Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhausted

I don’t know what’s wrong with me this past week but my memory has fully taken a strike. I have missed not once but two days in a row, my son’s haircut appointment. Only after minutes late realizing it’s too late and rebooking and missing it again. I went to the wrong place for baby weigh in clinic, at the wrong time. Barely made it to a meeting and realizing I had no diapers and no extra clothes if there was a blow out which is about every day at the moment. For someone like me, I am very ocd about time management and getting everything on my ‘to do’ list done. In the past I have been PA to numerous high powered managers and numerous doctors at the same time, keeping their diaries, offices, and staff running smoothly. Almost five months into being a parent of three and solo parenting this week while P is on a golf trip, well my brain is on shutdown. Nothing is waking it up anytime soon. Baby brain is definitely a real thing.

Baby boy is growing up so fast, we have started weaning on the recommendation of the health visitor this week. Can’t wait to share with you our weaning journey, what works and what hasn’t, and what his first bites and all that fun stuff was like. He finally is gaining weight back on with his food and milk now. I love to feel like at least one of us is on track. He is getting so big in 6 months clothes already. I fear every time I go shopping I should just stick to three outfits because he will grow out of them in a week. He is almost sitting all by myself and rolled mostly over to his side yesterday. I love these early days where every day is different and something new pops up.

Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhaustion

THIS WEEK I AM reading

I am really feel exhausted lately too. It’s no wonder if a full schedule all summer in America, moving my mom, traveling with my mom back to the UK which was her first visit in three years since my Dad got ill so we really had to make the most of it. Then a friend visiting from America the day after she left. Phew, I need a nap for a month. I am trying to ease into work again and play catch up with a baby on the boob. Not always an ease task but it’s a good thing I can type fast. The evenings I have been using to catch up on my reading. I started the Shadowhunters book series that I have been raving about each week. I am almost on book five and loving my hours of reading at night to unwind and shut off from work and my daily chaos routine.

watched watch

Have you seen my latest vlog? We had one lucky boy this year to celebrate his birthday with friends in the UK and family in the USA. Twice this year was a lovely bonus as he has never had a birthday party with his school friends we thought it would be good at juniors to do it with his closest friends he has made over the years at school. Do check it out and Missy Moo’s birthday weekend vlog at the end too. I would love to thumbs up if you have a moment on my videos? Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss another video.

heard listening to

Today is the last day you can vote for me, Let’s Talk Mommy in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2018 for Best Family and Lifestyle blog. I am up against some major competition so every little vote helps me. I am wish the others best of luck, some of them close friends even of mine. It’s such an honor to be recognized for all the hours we put into our blogs and means the world when you take the time to read our blogs and support us. Thank you all so much for getting me to the finals with your votes already. It was a bonus surprise coming home from the states to see I was a finalist this year.

wore wear fashion

My new hair! I cut it all off, sadly I am not keen on it as it takes twice as long to get ready now. Silly me, at a time I have no time with baby and work etc. I am still trying to get use to it before I change my profile photos around. What do you think?

Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhaustion

I am still in that space between can’t wearing my old clothes after having a baby but not yet ready to buy new ones in a new size yet. I try to always give myself the nine months it took to gain it to lose it and see where I end up before I accept it and buy new clothes. It’s always a good excuse for a shopping spree though. I did get to wear this gorgeous River Island Dress which I will have a full review up as soon as I can on it. It’s perfect for weddings and Christmas season ahead.

Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhaustion

I have also been struggling finding fun, vibrant clothes for my kids this winter. It seems everything is forest or hunter greens, monochrome and dark colors. I know winter is here but why can’t we have pops of color amongst the grey and gloomy winter days. I love dressing my kids brightly. It’s proving more challenging lately getting them to coordinate and in fun things. Do you know any great children’s brands that you can recommend, please leave a comment below. I love matching them up for my siblings posts each month but it’s getting harder and harder.

September Siblings Project family photos

made making

I have a few recipes to share with you coming up next week. Some tasty holiday ones and some healthy family ones too. As always they are super easy to make, quick and family friendly. I am hoping as baby boy gets older and I have more time I can share even more recipes with you. This week I have been loving these tasty lunch meals. With all the rain and temperature drop it’s been nice to have comforting meals at lunchtime, sandwiches and salads are getting boring and are too cold for winter lunch. These are fab because I can keep the calorie in take low and still have some classic favorites.

Spicing up lunchtime with Weight Watchers meal plans

and lastly to share

This week I got out to visit some lovely supportive blogging friends. We try to catch up every so often and talk shop. Sometimes we have photoshoots to help each other out and sometimes we share contacts and experiences and sometimes we just have a bunch of baby cuddles. It always helps get me motivated and feel like I belong to a community in my job which can be very isolating at times. We braved the rain and met up for lunch in Manchester. I think baby boy had the most fun with the lovely Colette from We’re Going on an Adventure and Karen from Mini Travellers (KA and Sarah you were both highly missed).

Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhaustion

Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhaustion

It’s been a busy week because I also attended the Coffee Work Sleep Creatives meet up at a soft play. It’s a group of working moms that all support each other’s businesses and help each other along the way created by Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat blog. She has put together some amazing events already. Each one I have met some new amazing, inspiring business owners and new friends. In the group there is always someone that can help you with what you are looking for from photographers, graphic designers, gift shop owners, bakery, florist, you name it, she is in there. It’s great to know there is a place you can bounce ideas off of creatively and someone will always know someone else if you are looking for help in an area and it’s a great network to be apart of.

I have been to a few meet ups already. They have adult only ones and child friendly ones too. Each meet up I get something completely different out of it. In the NorthWest or a business owner come join her group and see what the fuss is. Don’t forget we get some amazing goodie bags from amazing brands sometimes too! Check this week’s out below.

Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhaustion

I even got to have lunch and coffee with my lovely friend Morgana afterwards. We have known each other for years now and been through so much in the blogging world from starting my blog to now. It’s been such a lovely experience watching each other grow and change with our own space online and as friends together. Our kids are growing up so fast and it’s exciting to have those friends online and offline that you can share all that with. She is a very special friend and person. She is so inspiring so do check her out!

Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhaustion

5 thoughts on “Memory on strike, Blogger Meet Ups, and Feeling Exhausted”

  1. Oh no not the dreaded baby brain! I’m pretty sure I still have that now and my youngest is 6! I love your new hair style. I guess you always imagine the shorter it is the quicker it is to do each day, it does look beautiful though. Love that dress. I’m so jealous of all your meet ups. We have nothing down in Kent, I’m thinking I need to set up my own. Have a great week x

    • Yes it’s a nightmare thing that isn’t working to it’s full potential. I have tried having words but it doesn’t listen to me either. Oh do set up your own that’s the only way it works for me finding them myself and keeping in touch. Well to visit here anytime babes

  2. Ah it sounds like you’ve had a lovely week with lots of lovely meet ups. It’s great when you can met up with people that understand our world, it sounds like you’ve got a lovely supportive group. I love your hair, I’m sure you will get used to it x

  3. Aw I missed you all too, I feel like the last couple of weeks had been manic. I love your hair it looks amazing but it is a less manageable length than long I know what you mean. But you look fab. I used to always dress the boys in bright colours, now they are older they live in dark colours grrr x

  4. I’m not surprised you have baby brain with all of that going on! What a busy week! How lovely that you got to meet up with so many friends and bloggers – baby’s smile with Karen and Colette is gorgeous! I think your new hair looks fabulous – as I always say I think you’d look incredible no matter what you wear or how you style your hair.


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