Love the little things #23

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Wow, I really can’t believe we are in June now in 2014! 23 weeks into the year and my how fast is has passed us by. I am joining in with the lovely Butwhymummywhy to capture the #litleloves of the week, because life really does go by fast and it’s great to cherish the little things in life. Reminding us that small and simple can be just as great. 


We are really getting into our Parragon Books, always great to be a #bookbuddy. The Three Little Dinosaurs Egg Rescue fast became Buba’s new favorite book and we haven’t put it down. Honestly, I was really impressed with the story and illustrations too. Definitely great for baby and toddlers. Click the photo to see the full review. A lot of Parragon books are for the really little tykes like Missy Moo but we were excited to get one for Buba’s age. Bookworms here, always reading in this house! 



I had the pleasure to get out for a girlie night with my best friend, S, we decided to grab a bite to eat and go to the movies. I haven’t been for a while now and I have been dying to see The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz. I am so glad we did. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a movie. There are so many great parts that had me belly laughing and one point I even cry laughed. Mostly because at one point Cameron Diaz rolls her ankle in the sand and has to drag her leg down the beach while chasing someone and I envisioned this is what I looked like when I did my 10k run the other week and my knee gave out. To the regular audience this probably wasn’t the belly busting moment but for me it certainly was thinking, “I looked like that near the finish line.” Whispering to my best friend next to me, “that was me!” I definitely recommend it if you are in the mood for a great chic flick. 


I was on the lookout for my BritMum’s outfits when I scoped this summer dress out at Next. I have my upcoming America trip where it will be up to 100 degrees for two months so I thought it would work perfect for my vacation and so did the price. My BritMums shopping trip quickly turned into my vacation shopping trip, snapping up two other dresses while in Next as well. Loving their range this season.  Still haven’t found my BritMum’s outfits yet but at least I scored a few dresses for America. 

nextsummerdressAnd let’s not forget the lovely guest of honor last Sunday at her 1st birthday slash Christening party. For her christening she adorned a gown made out of my very own wedding dress, compliments to my extremely talented mother who made it. I cried when I saw Missy Moo in it. And of course what’s an outfit if it didn’t have a gorgeous headband to match, that a friend made for me. She looked absolutely stunning. I know you are all waiting in anticipation for party photos, ran out of room on my computer so waiting for an external hard drive to arrive so I can download them all. I was disappointed in the lighting in the room it was so sunny outside it made it very dark inside, so I am praying there are a few keepers! 



Eli Young Band – Crazy Girl



I made this lovely scrumptious Summer Berry Pavlova this week. I have made it few times but I think this time I got it to it’s absolute perfection change the recipe I used to use ever so slightly. Click the picture and see for yourself. 


And lastly…

With the lovely weather shining bright, we finally got to go for a family hike near where we live. It’s a stunning location and I am mad that it took us this long to stumble upon it with the kids. But it definitely won’t be the last. We had a blast and afterwards enjoyed a lovely lunch at the cafe together. There is nothing better than family time!


14 thoughts on “Love the little things #23”

  1. That Pavlova looks amazing!!! Yummy!! love your little me and mine video! And you look amazing in the dress! Gorgeous

    • Thank you so much. I wouldn’t say amazing without my hair done and no makeup on but I didn’t have time this morning. It’s been one of those weeks, months years I just can’t keep up with my appearance and everything else. hahaha Even wrote a poem about it yesterday.

  2. Oh Jenny, MM is beautiful!! Hope you all had a wonderful day! I really love your dress too – perfect for Summer hols – you should wear it to BritMums too though? Gorgeous! I have the pavlova on my ‘to make’ list. I doubt it will turn out as well as yours though! Have a fab weekend my sweet xxx

    • I bet you will do it better my lovely. You always do!! Oh no can’t bare that much at BritMums. hahaha joking I do actually think I finally found an outfit for both days a casual dress for friday and crop pants and a blouse for the saturday. Let’s hope they order and arrive on time and my business cards too so nervous they won’t be here in time. eeek. Enjoy the pavlova.

  3. That pavlova is *to die for* Jenny! I love the idea that Missy Moo’s christening gown was made from your wedding dress – so lovely and she looked so pretty with her little bespoke headband too! Lovely dress – I love shopping for a holiday too, in fact I might do a bit of that this week even though I’m only going to Norfolk – not America 🙂 Have a lovely weekend hon X

  4. Missy Moo looks adorable and how special that her dress was made from your wedding dress. I love that.
    Gorgeous Next dress, they do have some lovely ones at the minute. There’s are really lovely yellow one I’ve got my eye on but sadly have nowhere to wear it too.
    You keep tempting me with the Pavlova, my will power can’t stand it!
    Have a wonderful week Jenny xxx

  5. Gorgeous pictures as always Jenny. That dress looks stunning on you. Very jealous of your 2 month vay-kay….any room in a suitcase for me?! Pssst, can i confess…..i love a bit of country music!! Have a great weekend-one slightly less busy than the last one? lol. Can’t wait to see you soon!! xx

    • If you love country music, that’s fantastic. Have you seen my “Music to my ears” section, I used to write a weekly favorite post of my favorite songs of the week now I just do it monthly. Let me know what you think!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the birthday party pictures, I know what you mean about the external hard drive, we upload about 1000 pictures a month to it between us, it’s great capturing the memories though isn’t it x

    • It is great but was disappointed in the photos they were all really dark as it was such a nice day out made it really hard to get good lighting.

  7. Oh little Miss looks so gorgeous in her gown! Thats such a lovely idea to have it made from your wedding dress, it just adds an extra level of special. My babies were baptised in the same gown their father (and aunt and uncle wore) and I’ve added a few keepsakes from each christening to the box as a bit of a time capsule – it just makes it all the more precious x


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