Jack’s Bar and Restaurant Review

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Last night, P. and I went out with some friends we hadn’t seen in awhile. We decided we would try a new restaurant that just opened up around the corner, called Jack’s. We are restaurant fanatics as you will soon learn, and like to try new ones all the time. Although I would classify this more in between a pub and a restaurant which I will explain that in a minute.

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The atmosphere was lovely, it was Thursday night and it was buzzing. We went to the bar for a drink first while we waited for our friends to show up, which gave me plenty of time to take in our surroundings. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t do Prosecco or any sparkling wine by the glass only bottle, so I opted for a wine spritzers instead. I like my bubbly, cheap or expensive it doesn’t matter.

The decor inside has been revamp with fresh paint and a grey swirl fabric that stretches from the window dressings to the chair covers. There was a nice faux fireplace which let off an amber glow over the room.

The staff were all very friendly and quick to get you what you requested with a smile which I think is so important. A smile goes along way.

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The food was fantastic. I have to say this is where it was more a restaurant when it came to the menu. They had plenty of options to choose from which I love even though I usually stick to the same thing, I like to try P.’s various dishes. It is safer this way. From the appetizers to the desserts and coffee the four of us were extremely impressed. I opted for hot bread oil & balsamic for my appetizer, a mexican burger for my main meal, creme brûlée for dessert and a nice coffee to wash it all down. My appetizer was a lovely greeter, warm, toasted ciabatta bread with a bit of a garlic flavor cooked into it. My mexican burger was your basic, juicy, mouth watery burger on a sesame seed bun but had a twist with layers of salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. It made the burger definitely have that mexican food flare. This was accompanied by coleslaw served in a shot glass and french fries (chips) with some type of sweet bbq sauce drizzled over the side of them. It was delicious. If that wasn’t enough food, on the side was a small mixed green salad with the juiciest strawberries ever. The flavors sound random but really paired nicely together. My dessert was flawless. Best creme brulee in a long time. The mini chocolate shortbread that came with my coffee didn’t go spare. All this amazing food, I was definitely a stuff turkey but a satisfied one.

I thought the prices were fair, although we did have a lot of courses so our bill wasn’t cheap but we wanted to make sure we tried everything the first time around.

I have to say the only disappointment was coming to the end of our evening, after our desserts had been cleared  and we wanted to have one last drink and finish catching up with friends. However we were quickly shhhed from the table next to us as apparently it was quiz night. This is new to me and definitely an english thing to do, but without us knowing it went from a lovely restaurant dinner setting to people all around us having a drink and doing a quiz in which we were no longer allowed to talk! Shame. We left immediately thereafter.

Overall I would have given an A for Jack’s Bar and Restaurant but for being “shhhed” and rushed out, I have to say I give this place a B-.

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