Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 14/52

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:14 pm

Their world is pure,

In all innocences,

Each thing new and enticing,

Flutters of light,

Excite them,

And Music ignites them,

Their world knows no evil,

They wake with morning delight,

Sleep with happy dreams tucked in tight,

Their world is small to them,

Containing only what surrounds them. 


Buba, you have become sassy and brassy, your attitude has changed. You have hit that stage where things frustrate you and you test our patience to see how we will react. We may seem strict at times, but it’s only for your own good. We love you still just as much as we ever did.  But at the same time, you have become quite the little entertainer; making jokes, and coming out with funny phrase, daily. Here you were running around joking to Mommy that you couldn’t hear her, plugging your ears, as I was telling you, “I love you!”


Missy Moo, how you have grown. Where has my newborn gone? You are crawling backwards all over the place, and trying to pull yourself up. Your smile has never faded, it’s the one thing I can guarantee won’t change. You still grin ear to ear, when I wake you in the morning and from your naps. Bouncing around in your bouncer at incredible speed, I think soon you will be too big for it. We have started to get rid of baby things, like your baby swing you are too big for. It’s the end of an era in our household, the baby stuff is slowly going one by one. You continue to be the easiest chilled out baby, I ever knew. I often wonder does this mean you might have really terrible twos?


To both of you, you still continue to be best friends. Although Buba you have been a little rough this past week, with pushing your sister over, still. It doesn’t help that she laughs her head off while we tell you off. She has a big heart for you and you still remain the apple of her eye. I don’t think you do it in a malicious way you think you are being funny. We only want you both to be safe. So at the moment, even though you both love each other dearly we cannot leave you in the same room alone, not even for a moment. I foresee Missy Moo getting her own back as soon as she can properly move! Look out little Buba, your sister will soon be “playing” back!

I love you both to the moon and back, as Grandma GG would say! You both light up my world and create special memories with us everyday!

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16 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 14/52”

  1. Ahh they do start to get very determined don’t they and really want to become independent too. Missy moo sounds adorable, must be hard to tell Buba off when Missy Moo is laughing lots 🙂

    • Thank you vikki! I know I can’t believe how much they look the same. If u saw Buba as a baby they are identical. Some bath pictures even we can’t tell them apart.

    • Thank you Anna Marie. I think I actually gave them something amazing their eyes. Comes from my side of the family. We all have extremely bright blue eyes. So glad they both have it.

    • Thank you, they really do. It’s pure happiness I swear in their eyes. I am so bias but I feel like they both have certain sparkle to their eyes when they smile or laugh. Love it. Completely melts my heart.


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