Love the little things #7

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! It’s Friday, should we all shout HURRAY! I think so! Who doesn’t love Friday? With Friday comes along the fabulous ‘Love the little things of 2014″ linky from my lovely friend Butwhymummywhy. Come join the party!

 ~ week 7 ~


I have been reading Mamarazzi, in my attempt to learn photography. Some days I think I am getting the hang of it, and other days I want to turn my camera back to AUTO. The best thing about this book, which focuses on taking pictures of children, is that she puts each setting underneath each photo. So you always know what her camera was set to for that particular shot. I find this very helpful. Here is one of my test shots, what do you think?



I have started to watch Nashville, from the very beginning. I am always a season or two behind before someone highly recommends a new show to me. So I am desperately trying to catch up before the Season 2 comes out! I have heard great things about it. I fear I might need to lose a few nights sleep to catch up though.


I am loving Miranda Lambert’s new song, Mama’s Broken Heart, the lyrics and the video are awesome. It’s upbeat and hilariously true!



I had the opportunity to team up with Matcha Organic Green Tea which you not only can drink, but you can put it in just about anything. Bake with it, put it in tea, coffee and even cocktails. I made these delicious cupcakes with it. Matcha helps you burn 40% more calories than regular green tea, put it in cupcakes and they might just balance out! We hope! 😉


The weather has been shocking, so I have been wearing layers upon layers to try and keep warm. My Joules wellies from last week haven’t been off my feet, and my snood from my birthday has been keeping my neck warm. I had to go one step further and purchase stroller gloves. The kind of mitts that keep that freezing wind off your knuckles when you are pushing the stroller around for an afternoon walk. I bought a pair of fuzzy, black, NorthFace mitts from Cheshire Oaks, which of course were a bargain.

And lastly..

I got the chance to finally hang out with a close friend and have a much deserved coffee together. It was nice to catch up and enjoy our chat. Not to mention drinking hot coffee is always a novelty when you have small children. I cherish my mini coffee breaks with friends, doesn’t happen often but when it does, those moments are golden for me.


20 thoughts on “Love the little things #7”

    • Thanks hunny. Yes but only just watched the first episode. I am struggling to find time without screaming children to watch it. lol It’s going to be amazing I can tell already. Is the season 2 already started? AWWWW what channel so I can record it. I will never catch up. lol Thank you I am still learning tons of the photography side. Long road away and expensive one at that. Thanks for hosting another fab week of #littleloves xo

  1. The photo of your children is soooo cute!
    The cake looks amazing too, I haven’t heard of that tea before.
    You can’t beat a pair of Joules wellies 😉 xx

    • Thanks you. I am still learning on the photography side. The cake tastes just as good as it did without it too. Bonus. I know I never have them off my feet. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Beautiful photo of your babies!!! My OH bought me a fancy Nikon Camera Yesterday, I haven’t a clue how to use it, so I shall be doing lots of practice shots 🙂 #pocolo x

    • Definitely get the Mamarazzi, it’s so helpful for a beginner like us. 😉 Congrats on the camera I am dying to buy one but just been borrowing my best friends at the moment until I can confidently say I need it. hahaha Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ooh thanks for that book tip. Learning more about photography is my 2014 to do list so I shall took a looksy 🙂

    Also this is the first time I’ve had a real snoop round on here, it’s beautiful! Love your site xx

    • Oh thank you so much that means the world to me. I am so new at all of it, I never thought anyone would even read or follow my blog. It’s been amazing thus far. Thank you for stopping by and having a look around. Hope to see more of you. It’s definitely a book worth buying!!!

    • Thanks Anna-Marie, the cake was delicious. I love taking pictures of my two little ones, practicing my photography it’s too bad they don’t love as much as I do. lol 😉

    • Thank you Becky. And thanks for stopping by. It’s one of my favorite photos of them. Too often they hate my camera in their face. lol Thank goodness for zoom!

  4. I love Fridays, too! Especially today as it is the start of a whole week off for us and the children, wouhou! I have Mamarazzi as well, and kept it on my bedside table for ages and ages, and never quite managed to digest it. I think I am more of a hands-on person, and reading about it does not help me much, I need to practise and practise before I take a decent photo. I tagged you in my latest post by the way! Hope you will take on the challenge! x Mel

    • Yes Friday is a great day. I know I keep picking it up and putting it down. Need more time to read and practice for sure. Oh I am intrigued in your challenge will go take a look. Thanks.

    • I am jealous of your camera, I still can’t decide between Nikon and Canon, have a while yet before I have saved enough money for it too. I am taking a class in April so hopefully that speeds up the process of learning and buying. lol You must read it, it is so helpful because it has all the settings underneath each photo. So you can set your camera for that effect and test it out!!! Very useful for beginners.


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