Matching Hatley Christmas “Nammies”

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:12 pm


As long as I can remember I have wanted twins. Don’t ask me why, I know I am nuts, but it’s true. Unfortunately for me, there are no twins in my family or Mr. P.’s family, but I got the next best thing, two babies close enough in age to treat like my pretend twins! Lucky for me, most places do matching boy and girl outfits. Yes, I am one of those moms, matchy-matchy. So shoot me!

This year as Christmas fast approaches, I couldn’t wait to get them matching Christmas pyjamas or as Buba calls them, “Nammies.” I have this extreme love for Hatley Clothing especially their pyjama line, which are cotton-ball soft, and wash extremely well. So I decided to shop around for matching Hatley pyjamas this time. I swear they could last forever, now if only I could stunt my children’s growth.


After a few slight panicking moments of ‘out of stock,’ and ‘size not available,’ I found two that slightly matched, were in stock, and had both their size. I opted for the red Hatley Papercut Christmas Pyjamas for Missy Moo and the red Hatley Snowflake Christmas Pyjamas for Buba. Who wouldn’t want to make bedtime a stylish affair?

We had a great morning lounging in our new Christmas Nammies, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Christmas and Buba showing Missy Moo he had a real tractor like the one on her book. He is so smart. (horn tooting)


Despite knowing I wanted them to have matching pjs for Christmas, I left the shopping rather late this year. Hence why I couldn’t get the same pyjamas in both their size and if it hadn’t of been so late I would have gone all out and bought myself and Mr. P. matching ones as well. Oh well, there is always next year.

Hatley has a nice family collection which has so many options and not just for Christmas but year round, click here to see. Not only do they do great pyjamas they have a huge stock of clothing for the whole family and even kitchenware. For my USA and Canadian readers they ship to both countries but for my UK readers you can get these items at John Lewis, Amazon UK,,, and a lot of garden centres carry this brand too. This is not a sponsored post, I just love them that much.

Here is our mini photo-shoot in our first matching Christmas Nammies!

I am no photographer so apologies in advance. The first photo is very grainy due to the light in the background (shame)  but it was simply too cute to not include. Oh sibling love!




Both were absolutely stunned by the Christmas lights. What are these tiny little flickering lights?




As with all great things it came to an end. Buba gave up the will to smile while Missy Moo padded him on the back, telling him to suck it up it’s just a photo.


There you have it, our first Christmas Nammie album.

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  1. Your wanting to have twins is actually cute, and I love the idea of putting them in matching PJs! I really like the ones you chose. The kids look adorable in them 🙂

    • It all started when I nannied for a family with twins. Ever since I have desperately wanted them. Thanks for the comment and reading my post. Love stopping by your blog and having a read. What a great name for it too. I struggled at first for a name.


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