Love the little things #30

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:20 am

It’s time for #littleloves, a beautiful round up of the little things that I love this week. Joining in with Butwhymummwhy and her amazing followers with their #littleloves too. It’s always great to see what everyone is up to and grateful for this week. Hope everyone is having a great weekend too.


I am still on vacation, yes that is my excuse even though it’s two months long. lol I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to with so many visitors every week to see us but here is a blog post I came across this week that sparked my interest.

Along Came Cherry – Personalised Stamps I can’t wait to create something cute and get it on a stamp for my scrapbooking.



With all my nieces and nephews visiting this week it has been a huge week of outdoor play and night time Looney Tunes. Funny that I grew up on that cartoon and none of it has changed. Its always good to go down memory lane.


I have broke out of my comfort zone and tried those all-too-talked-about dressy pants that feel like pjs and always look so trendy on everyone but me. I always feel like a big frump in them and look bigger than I really am. I found these last week on my spa/shopping day out with my bestie and thought I could pull them off. After seeing these photos when my Grandma came to visit I realized I cannot pull this look off. But since I am in the woods and they are so comfortable I haven’t had them off all week. They really do feel like pjs.

Missy Moo is always strutting her new bow headband that I am absolutely in love with. It is a bow made of out lace so the detail in person is really strikingly beautiful. It went perfect with her grey bow blouse too. If I can’t be trendy in the woods at least my kids can be. lol

family reunion


I have joined the hundreds on Instagram for #capturingcolour with @mytwomums @capturing_colour. Each week they choose a color and let the rest of us join in getting creative with our photos. I like the challenge to look at things differently and not just practice my photography on my kids but also on the things around me. Here were my photos for #silverweek, this week its pink. Come join the fun! Like what you see follow me on Instagram to see more!capturing colour instagram

And lastly…

I am excited to be hosting a big competition from Tefal to WIN their newest product out, the Infiny Press Juicer! As part of my being healthy new year’s resolution, I can’t wait to start making more smoothies, juices, coulis, and sauces myself. Come enter to win your very own and you too could be juicing and making coulis soon.


8 thoughts on “Love the little things #30”

    • Yes it really is. Loving having us all here sad he is going back Saturday already! Boo. Thanks hunny I didn’t have power for two days but I am loving the capturing colour challenges! So fun. Loving all your summer fun photos too!

  1. I totally get what you mean about those trousers, I think they’re lovely but I can never pull them off. I think you’re looking great in yours.
    Looks like you’re still having a great time, and I’ve loved seeing all the capturing colours posts so have added a couple of my own for pink week 🙂 xxx

    • I will have to check out your #capturingcolour photos too. I love the photo challenge it’s a great way to get me to take photos other than just my kids. Thanks I have really enjoyed sharing where I grew up and all our adventures. I have so many blog posts to write when I get home. lol Need to catch up for sure.

  2. I think you look fabulous in those trousers Jenny, I think you really suit them- honestly I do. I didn’t think I would wear them either, but I have bought three pairs this summer- still not sure if I suit them either but they are so comfy! Thank you so much for mentioning my post, I do love those photos they are some of my favourites I have ever taken! x

    • Thank you Katie. You are always so kind. I think I just need to try a few different tops with them and see how I feel after a bit. I do love how they feel like pjs. lol Of course, you always have amazing post to read. I am in awe of your blog all the time and your photos.

    • They definitely are the way forward for comfy and pj like!!! Yes of course I love your blog and your writings and creativity always inspire me.


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