Love the little things #15

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:23 am

Life is full of love and adventure, if you open your arms as well as your eyes and let it all be!


 I have been reading blogs galore! I think as it nears July/August time, I know that I will be on vacation for two months in the states and it will be hard to be involved in so many linkys and commenting so I am trying to do as much as possible now, to make up for it ahead of time. I am loving Complicated Gorgeousness, Honest Mum, Happiness In Learning, Lilypod & Sweetpea and Brummy Mummy of 2, just to name a few I have read already this morning!


I watched Frozen!!! I finally, very excitedly, probably too excitedly ran to Tesco and bought the movie Frozen. Then even more sadly, I rushed to pick up Buba from nursery, told him I bought him a present for being a big boy and no accidents for two weeks on the potty training and that we could watch it as soon as we got it. I may have rushed them both in the house, ripped their coats off and ran to the DVD player and popped it in. I also may have shhhed them a few dozen times so I could hear the start of the movie. Calling bad mum’s club where are my ladies in pink to back me up!


I have been listening to Ellie Goulding all week. Don’t know where I have been but never heard of her until I went to her concert awhile back with a friend. Love her. I love the raspiness in her voice too. She is fantastic LIVE! This one is my new fave…


We made Easter Bunny Hats from Hobbycraft this week. It’s a no mess craft kit for kids, just how I like it. Ready-made kits are always my good friend.



I have dusted off the running shoes and wearing my workout gear again. It’s spring time, the time when I get back to running every week as part of my “get fit for summer” routine, as I do every year. I have been having some trouble with my knee which I hope doesn’t put a stop to my running altogether. It’s been awhile as I never run from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day outside. Mostly because of weather and I like a good gym  session in the winter time. Or because I am a freak and like to be a lazy winter bear and enjoy all the festive foods throughout the holidays. Most likely the latter.


And lastly..

I found my pregnancy diary from when I was pregnant with Buba. I kept one with Missy Moo too. I am so glad I did too because I wasn’t blogging back then, as much as I wish I had been. I am slowing doing Flashbacks to document those special moments so they are never forgotten. Here is a letter I wrote to Buba the week before I was due!

A Letter To You Before Your “Birth” Day


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17 thoughts on “Love the little things #15”

  1. Seriously, this Frozen thing…think I’m gonna have to cave at some point!! I have no idea of anything in it yet…
    Well done on the running, it’s the perfect weather for it at the moment and the London Marathon this weekend always spurs me on.
    Loved the letter, it’s so lovely to look back and reminisce isn’t it.
    Have a fab weekend. xxx

    • Thanks for reading the letter too. I had no clue but everyone kept raving and raving about Frozen and Monster Uni. I am a fan of disney so caved in to buy it. Still need the latter one too. It is worth it tho. Ya I am getting ready for the Bupa Man Run in a few weeks.

  2. Oh I am jealous! you RAN! I need that kick up the bum to do it, but the sofa just looks to comfy of an evening! Hope your knee doesn’t bother you too much!

    Great song choice, I love this cover..

    • Thanks Anna-Marie. Don’t be jealous run isn’t all it’s cracked up to be I just have to do it to keep fit. Although knee really isn’t helping. Neither is all the easter chocolate.

  3. STILL not watched Frozen. By now i think perhaps one of the only mums who hasn’t bought it or watched it yet!!! But ha ha I did the same with H and Monster’s University the first time we watched sssshhhhh

    Well done on the running. I so need to do this. I think some exercise will help with the work stresses.


    • Thanks hun. I am dying to see Monster Uni I bet I will be the last to see it. It was a toss up between the two buying yesterday. hahaha I love a good disney movie.

  4. I sssshhhh my lot too during Frozen! In fact, during most Disney films 🙂 And they did tell me off in the car for singing too loudly, because they couldn’t hear the ACTUAL characters voices. Honestly, so rude! 🙂 Good for you with the running pet. I’m feeling inspired by you and Miss Mummydaddyme. Think I’m going to purchase some running shoes and give it a go! And I love your blog list, particularly Complicated Gorgeousness – really love her! Have a lovely weekend my love xxx

    • hahhaa We definitely are so similar. Although Buba makes me sing in the car no matter who is there. He will say louder louder which is so embarrassing when you have other passengers there too. lol EEEK Thanks hunny you have a great weekend too. I have been trying to image map my blogs I love collage page, did you hubby do your sidebar multi links. The first two are ok but then the rest is off by a picture. Need help! I am loving getting back into running lord knows I need it after all these easter mini eggs. hahaha But my knee is killing me. boo. Try it a few times, I hated it for about a month then obsessed. lol xoxo

  5. You’re the second little lovely to mention Frozen, I really am going to have to go and get myself a copy.

    I’m starting my summer fitness plan too. Been to a gym class this morning and need to do some running over the weekend. I used to get a really sore knee running, but I treated myself to a new pair of trainers from the Sweat Shop (there’s one in the Arndale Centre, Manchester) and they put me on a treadmill to watch how I ran and they recommend trainers based on it. Since then the bad knee problem has completely gone! xx

    • Really I am really struggling with my knee badly. I live not far from Arndale. Didn’t know they did that I need to go for sure and see if it’s a shoe thing. I don’t want to stop running now! Just getting into it. I only bought frozen last night already watched it twice! hahaha It’s great. Next on my list is Monster Uni. Didn’t know you lived so near????

      • It’s definitely worth a visit, it’s to with how your foot rolls as you run and different shoes can support different areas. My husband completely thought I was putting it on when I couldn’t bend my knee for 2 days after one run a few years ago.
        Ha ha, yes, we live about 20 mins drive from Manchester xx

  6. Note to self> really need to see Frozen and needs to go back to running. Every time I see someone who is running, who already did a run I have a bit of pain in my heart. I am yearning to go back.

    • Now me too, as I am injured and really was getting back into it. Boo. Grab your shoes get out there and do it. Once you have started that’s all you need to motivate you.

    • Well running is now on hold after I hurt my knee booooo hooo. Hopefully it will be better in four weeks for my 10K run. eek. I lose heart and then get obsessed and lose heart again. It’s forever on going love hate relationship. hahah Even Mr P shhhed me when we watched it the other night, yes after the kids went to bed. 😉 hahaha


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