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Welcome to our kitchen!

Our kitchen is the heart of this house, where everyone gathers to socialize, grab a bite or a drink and hang out. For me the kitchen has always been a family place, growing up and even now when all of my siblings are home visiting together we always end up in my momma’s kitchen.

When we first moved into this house I was in awe of the kitchen’s space. There are so many deep cupboards and shelves for storage. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the island had shelves instead of a place where we could put bar stools and sit at. This is still something I would like to someday turn it into as there is enough space but at the moment this is how it sits.

The kitchen lies at the center of our house and is accessible from three doorways as you see below; one from the dining room, one from the entryway and the last one from the back sitting room. I love a good open plan to make each room flow into the next. It reminds me more of how American houses are built instead of doors on every room which is common in the UK. I love that you can sit on the couch and chat with who ever is cooking or keep an eye on the kids at the table from the kitchen if they are working on crafts or coloring while I make lunch. 3doorsThe counter space is perfect for rolling out cookie dough and have a blast baking with the whole family. On a normal day you can find Missy Moo crawling around with a few toys at my feet while I am cooking and Mr. P and Buba kicking the small ball around the island chasing one another. It’s always a madhouse but that’s why I love it. I still feel like I am hanging out with the family while I am doing dishes or preparing meals.

I went with high gloss black counter tops speckled with silver bits in it. It looked stunning in the showroom, and it looks stunning in this kitchen after a long, LONG polish. I never knew how much high gloss shows EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t recommend it. And as you can see I got the high gloss tiles for the floor to match which I still love the look of but it’s a nightmare to keep clean. So when you are choosing tiles and counter tops for your home, please keep in mind which way the light will hit them and how hard they might be to keep clean. With so many big windows, the light hits directly on them showing every smudge, water mark and finger print. kitchentourWe are so lucky that the house that was recently built behind us is the side of the house so we still have a lot of privacy at the back. It meant I didn’t have to try to figure out what kind of blinds I would need for this large window. I prefer being able to look out across the whole back yard and watch Buba playing on his slide or with his scooter while I am doing the dishes.

I have two plants in the kitchen window which is a novelty as I usually kill anything within a few weeks. Unfortunately I never inherited my momma’s green thumb. So far these are thriving I think only because one was from Buba for Mother’s Day I am desperately trying no to kill it.

favpieceskitchenHere are a few of my favorite accessories in the kitchen above.

Mr Wine man came all the way from America. I saw him in a magazine on an airport flying home a few years ago and had to have him. He actually has a full size mother in our dining room and as you can see I have a wine theme going throughout the entire kitchen.

The PartyLite candle centerpiece moves around the house a lot, sometimes you can find it on the dining room table, on the sideboard, or find it on the fireplace in the living room. I put it in the kitchen window last summer when we had all that lovely sunny weather and lit it after Buba went to bed one night and Mr P and I sat outside enjoying the candle glow on the patio. It glistened across the entire yard and was very peaceful. So there it has stayed.

My Nespresso machine is one my best friends. It keeps me out of Starbucks not entirely but a lot more now. I have set up a little coffee station with my pods, flavors, sugar bowls, it really is a favorite spot of mine in the kitchen. Even Buba points at it and says, “Mommy needs her coffee!” Clever boy!

Last but not least is my shot glass collection. I started this collection when I was 16 years old and toured Europe with my school class. I would buy one shot glass for every town, village, and airport we went to along our three week journey across Europe. When I returned I started collecting them from every place I travel to. They are my travel record and each one brings a memory back of a place and a journey I went on. A few were broke when I moved to England which I was devastated about but I have been lucky enough to revisit those places and make new memories and replace most of them. Above is only a quarter of my collection.

kitchen wall

I have only just finished adding the above picture collages to the kitchen wall to accompany my massive clock. Click the picture above to see more about adding pictures and prints for a personal touch to your home. The collage pictures are my favorite in the whole house. I love being able to look over while I am cooking and see all the adventures we have been on as a family.

The clock I bought from Selfridges, on a winter blow out sale. It was so cheap and is by far one of my favorite home decor pieces in the entire house. I love a big clock! It’s such a long big wall, I couldn’t imagine what else I could do with it.

recipesideThe kitchen’s layout is very user friendly. I love the little space to the right of the stove, it gives me enough room to have my recipe book open and at hand while I cook. It also serves as a great prep station before cooking as all my spices are directly above this space in the cupboard. I am really getting into my recipe books, so I have been spending a lot of time in this part of the kitchen lately.

There you have it, our kitchen tour. Everyone has different taste but it’s always nice to share room tours so you can get to know more about me and my personality. I think the way a home is decorated says a lot about the inhabitants and their personalities.

What do you think?

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

17 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour”

  1. Gorgeous kitchen!!! I love the layout, it feels like it’s definitely the heart of the home! I love my kitchen, but hate that it’s at the “end of the house”, I love the homely feel your layout brings! Xxx

    • Thanks Kay. There are still things I would love to change like the island into a breakfast bar so that people could sit in the actually kitchen and visit while baking and cooking is going on. On my to do list!

  2. Such a fabulous kitchen- ready for baking, coffee and wine (in any order!). Loving your interior design, you definitely have a flair for it. Looking forward to seeing the next room. Wishing you a very happy Easter x

    • Thanks Nicola. I really love to decorate homes. I think every house I have ever lived in has looked completely different as I don’t have just one taste for decor. I love them all. The next house will definitely be more vintage I think! If you haven’t had a chance check out my other room tours under “home and interior decor” on my categories list.

  3. Wow, those windows are gorgeous… they must let in so much light and so nice that you don’t have to put any blinds up. A beautiful kitchen. I have a few Partylite pieces around the house… my sister-in-law is one of their party contsultants so always being tempted to buy candles 😉 #LoveYourHome

    • Ahhh Partylite is the best. I have it everywhere. Host a party and you get so much fab stuff for free. Glad you like. Yes I was so glad we didn’t have to put blinds on these I love the light pouring in.

  4. Gorgeous kitchen – it’s huge! I love the grey colour of your walls, and the high gloss finish of the counter tops even if they are a nightmare to clean. They might send my cleaning OCD into overdrive 😉 #LoveYourHome

    • They send my OCD into overdrive and even the light switches are shiny silver so I am forever polishing. Thanks glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. I love your really long worktop and in the bold basic black and white contrasted with all the little pretty personal touches it looks so nice and perfect. Very modern but very home and loving kind of feeling from it. That almost sounds like I know what I’m talking about 🙂

    • It doesn’t Look at you home interior design expert. I love it. hahah THank you so much. The black tops have shiny silver specs in it so its not as plain as it looks in the photo. I always wanted black counters and white cabinets. It’s cozy with candles lit at night.

    • Thank you so much Jen. Yes I always have a cupboard for them full of toys and books to join in. It’s a family place afterall. Saw you got shortlisted for the BIBS congrats hunny!!!


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