Keeping Your Home Cool In The Height Of Summer Is Possible

We have all been there, melting at home in the summer months. Certain places reach incredibly high temperatures so it is important that you find different ways to stay cool. It can be quite difficult functioning and sleeping when the weather is hot but hopefully some things on the list below will help with this.  Another issue you can run into is it can add a lot to your energy bills trying to cool your home down. 

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Think About Your Bedding

In the warmer, summer months you don’t want to be surrounded by your big thick winter duvet and fluffy duvet cover. We guarantee this is the last thing you want. If you can switch to using cotton only sheets. Cotton is a breathable material so it doesn’t trap excess heat. You should also consider switching to buckwheat pillows in summer as these also prevent heat and air from getting trapped in them. You could also cool your bedding down before climbing into it. If you have a hot water bottle laying around, transform it into a cold water bottle. Fill it with water, place it in the freezer for an hour or so and then lay it on your pillow or bed sheet for a cooling feel when you get into bed. 

Curtains & Blinds

In summer it is much better to keep your blinds closed, this ensures that excess heat isn’t piling into your rooms. It is harder to make a room cool so if you let the heat in then you will have to find ways to get rid of it later. Better yet you could invest in some highly insulated blackout curtains, these are great at keeping the sun and heat out of your home. 

Artificial Air

Artificial air can come in all shapes and sizes. More specifically we are talking about the use of air conditioning units and fans. These are great for using in the summer months and can cool your home down rather quickly. Each comes with a list of pros and cons, for example, fans are easier to run but can quickly dry out the air around you. Air conditioning units are fantastic but can become expensive to run overtime. 

There is something similar to both these things that can save you a fortune on energy bills. Evaporative cooling works by taking in the air from outside through the unit on your roof, then purifying it with its built-in filter, and then distributing it through the vents around your home. This method of cooling can save you up to 50% on your energy bills.

Avoid Cooking

This one is pretty self-explanatory, however, we feel we should mention it anyway. Take the dining experience outdoors as much as you can during the warmer, summer months. The last thing you want to be doing is adding extra heat into your home, especially in the evenings before bed. Heat up the BBQ and enjoy as many meals as you can in the garden. Better yet think of cool meal ideas that don’t require any cooking. You could enjoy a lovely tuna salad watching your favourite tv show in the evenings. 

We hope this helps you find new, exciting ways to stay cool in summer.


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