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Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:25 am

I was on Pinterest long before I ever starting blogging, pinning everything and anything I thought looked amazing, intriguing, or a must have on my wish list. I didn’t really use it regularly at first but then I got addicted to the crafting side of it, and mostly scrapbook ideas. Since becoming a parent, I rely on it heavily for party ideas, kids how to’s and most important baby products. So when I started blogging, I didn’t put the two together for the longest time until recently.

I thought this might be useful for those that really haven’t delved into Pinterest yet. If you have, fantastic, always open to hear more suggestions on the link between blogs and Pinterest.  This is how I set up my Pinterest for my blog. 

Step One: Sign Up:

Don’t have a Pinterest account, sign up for one. While applying all your settings how you want them, add a pretty picture of your face. I had my blog badge up at first but it seemed less personal and I got more people interested when I put a picture up. Only my opinion. If you have an account, great let’s get started. It’s super easy to change things around if you already have been using it for awhile or just add to it.

Step Two: Make a List & Title Those Boards:

I made a list of the categories I write about on my blog. These will be your titles to yours boards.  So that after writing each post, in that category, I can pin it to that specific board. Not all people, follow all your boards so you don’t want to just make a board for your blog and pin all your posts in one place. If you write about travel, recipes, babies, on your blog have those as your titles to your boards. Obviously you can have as many boards as you want. I have more boards that don’t have anything to do with things I share on my blog.

For example I have boards for kids crafts, kids books, recipes, travel, kids parties, home decor, and more all because I write about these topics on my blog but I also have wise words, hair & beauty, fashion, for things I am interested in. I did make a board for my blog posts as well. Some people do just want to follow your blog through Pinterest. I have followers that just follow that board so this is the board I pin almost everything to from my blog as well as their specific categories.

howtopinterestStep Three: Pictures

Pictures are obviously the most important part of Pinterest. They are what catches your eye first, and determine whether or not you will click on it and repin it. I use PicMonkey, it’s free and easy to use, to make all my pictures for my posts. For Pinterest, pictures need words to draw people to it. If it’s a picture of your living room, even writing “home decor” or “how to decorate” in one of the corners depending on what your post is about will help get it get repinned. If its a picture of soup you made, write the name of the soup across the top or bottom. You can get really creative with your photos to attract attention to your post and make people want to share it. 

For example, I made this picture in PicMonkey so when I am done, I can pin this post to my “Blog Tips, Advice, and How Tos” board as well as my “LTM” board.

Step Four: Pin It

There are two ways you can share your blog posts on Pinterest, either upload the fancy attention grabbing photo you made in step three and link it to your blog post with the URL or if you have a plugin on your blog that allows you to “Pin It” straight from the post itself, just be sure your fancy photo is included in the post and that is the picture you choose to pin it on.

Don’t be afraid to pin your post to more than one board. I sometimes have posts that fit two or three categories. You want to maximize your viewing chances. For example, I might have a kids activity, I did with my kids while on vacation at a great hotel, I will pin it to “Kids Activities,” to “Let’s Talk Mommy Blog,” and to “Travelling” boards.

Step Five: Tweet It

Link your twitter account to your Pinterest boards so that when you “Pin It” Pinterest will “Tweet It” for you. Drawing more attention to your followers that you have shared a post and they should come check it out and repin it!

 I hope this has been helpful for those that haven’t really linked their blog with their Pinterest accounts yet. Or gave some ideas to those that have already been using Pinterest for blogging. If you haven’t yet, come on over and check out the new and improved Let’s Talk Mommy’s Pinterest boards.

Let me know what you think?

17 thoughts on “How to set up Pinterest for your blog”

    • Thank Vikki. I always worry do I make sense. Of course when I read it it does but if someone hasn’t used it before they might not. Well I hope it helps someone wish someone would have told me all this months and months ago. I just used pinterest for craft ideas and shopping wish lists in the past. hahaha

  1. Nice advice. I am addicted to Pinterest, In fact, without it, I would never have started blogging or reading blogs I think. I did not know about the Twitter thing. Mel #PoCoLo

    • I was the opposite just using pinterest for my own crafts and shopping wishlist but never for blogging I wish someone had told me all this and I could have been sharing all my posts months ago. So much to go back and try to share now. lol

    • Thanks Danny. You should it’s a great way to share post and get them repinned again and again. I didn’t think it would help that much but keep having people popping over from pinterest now.

  2. I love love love pinterest, at times I find it addictive especially if I’m working on a particular topic or project. Brilliant fun and a very useful tool for blogging. Great tips! Happy Easter #PoCoLo

  3. I definitely need to get into the whole Pinterest thing as a way of publicizing my blog. Thank you for reminding me!



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