January Me & Mine Family Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 10:12 am

January Me & Mine Family Project

Our first capture of our growing family of the year and we totally waited until the last day to snap us all together. Somehow January got away from me and I just couldn’t catch up. Each day, something else came up where one of us was coughing and ill or one parent was home or it was too dark and rainy. There was always an excuse not to plan them and get them done like we normally do. So we grabbed us all before dinner one night, run down, ill, crazy attire, and snaps us just in our playroom being us but that’s the thing I love most of about this family photo project I have been doing for five years now, it’s not about the perfect styled photo. It’s all about documenting us as a family and this is as real as it gets when we are just not in the mood to do much else other than chat and cuddle on the sofa together. 

We have this tradition at the end of the day, we say three things about our day to each other. The kids tell us about their school days and what happened while we get ready for dinner or mostly over dinner time and we tell them ours. I love it. It was actually hubby who started it when the kids started talking to get them used to retelling something that has already happened and practice speaking to more than one person. It’s just become part of our everyday. Half the time the kids get a little silly at the end and start making up stories after we have all had our turn and it’s just a way to share times when we aren’t together and end laughing together too. 

January Me & Mine Family Project

January Me & Mine Family Project


Feeling baby kick regularly now.

Planning our Disney World Trip.

Her new website… do you like it?


The weather that’s coming in Disney World next week.

Having time off soon.

Getting to play a major, famous golf course next month.


Getting a special award from the Headteacher this week.

Feeling brother kicking.

Creating race tracks around the house with his new snap together race tracks.


Her new swimming class, she moved up this week to big kids class.

Talking to baby brother in my belly.

Being a comedian and telling silly stories.



Siblings talking to him.

When Mommy goes swimming.

January Me & Mine Family Project

January Me & Mine Family Project

While you can’t beat the perfect family photo when one comes out that you are all laughing, smiling and looking at the camera, as they are so rare, you can’t help but love the outtakes too. This one above just makes me smile even if it’s completely blurry, my double chin is out and no one is paying attention. When we all felt a bit stiff and didn’t want to pose and smile we just got silly and someone was sat on the camera remote. We got about 20 of these in various stages of us all laughing. A precious moment captured is worth a thousand words. It makes up for our pale, ill, tired forced smiles above. 

I am hoping February we have some warm, fun, healthy Disney family snaps to share with you. Fingers crossed we all have a wonderful holiday ahead and the warmer climate does us all some good. I think we are due for a smooth holiday after the last few ending in hospitals. Let’s just hope my body and mind keep up with all that we have planned while we are there. I hope you have all had a wonderful January and a great start to a new year ahead of us. 

This is such a lovely family photo project to join in with! One to start now for the new year ahead….


11 thoughts on “January Me & Mine Family Project”

  1. Aww what lovely relaxed family photos. Sounds like a lovely month Jenny and I love the idea of the all saying 3 things before the end of the day. Enjoy Disney! x #meandmineproject

    • Thanks hunny. Itโ€™s a good tradition to share with each other when we are apart so much now with both in school. I canโ€™t wait only a week to go but so much to do.

  2. These are beautiful.
    I do a similar thing with my boys, usually over tea. We do ‘3 Happy Things’ where we have to mention three things that happened in our day that made us happy. Can be something little or something big. They love it xx

  3. These are gorgeous Jenny, so natural and relaxed. Our January has been similar – between illness and bad weather I’m amazed we got our photos. Yay for Disney though – how thoroughly exciting!

  4. Gorgeous pics! Love the 3 things tradition, what a lovely way to encourage the kids to chat about their day – all I get is ‘good’, ‘fine’, ‘nothing’, drives me mad! Bring a little bit of that sunshine back from Disney for us ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  5. Such lovely happy family photos. I love the way the #meandmineproject makes you take the photos even if when it does mean resorting to taking them on the sofa – and look at the wonderful happy expressions you’ve captured as a result. Love your tradition of sharing three things from you day too, what a lovely idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was a bit under the weather and puffy and tired here but I still just wanted us to be in our natural setting being us instead of posing for them. They are not the best photos but the real happy memories I want to capture. Next month will be all Disney a go though!!! Hooray!


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