Kids Football: Here Come the Girls!

Last updated on December 29th, 2023 at 01:44 am

Football is the most popular sport in the world, loved by millions worldwide. Traditionally, it’s always been a male-dominated sport and even today, that still rings true. That doesn’t mean, however, that football is just for boys. Absolutely not. Football is a sport that can be played by anyone, boys and girls alike.

After the UEFA Women’s Euro Final 2022, England’s Lionesses have certainly been inspiring young girls everywhere to start football as a hobby. Especially considering it was the women to bring football home last year and not the men. Proving to young girls that football is just as much a sport for girls as it is for boys. 

Knowing where to look for football academies can take time, more so when looking for one that cares for the girls and boys equally. Fortunately for you, we’re sharing some football academies for kids that train both boys and girls. So you can enrol your child without any worries.

Kids Football: Here Come the Girls!

Football Academies for Girls:

Weetabix Wildcats

Weetabix Wildcats is the perfect place to get girls aged between 5 and 11 years old involved with football. The coaches are FA qualified and volunteers deliver the super awesome sessions!

The best thing about Weetabix Wildcats is that it’s non-competitive football for girls – perfect for those who have never really played before and just want to have some fun. Young girls will be introduced to the sport through fun, structured sessions.


Kixx’s football academies offer an age-appropriate introduction to physical activity through football. Their football classes for kids have been designed specifically for both boys and girls, from the age of 18 months up to 10 years old. Children’s football classes are fun, creative, inclusive to every child, and age-appropriate.

Kids can start as beginners and build their arsenal with tricks and skills that they can use to improve their football ability.

Girls’ Mini Soccer

Girls’ Mini Soccer is for introducing children aged between six and nine years old to football. Girls can learn the rules of football and then play games in reduced sizes, 5v5 and 7v7. Mini Soccer allows the participating children to have a better understanding of the game because there’s fewer players on the pitch which means in-game decisions are simpler and easier to make.

Reduced pitch sizes also makes it easier for the children to concentrate better and can lead to more individual success.

You can find your closest local clubs offering Mini Soccer on the England Football website.

Benefits of Football Lessons:

Making Friends

Perhaps one of the best things about football lessons is making new friends. And there’s already a shared interest between them: football!

Weekly sessions are bound to build both friendships and commitment to the sessions, a shared interest is enough to create a friendship that could last a lifetime.

Cooperation Skills

Without teamwork and effective cooperation, no football team would ever be successful. Children will learn best how to work around other children in situations where they have to work together. Like playing as part of a team.

Respect and teamwork are particularly important characteristics and football lessons teach children this plentiful. Playing as part of a team not only helps children to improve their communication skills (which is necessary when playing a sport), but also to increase their social awareness and understanding of other people.

Dealing with Setbacks

Not every football match is won and there’s no better place to deal with setbacks than at football lessons.

There is always a skill to improve or master and overcoming challenges is what’s important when playing sports. It’s an important lesson for children to learn as dealing with setbacks is a skill they will take with them into the future that will come in handy both on and off the pitch.

Regular physical activity is great for children and adults as it helps to improve function, mood, and quality of life. There’s no better way to get in your daily 30 minutes of exercise than by a quick game of football!


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