Keeping Your Kids’ Wardrobes Updated In 2022

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:24 pm

Providing your kids with a selection of great styles for the wardrobe is no easy task. Keeping up with the fashion of the younger generations can be difficult, as styles can change quickly and kids can grow faster too. That t-shirt you bought them last month might not fit already. When maintaining your children’s wardrobes, there are many things to consider so that you can stay on top of things and keep them looking stylish all year round and for any event. Here are some of the top considerations that you should have when thinking about replenishing their clothing collections.

Aim For Comfort

The first thing to think about when picking new clothes for your kids is comfort. While not everything will be as comfortable to wear as other things in their wardrobe, especially more formal attire, it’s still important to keep in mind. You don’t want to make your child feel uncomfortable in the clothes they wear, especially if they’re going to be wearing them for a prolonged period of time. This can greatly ruin their moods and also hurt their self-esteem if they don’t feel comfortable wearing that item from a style standpoint. Get their opinion of how it feels and whether they like the style before committing to buying the item so you can avoid this issue. Alternatively, you could let them pick their own clothes, as this can help them develop their opinions and increase their confidence in their appearance.

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Think About Durability

Let’s face it; kids are chaotic. Keeping up with them is almost impossible at times, and there’s an increased chance that bumped heads and scraped knees will befall them, especially when they’re out playing with their friends. While you’ll be able to offer comfort and consoling words to make them feel better after a minor injury, those minor scrapes and cuts can result in clothing being damaged, especially if that clothing was of poor quality. In fact, higher-quality items don’t resist being damaged more than lower-quality items, but in turn,they can also add an extra layer of protection too. For example, a thick pair of jeans will protect from a scrape during a fall much more effectively than a pair of thin leggings. 

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Girls Style Staples

When thinking of clothes for your girls, there are quite a few things to consider, and there is often the chance that they are much more focused on fashion and style than your boys might be. With this in mind, here are some style staples to consider that work for all occasions. 

• Dresses For Formal Events

Not every day is going to call for casual outfits, and on the odd occasion, you’re going to have to dress up. For your girls, you’ll want to think about providing a selection of dresses that can work for different types of events. Or if they don’t like dresses, you could provide them with alternatives like formal playsuits instead.

• Tracksuit For Busy Days

A practical outfit is very important when you’re out running errands or traveling for a family day out. However, practical doesn’t have to mean that it’s not stylish. Consider providing your girls with some designer tracksuits like the range on the SSENSE site. Designer clothes like this can add a level of comfort alongside style and durability and so can be a fantastic investment for your child’s wardrobe.

• Leggings For Playtime

When your girls are out and about playing with their friends, providing them with clothes that are both comfortable and provide them with good manoeuvrability is essential. Leggings are the perfect invention for these scenarios and can be worn under shorts. You can even provide them with shorter leggings that can be worn discreetly under a summer dress or skirt too.

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Boys Style Staples

When choosing clothes for your boys, there’s still a strong chance that they are also quite conscious of their fashion, so finding the right things they are comfortable wearing is important so as not to harm their confidence. Here are some staple style ideas that are essential for all boy’s wardrobes.

• The Perfect Boy’s Suit

It’s important to have quality suits set aside for your boys ready for formal events such as weddings, big birthday parties, and other such gatherings. Of course, unless you’re going to be going to many formal events, it might be worth hiring these as and when you need them due to how quickly kids can grow.

• T-Shirts For Dressing Up Or Down

The right t-shirt can be used for both dressing up and dressing down, depending on what it’s paired with. A selection of quality t-shirts with attractive designs is perfect as you can pair them with some smart trousers for a nice smart-casual look or a pair of jeans or tracksuit bottoms for a relaxed style. • Tracksuit For Playtime
When out and about playing with their friends, your kids will likely be quite active. Playtime requires the right clothing, so your kids are comfortable when running around or playing sports. Tracksuits are the perfect option for this as they not only keep your kids warm during the colder months but they’re also relatively durable and comfortable. They can also wear these when relaxing around the house.


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