Love the little things #19

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:59 am

Life has many treasures,

Enjoy it’s little pleasures,

Like the weekly little loves,

Even the ones we can’t measure.


I have read some amazing posts this week, so much so, it would take me all day to mention them here. I have put aside my book reading at the moment and have been dividing into blogs as much as I can. I had the honor of meeting some bloggers last weekend that I didn’t know before but now I seem to not be able to pull myself away from their blogs among them were Capture by Lucy who was lovely to meet and inspired me so much to take things to that next creative step. Her blog is beautiful and her ideas are amazing. More than toast was also lovely to meet and I am so glad I now am following her blog. Her recipes are amazing, and her wittiness is hilarious. Let’s not forget meeting some of my favorite bloggers too, so honored and great to have met each one of them. 


We are in full disney mode this week, watching them all in Spanish. As part of my teach my children another language, I am scoping out DVDs that have the spanish option. We have watched Aladdin, Hutchback of Notre Dame, Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast in spanish mode. I am starting to think the kids understand more than I do now. They really are little sponges.  If only this old brain would learn as quick and easy. 


I have been wearing my gardening clothes for two weeks straight now. I know disgusting right. lol I am motivated to finish this pesky, hard labor job this weekend come rain or shine even if it kills. With my hair in a bun, and a baggy sweater on, I am attempting to look like a pro. What do you think?  Let’s not forget my new hot pink gardening gloves from Bents Garden Centre. A must have if you are going to be grafting hard. Blisters are not a good look. Click the picture below to see my garden phase two. The last and final phase will be up soon. 



As always when I am having a tough time, I turn to country music to perk my spirits back up. Country music always makes me think of home and happiness no matter what the song is about. This one always makes me smile.

Gretchen Wilson – All Jacked Up


You really must try my breakfast made into dinner dish, “Egg & Beef Burritos”. They are my new favorite dish. So yummy. Click the picture for the recipe. 


And lastly…

I been having a tough week this week and feeling overwhelmed about so many different things. I have always been the sink or swim kinda gal, and using on a good day I am swimming like mad and on a bad day I am paddling but still afloat. But lately I feel like I am drowning.  I wrote a poem about it here…

Poem 52: This Feeling

Not long now, if you want to see Let’s Talk Mommy in the Finals for the #BiBs2014 please click below and vote for me for FRESH VOICE!!!

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24 thoughts on “Love the little things #19”

  1. Oh Jenny, I’m having a week like that too. So glad to hear you are normal though – I spend my days wondering how you do it all and still keep smiling!! Really can’t wait to see the finished garden – exciting! Xxx

    • Definitely playdates down now! lol Thanks you can come have a coffee and enjoy my handy work after it’s finish. Hoping nice weather and a bbq!!!

    • You deserve to be listed here. Your blog is amazing and I can’t believe I hadn’t read it before. Morgana has mentioned you a few times but so glad I am subscribed now. Won’t miss you now. 😉

    • Thanks Amy. It’s a work in progress but almost done. Hoping by Sunday it was be finished and just add bark on top and then I can start to enjoy the perks of looking at something beautiful.

    • Thank you. Not long now and you will be home. Just think you are leaving on USA Mother’s Day so it’s extra special to come home to your baba. Thanks it was a lot more work than I originally thought it terms of difficulty. But it’s moved along quickly. Three weeks in total through three phases. Should have my final post and celebration next week.

  2. Your garden is coming along nicely… Im exactly the same i swim or sink, theres never a in between :/ But i think ive took too much on (garden, conservatory and re-decorating/re-designing the boys bedroom) so i have endless of unused jobs floating around and theres just never enough time to do it… But thankfully it all comes together at one point 🙂 x

    • Leanne glad I am not the only one. My house is full of projects. I have been begging that my hubby let me have half the garage and turn it into a project room for me. Between taking photos for my blog, and reviews piling up and scrapbook projects and photo props I am quickly running out of room.

  3. Did you go to Bents??? That’s made my day, haha! My grandad used to take me there for lunch all the time when I was a kid and we would have a bowl of soup in the then upstairs cafe (it was tiny back then) and would then ask for the bread crusts to feed the dog. They have a great kiddie play area that my little boy loves.
    I love Capture By Lucy’s blog, it’s full of such pretty thing, but then it makes me want to go out and spend, spend, spend. Trying to bargain hunt to keep hubby happy. Xxx

    • Yes I am the same Capture by Lucy’s blog is beautiful but I do end up spending. haha I really need to learn how to bargain hunt. I am going to raid my mother’s house in america when I go as she keeps everything from every era. hahahah Do you live near bents? We should take the kids together for lunch a nosy around and a play on the park. lol

    • Ahh thank you glad someone else is as excited as I am, won’t be long. Just waiting for the bark to arrive and finish. Post up later this week hopefully! It the weather holds.

  4. I am so impressed by the hard work you are putting into your garden. Can’t wait to see it when it is finished.
    Also super impressed at watching Disney films in Spanish! Such dedication xx

    • Thanks Lauren. I do try. I am getting better at focusing on a project and finishing it. I tend to start things all at ones too many eggs in one basket. hahah Garden will be finished Wednesday weather permitting and the spanish thing is on going but I have days were I dedicate to teaching the kids and myself it now. instead of randomly. More structured for us all.


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