Love the little things #17

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* Little Loves *

this week


I have been reading every garden blog and online resource I can this week about what shrubs and plants I should plant in my backyard. I know I am always trying to learn something new, all the time. If only I had more time and more space in my brain to learn it all. I am the ‘ultimate’ newbie at everything. I did make a spare five minutes to have a peak at a celebrity magazine this week which was the first time I had done that in months. It may have been in the doctors office but at least it was a sneaky peak.


Last week was the start of “Person of Interest”. Mr P and I really got into it on the second season last year and I didn’t think the UK was going to bring it back but I am glad it did. A lot of the drama shows are all very similar but this one is different and complex, one of the many reasons I really like it. Although it is hard to just jump in one or two episode if you haven’t started from the beginning.


My lovely son walked over to me while I was wearing shorts the other day and reached over and rubbed one of my legs. In a  hello Mommy way, until I saw the look of utter disgust on his face. What’s wrong I asked? Thinking he was upset about something. “Mommy, your leg hurt me, it’s all spiky? What’s wrong with it?” I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, I admit I have been a little busy lately and I blame the cold weather it’s my extra warmth layer. Clearly even at two my son has great expectations.


This week I whipped up an easy family favorite, Sloppy Joes w/ Beef & Beans. Not sure who loved it more Buba or Missy Moo but I know Mr P and I really enjoyed it. I used to make it alot but haven’t for awhile. It’s fast, easy, and cheap! Click the picture for the recipe if you want to try it out yourself.



I am obsessed with Missy Moo’s white headband. She has been strutting for weeks now and it’s finally getting to the point I need the next size up. Now that she is finally getting some hair, I think she will be a blondie through and through too.


And lastly..

I am on a mission to save a few pennies, no make that A LOT of pennies and do my own backyard landscaping. This week I have been tackling the fence with stain. It was a big job and I was so sad to see when it dried that it needs another coat. I need the weather to buck up so I can finish it but it’s discouraging to see the forecast is all rain for the next week! Boo. I hate when I start a project and can’t finish it. I have a goal to get the edging cut, the stones in, and all the shrubs and plants planted before I leave for America for two months at the end of June. Not much time and a lot of work to do but I am determined to work even in the rain if I have to.


17 thoughts on “Love the little things #17”

  1. Go you for painting the fence! Hopefully by next week the weather would of perked up so you can finish it! I laughed out loud about the legs comment! They don’t shy away from the truth do they!! hahaha…

    • Not only do they not shy away they share it with the world. Told his Daddy mommy hurt me with her leg today when he got home from work. Thanks kid. lol yes I hope it perks up. Half thought maybe I should get out of bed at 1 am and finish it because it wasn’t raining last night. hahahahaha Crazy I know.

  2. Oh my gosh I laughed so much at the spiky leg bit. Ha ha, just brilliant!

    Really love the sound of that sloppy joes recipe, yum!

    Can’t believe you have another project – you are officially the busiest bee I know!! #littleloves

    • hahah I know I couldn’t stop laughing Probably TMI for the internet but it was hilarious. I have been told that my whole life…. or I always get asked the question, do you ever stop doing something! I rarely sit down my family can vouch for me. Even while I stand her and type I am putting chicken in the crock pot for dinner, drinking my morning coffee with MM playing between my legs and typing on my laptop ont he kitchen counter where I usually blog from. Mr P keeps asking me why I don’t sit and type. I say I don’t want a hunched over back but really it’s easier to come to and from twitter facebook and my blog through out the day if its open and staring at me all the time. lol

  3. Jenny, you are superwoman! Our garden is on our to-do list but we never seem to get down that far on the list to sort it out! Look forward to hearing your plans for yours.
    Love Missy Moo’s headbands, do you know that E calls her ‘the baby with the headband? So funny!
    Have a lovely weekend lovely and I’ll see you next week! xx

    • yes can’t wait to catch up. Thanks that’s hilarious that E calls her that. I need a bunch of new ones as her head is getting bigger. lol Enjoy your weekend. My gardening updates and plans will be on the blog this weekend if I have time. eek. I am far from superwoman. I even thought I have no time to finish staining maybe I should get out of bed and do it right then –it was 1 am. lol 🙂 No sleep for the mentally insane.

  4. It’s so funny that you are obsessed with your garden at the moment- we are totally the same!! And, like you, we are trying to do it on a budget, so there will be lots of hard work ahead. I’m excited to see your progress poppet, and maybe pick up a few tips- I’m not green-fingered in the slightest! Love MM’s headband-so sweet. Would quite like it for myself actually 😉 And the legs! Tee hee hee! My three call me out all the time on my personal grooming too. It’s just as well I don’t offend easily 🙂 Loved this J! Have a lovely weekend xxx

    • ahhh thanks. hahaha remember kindred spirits. Tis the season to get green! OR just pretend. I usualyl kill every flower and plant I have ever bought. Black thumb more like. good luck with yours too. I might have to steal your tips too! lol as I have no idea what I am doing what so ever. Already failed on the fence staining as it’s too red and too dark for my liking but nothing I can do. EEEk

  5. Love the leg comment! O is also getting to the age where he will rat me out to his dad (or anyone who will listen) so going to need to be on best behaviour.

    My father in law has made himself our unofficial gardener, with O as his helper. He loves gardening and as his own is quite small he loves spending time in ours. I’m clueless!

    Bet you’re looking forward to going back to the states for a while in June, hope you have a fab time x

    • Too funny these little ones can’t keep a secret. Buba rats me out to Mr P all the time. Wish I had a gardener in the family. Just my mom but 10,000 miles away doesn’t help. I can’t wait to be home. It’s going to be the best two months ever!!!

  6. Oh the spiky leg Mommy! Too cute! And that headband is just adorable. Good Luck with the gardening hun, I’m clueless but wish I had more patience to do it as it’s so lovely to have a nice garden to chill in! Kerry x

    • Oh Kerry I have NO idea what I am doing. lol I am just jumping in and winging it as usual. hahaha I like to think I can learn anything but we shall see. lol

  7. I don’t envy you with the job of staining the fence. Our fences could do with a touch up, as could our shed but it’s such a big job I really can’t be bothered…plants are doing a good job at hiding the untidyness.
    The white headband is so cute, she looks adorable xx

  8. aww the spiky leg thing made me chuckle! I can’t wait for Charlie to start talking. He says ‘hiya’ ‘ta’ and ‘mama and dada’ at the minute but that’s all! xx

    • You just wait the funny things they say are amazing. I can’t wait until Missy Moo is talking and they talk to each other. I am so curious at the conversations they will hold.


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