Kid Friendly Places to Travel

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:12 pm

You can take your kids both younger and older to most places in the world and make it a memorable vacation. There is nothing more special than being able to share the world with your own family and make your kids cultural. As an expat, I am so grateful I can travel to see family and friends around the world with my three children in tow. We save for special trips and we plan strategically through out the year. There are so many kid friendly places to travel.


It’s where I was born and still call home every summer with my kids. The U.S.A has 50 states to visit, each unique in their own right. We frequent the west coast as much as the east coast for our family holidays. You can expect every type of holiday available in the U.S.A with beautiful beaches and glorious mountain ranges and everything in between.


U.K. has so much to offer with a combine country of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England it’s a great place for family holidays with the kids and easy to travel around via train, plane or a big family road trip. You have the option of a quiet, country estate holiday to a big city sightseeing holiday. The choice is yours in the U.K..


From the place where I met my husband on a holiday romance to returning with the kids in tow, Mexico has it’s glorious views and a special place in our hearts. It’s family friendly resorts, and fun family tours is enough for any family to have a great vacation. It offer amazing weather most of the year so you can plan anytime.


We have friends that live in Spain so it’s a place we take a lot of family trips to visit. The great weather for most of the year draws us in as much as the delicious family friendly food the whole family loves.


Italy is known for it’s food across the world so it’s no surprise it’s one of our favorite kid friendly places to travel to. There is so much to do and see with your kids, you won’t be disappointed.


We lucked out again and have friends that moved to France too. There is something so mesmerizing about the French Riveria. The beaches and sightseeing is fab for families to experience together.

Tips on Travelling Adults

tips on travelling adults only as couples no kids

It’s just as important to book those adult only holidays too. We love travelling with our kids and seeing the world with them but it’s nice to have some romantic adventures on our own too. This gets easier as the kids get older to leave them with grandparents.

Tips on Travelling with Kids

tips on travelling with kids around the world both young and older kids

Being an expat, living abroad and having both sides of our extend families in three different countries, it means we travel a lot with our kids. From the moment they were born and we haven’t slowed down yet.

Travel Planning Tips

Whether you have passport questions or need checklists to help you pack for those big holidays, I have so many tips for you. We like to make the planning all part of the fun and easy for others to do the same too.


Ireland is dear to our hearts because my husband’s family is Irish. It holds many family holidays and visiting with extended family too. It’s a grand place to take kids to explore castles, coastal beaches, and city breaks too.


Who doesn’t love Disney? From Disneyland to Disney World to Disney Paris there is a whole magical world out there to experience both with your kids and without your kids. Yes, Disney is for adults too.


Portugal is a place we want to explore more of in the future. It’s a lovely place to holiday as a couple or with your kids in tow. It’s stunning and the people are super friendly. I can’t say a bad word about this little gem of a place.


Oh, beautiful Greece with its crystal, clear waters and all that white and blue. It’s a true holiday destination for anyone. Adults only or with the kids you are sure to have a memorable holiday here. Greece has amazing food too.


Our friends just moved to Dubai and are loving it. It’s a place I haven’t visit yet as a family but we can’t wait to. There is so much to do and so much to see there. I have a few tips and planning ideas here to get you started if you haven’t been either.


Finland is a stunning country. It’s famous for its North Lights and Santa’s grottos. For me, it’s where my grandparents came over to America from and I have so many distant relatives still there. Finland has stunning country side to explore too.


Whilst I can’t say I have been to India, it’s on the bucket list. I will probably wait till my kid’s are older as I really want to destination hop here. I have a few roundups of all that India has to offer to see and do so check it out.