Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 37/52

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Buba you are growing at a rapid rate these days. I look at the size of your hands and feet and think my son will be towering over me in no time at all. You can scale slides with no trouble at all. You no longer need help with climbing frames and obstacles like you used to. It makes me both sad and excited. Sad that you don’t need me as much as you used to and excited how grown up and independent you are becoming. Your manners have become amazing lately. You say your pleases, thank yous, no thank yous, yes madams and yes sirs. It makes me so proud when I hear you use them not just with other adults but with your friends too. I want to raise a gentleman and I think you are on the right path for that. You are more snuggly and kissable these days too which makes me so happy. As a baby you never wanted snuggled I prayed for the day that would change and that is now. Even though the past few weeks have been tough with your emotions and being passed around all summer, you seem to be back to your normal sweet self this week! 

living arrows photo project


Missy Moo you have no fear as I have said before but lately your no fear is starting to give me more fear. You jump off the top of stairs with no care in the world. You climb shelves in the hallway and think it’s exciting. The park is a whole new place of anxiety for me now watching you try and harm yourself in every way possible. You don’t me to hold your hand anymore while you tumble all over the place. I watch in horror as you try to climb the sides and go head first. I am constantly on my toes with you and your no fear factor! You take the hits too with just as much carelessness. You have bruises everywhere like a rough a tumbly tomboy and yet you love your dollies, mini stroller and dresses. The perfect combo of tomboy and girl in you. Your eyes have become piercing blue just like mine. I think I will have to be chasing off the boys in years to come. I don’t mind, I am up for that task when it comes. lol You are blabbing non-stop and it won’t be long before you start funny phrasing with your brother. I can’t wait! 


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You both have tried my patience last week with your jetlag, colds, and no daddy around to help. But low and behold your Daddy has returned and you both have returned to the sweet loving team I remember. I found you both snuggled up inside one of the kitchen cupboards this morning while I was making your oatmeal. It was so cute to see you both back playing together. Your age gap is closing in and I know in a year or two the twenty-one months between you will be nothing. I love that you both get each other to try new things, positive influencing one another. Missy Moo, raspberries and blackberries are your absolute favorite at the moment and Buba you wouldn’t touch them until you saw how much your sissy loved them and now you love them too. My little angels I love you so much even if I am shouty mommy sometimes, it’s only because I care and want the best for you both! 

*excuse the grainy photos taken with my iphone

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  1. Aww they’re both so gorgeous! I know what you mean about the no fear child giving you the fear – my Elma is very similar, there’s nothing too high to climb on or jump off and she’ll happily take all the bumps along the way!

    • I know it’s absolutely terrifying isn’t it? I don’t know whether to just bubble wrap her or stay away from parks until she can handle them better. lol Safer but is that ever a time? Probably not.

    • It’s been a tough vacay come down with jetlag and colds but we are finally past all that and all back together. Yes the cupboard thing tickled me so much this morning.


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