider not only the price of the house but also the mortgage repayments. Find out more about mortgage affordability online.
  4. What style and kind of house do you want? New build or one with history and character?
  5. Make a list of must-haves vs wish-list? Sometimes we think we can’t live without that walk in wardrobe and might lose out on a great buy when we can renovate for a walk-in closet later. If you are on a tight budget stick to your must-haves and keep your wishlist for a later date. You can always renovate later or add onto your current home if buying something bigger, later, isn’t an option. 

What do you do first when house hunting? Do you set out a planning and researching strategy or just start looking in a specific area for something that sparks your interest? Do you think of what your new home will do for you for the future or are you a here and now kind of buyer?

Check out my home interior boards on pinterest for some inspiration below.

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10 thoughts on “House hunting through life’s milestones”

  1. Wow, that home is absolutely beautiful. We have just secured our new apartment, it has been such a stressful process but we are very excited.

  2. I have really enjoyed this and seeing your interior design ideas. I live in a small flat so am fairly limited in what I can personally achieve but like to see what ideas are around.

    • It’s never too late though to start a little collection of your someday home. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and glad you like my design ideas. Its fun to play around with different ways to decorate.

  3. We’ve always looked to buy in our home town, making location easy and meaning we know the area well, so we launch straight into looking within our budget. I still love looking at houses for sale, despite having no intentions to move! x

    • Haha I am glad we aren’t the only ones that do that Jocelyn. I always am watching out for houses on sale even though we aren’t moving either. lol It’s easier when you know location and price.

  4. Oh I am awful when it comes to house hunting. Hubby owns a house we live in now but we want more space and a detached house because we are sick of listening to the sounds around the house and also don’t really like living in an estate. We did find a new house but are not still sure. Waiting on a few aspects like planning permissions on it.

    • It’s a tough big decision to make that’s for sure. But one that is worth the wait and research to see what you want that will grow with you and be the perfect home. Good luck.


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