Renovations Started, Charlotte Tilbury Skincare, and Camping Bruschetta

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:11 pm

We are fast flying into summer. I am hoping the weather takes note and the sunshine comes out soon. It’s been really weird lately with sunny spells one morning and by afternoon hail storms. I think mother nature is slightly confused.

Having just got back from Lake Garda, Italy where we should have been basking in the sun and instead were wading in a foot of down pour rain daily. One can only hope our hot summer in America, will actually be hot. Fingers cross.

This month, we are taking it slow in terms of traveling as we have so much going on with the house. Renovations are finally starting after months of waiting for planning permission and finding builders. I am ready to live in a mess for the next 12 weeks or more. Wish us luck we will need it.


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I started making myself turn the computer off every night at 10pm. I have been guilty of working long into the night and I need to start making time for myself to unwind and do things like read again. I am half way through “The State We’re In” by Adele Parks. I grabbed it at the airport and so far it’s a great light read.

The State We're In by Adele T

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Charlotte Tilbury perfume skincare makeup cream lipstick and blush powder

Have you heard of Charlotte Tilbury? She is one of my favorite makeup creators. I love her brand. I have recently had a few makeup and skincare classes and really am getting into a new beauty routine which I have been trying to start for years. We have teamed up with Charlotte Tilbury to share with you what we think of the makeup and skincare range.

You can see my full review here on my new Charlotte Tilbury makeup I have been testing out. This week, I am trying some of their skincare products and perfume out. The perfume bottle is enough to buy it and the scent is gentle and floral which is just how I like it. I will let you know what I think of the Dry Masks and Cream next week. Pop over to see what I think of the makeup line above.

Charlotte Tilbury perfume skincare makeup cream lipstick and blush powder

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of Dream Perfume

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Dry Masks

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Did you watch our fun day out with Dear Beautiful and her lovely crew. We had seven kids running around Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham recently for a playdate and we had such a great time. They have so much to do there for little ones of all ages. Would love you to watch and give us a thumbs up please. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss our vlogs. New vlog series coming soon too!

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I know I have been raving about my hat obsession (it’s still going on even after someone called me granny on holiday with it). But love this eyelash top I found at a tiny little shop in Peschiera, Italy too. “Too bright for you,” it says. Maybe should say, “too loud for you,” in my case but nevertheless I love it. I had so many lovely summer outfits planned out for Italy and the weather just didn’t happen so I ended up buying warmer clothes while I was there. Any excuse for a good shopping spree, right?

Gardaland instagram walls

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For some reason, tomatoes taste WAY better in Italy. I don’t even like tomatoes in UK or USA at all but in Italy, I can’t eat enough of them. They are so sweet and juicy. I grabbed fresh baguettes from the market, grilled them with garlic and butter in our Eurocamp kitchen and put Italian tomatoes on top. I could have ate this for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Camping Bruschetta is what I am calling it!

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Did you hear we had a severe leak in our house? It couldn’t have been a better time to find it though. After leaking for over 7 years behind all our walls downstairs, we noticed mold on our skirting boards behind a few radiators. After further investigation it had soaked through almost every room on our main floor. To say it’s a big insurance job is an understatement. However, silver lining is the fact that we hadn’t put our new kitchen in yet which would have had to be ripped out again. Lucky for us, it’s being fixed now and then we are back onto the renovation side of the kitchen and the loft. Loft starts on Monday…hooray!!! So keep watching our IG Stories we are sharing the renovations from start to finish or check out my highlighted Home Renovations reel on instagram. Shared our kitchen cabinet colors today and next up picking out tiles for our open plan downstairs. I can’t wait for the walls to come down.


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7 thoughts on “Renovations Started, Charlotte Tilbury Skincare, and Camping Bruschetta”

  1. I bet the leak has been a total nightmare I was watching your stories the other day! Cant wait to see what you do with the renovations. omg I so need to try Charlotte Tilbury I love make up it actually makes me giddy! I love that T Shirt it is so cute, ha ha granny as if! And yes tomatoes totally do taste better in Italy! Cant wait to get together soon my lovely xxx

  2. Good luck with the renovations, can’t wait to see what you do!
    I love Charlotte Tilbury’s packaging so feminine and stylish but I’ve never tried any of her products.

  3. Oh gosh I can’t believe you had a leak – what a nightmare !!! I have never been a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan when it comes to make up (I know I know I am in the minority) however I have never tried her skin cream. This weather is driving me crazy at the moment, I am so ready for a bit of hot sun!!!

  4. I am so pleased the house is back on track and that you have been switching off to read.

    I love that eyelash top. It’s so cute.

    I have never tried anything from CT but have wanted to. What do you suggest I treat myself to?

    • Thanks hunny, it was a good break and we are on the go again. Can’t beat a good eyelash top lol Oh gosh, I love everything CT sells. Their glitter eyeshadows are on my list next but the highlighter/bronzer kit is a must have first!!!

  5. I hope you’re back on track soon with the leak, I can imagine it’s been tough. Love the look of that tee Jenny. And yes I am with you less rain and more sunshine please x


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