Me & Mine Family Project {July 2017}

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We are on the west coast of America for the summer. Like every year, we pack it as full as possible to see as many friends and family as we can. Each day, we are in a lake, river, pool or a day out in the various cities and towns near us. We explore as much as mother nature has to offer us here too. It’s such a beautiful part of the world and the weather is by far the best too. Red hot but no humidity which is perfect.

This year, Daddy got to come with us too for two weeks. He just returned to the UK this week but we made some awesome family memories while he was here. It was also a lot easier to capture the four of us together whereas usually we aren’t all together to grab so many of us together. August is always missing Daddy in our family captures but I think this year we got more than normal to make up for it. (unfortunately to hubby’s dismay hahaha). I took the first two weeks of our holiday off with the family. It was time to recharge my batteries and concentrate on my kids and extended family 100% and it felt so good to shut off. I am back now to share all our adventures we have been on while we have been here.

There is something about coming home and sharing my culture and extended family members with my little family. Showing the kids where I grew up, went to school, and all the things I did as a child is amazing too. Now, they are doing those same things themselves. This first photo is a photo over looking my town. It was my Grandma’s favorite spot to take family snaps and catch up. I used to meet her here each summer and it was the first time I went since she passed away at Christmas. It felt emotional but I felt her there with us so this photo is extra special of us all. It was the very last place I saw her. Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photographyMe & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography

The photo above was taken right where we got married on our wedding anniversary this month. It was awesome to share with the kids where Mommy and Daddy said their vows and the exact spot where Grandma and Papa and a lot more family members have said their vows here too. You can’t see as the sun is blaring but that’s the river behind us.


Having quality family time in America.

Golfing with my brothers in America.

Boating, Swimming, Hiking, and Sun bathing in America.


Being home with family in America.

Sunny outdoor, daily adventures in America.

Did I mention being home in America?


Playing with all his first, second and third cousins in America.

Theme park and water park fun in America.

Daily swimming in America.


Being the youngest of all her cousins and their constant attention in America.

Riding her first theme park ride without Mommy in America.

Daily swimming in America.


Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography

This is the river my parents live on above. We float this river right to my parents house on floaties. This year, my brother came home and we did it together like the good old days. It has the most amazing views. This bridge we drive over about three everyday like this and I had to stop and snap us being silly with views like this.

Of course, we have the pool at my parents house too. A family that floats together stays together isn’t that how the saying goes? hahaha… While it felt big last year when the kids couldn’t touch they have grown and now they can touch the bottom. It still is big enough for us all to float together and have a dip to cool off but I think next year we will invest is a bigger one. My parents bought the kids a huge trampoline with a net around it for their birthday so it feels like disneyland in the yard. They always scare me but the kids aren’t babies anymore and they are getting big kid toys now I must accept it.  I can’t wait for their annual, double birthday party next week with all the family over. This year it’s lego theme as per the kids’ request and as always my mom is making the cake for it. Did you see last year’s two tier Paw Patrol Cake she made here?Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography

I was lucky to grow up next to so many lakes and rivers. While I never appreciated it when I was growing up, I can’t stop taking in the amazing views now as an adult. I can see it in the kids eyes when I am trying to point out just how beautiful it is and they look at it like I used to. But I know as they get older they too will come to appreciate and love it here as much as I do.

We met one of my brothers and his family for a stroll around this gorgeous lake. The kids actually were impressed with the ferry tours which is something we might have to do soon. The houses on this lake are out of this world. If I ever win the lottery one will be mine. We went to the water play park next to it for a day out of running through slides with sprinklers and trees with waterfalls which is the kids favorite new thing to do here.


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Don’t forget to check out our beautiful Creator Lucy, and our Cohosts: Alex, Charlotte, Fritha, Katie and Lucy. They all take such amazing, beautiful family snaps and I love following along each month to see how the kids have grown and changed and all that they get up to together as a family.

The kids bicker less, play more, and sleep and eat far better when we are outdoor exploring together. We have had the amazing opportunity to make some life lasting memories together this month. August will be just as fun packed but Daddy will just have to be there in spirit with us. Don’t forget to check out my ig stories daily for more sneak peaks at our adventures along the way. Happy Summer!

Me & Mine Family Project July 2017 family photography

26 thoughts on “Me & Mine Family Project {July 2017}”

    • Oh thank you hunny it’s so great to be able to share it with everyone too. We are having a great summer so far. Definitely so many memories here already and love making more each time we come.

  1. Oh it looks like you’re having a wonderful time and I’m wildly jealous of all that sunshine and such gorgeous views! Long may the sun continue to shine ☀️

    • Oh I hope I can bring some back to you when we return in September. Sounds like the rain won’t stop over there. Not fair, hubby is there says it’s bad. We are having a great time with family and friends here.

  2. Very jealous of your adventures! Your parents house looks AMAZING.Woukd absolutely love to live somewhere like that.Happy end of July xx

    • I am hoping to feel better before I leave and get a hometown/home tour for everyone on my channel up. It would be great to show all the great places we make and have made memories here. It’s very lodge cabin mountain life here. You don’t appreciate it until you move away I promise you. It’s amazing but growing up here I never realized it.

    • There is no place like home (I should put in summer) winters are snowy but summers are truly amazing here I can’t fault them. The sun is never ending everyday I love it. I love sharing it with all of you and the kiddos too.

  3. Lots of gorgeous happy family photos for July. That first photo must have been quite bittersweet to take although the memories are happy ones too. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your extended family and hope that you have a wonderful August too. #meandmineproject

    • Oh you should come sometime. It’s amazing. West coasts is just perfection in summer time. The views and places to see and things to do is endless. I am bias but love my American summers with the kids. Makes living in England during the winter not so homesick. You would absolutely love it.

  4. Such sunny, happy photos. Not jealous at all as I sit here writing this and it’s pouring with rain outside!! Enjoy the rest of your time in the States. x

    • Oh I am so sorry. I know it’s been raining like crazy there too. Hubby has been filling me in. I think I am getting hidden or unfollowed more lately for my sunshine sharing oops. Won’t be long I will be back in the UK in it with you. Hopefully I can bring some back with me.

  5. What a gorgeous collection of photo’s Jenny, you all look so happy and relaxed. You definitely look like being home is good for the soul. Enjoy your time x #meandmineproject

  6. Aw Jenny, so many summer family captures this month, love the pool one especially, might try to re-create that on our holiday later this month!! Looks like you’re have a wonderful time x

    • Yes do it… I was saying a family that floats together stays together hahaha We have had a good month sadly Daddy is back in England for August but we are still loving it.

  7. Absolutely stunning photos! I know what you mean about sharing the culture with them. I’m from Finland and have been taking my girl back there as often as I can so she can appreciate that side of her heritage too, and I can share my own childhood experiences with her. It is wonderful to see and do the same things with her I remember doing as a kid 🙂 #meandmine

    • It’s the best feeling in the world as an expat sharing your own culture and country with out little worldly babies. I totally agree. That’s amazing you get to do the very same with your little one too babes. Thank you.

    • Thanks Sarah, we love to pack them in with as many outdoor, sunny adventures as we can and make sure there are always traditions and new adventures in the mix too. I love it here in the summers and the winters and christmas there it’s a win win in both countries. Taking all the best bits and gone for the not so good weather bits in each.


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