Letters to him & her ~ #29

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Letters to my children him & her a capture a week #livingarrows


B, it’s been a funny old summer for you in terms of growing and changing. We had a week where you had accidents which you never have, then a week of emotions and tantrums so bad I really didn’t know what to do with you, and then this week you have turned another new leaf, being sweet, loving and older. Somehow turning four you changed over night. I know that sounds like a cliche but you have and even Grandma noticed it too. You want to be helpful and always running to my side to assist me in cleaning, cooking or taking care of your sister. You keep hugging me more, giving kisses and telling me how much you love me. I am soaking every minute of it up. It’s been so amazing watching how much you are growing up over the summer and I have no doubts you are ready for school. You speak so clearly now and sound like a little boy and no longer like a toddler. I love this new older boy version of you even though you will always be my baby in my mind, you are showing just how independent you really are. I love the extra hands around the house too. But your over showering of love is the best of all and I hope it long continues and that you always keep that softer side of you as your grow up. 

Letters to my children him & her a capture a week #livingarrowsHER

MM, your facial features are changing lately. You are losing those baby cheeks and as you get taller, you are thinning out from your baby chub and really looking so much older and different to me now. I love your cheeky sense of humor and how you laugh at everything, even yourself when you are trying to throw a tantrum and stomp those cute feet. It just doesn’t suit you or work trying to be a diva and I laugh at you and then you laugh at me; together we have our little moments of hysteria instead of you continuing to tantrum which has become some of my favorite moments lately. Bad parenting I know.  You are still loving the beach, outdoors, climbing and playing cars with your brother. His love for cars have now rubbed off so much so that’s all you want to play with too. It’s cute that you both share this passion for now. You have grown so tall and up two shoes sizes since we got here in the states. I know when we return people won’t believe how much you have changed and grown. The sun and fresh air have done you wonders girl. I have never seen you so smiley and happy, that’s saying something. I love how positive and fun you are and we are going to have so much this year when B starts school and get to have girlie days, one on one together. I can’t wait. 


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9 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #29”

  1. Isn’t it funny how much children can change in a matte of weeks. Astounding really, when you think about.

    Utterly gorgeous photos of two utterly gorgeous children.


  2. Those moments where their faces change slightly creep up on us don’t they? Exciting to see them grow mixed with the ‘I want them to stay this way forever’!

  3. It is really funny how all of a sudden they hit four and the cuddles, kisses and love comes immediately. N was just the same, and it’s not stopped yet. It’s definitely a great time.

    • Oh I never knew that was a four thing but loving every minute of it. I hope it never stops. Almost brings tears sometimes how loving he is being not that he wasn’t before but he was never a cuddler like he is now. Heavenly, it was always his sister who was the cuddler and still is. Glad N is the same. Enjoy!


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