Me & Mine Family Project {APRIL 2017}

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We are here on the last day of April, need I say already? I feel like we just finished with February and skipped a few months in between. We are on the fast track to summer which I won’t complain about that part. I long for warmer weather, even lighter days and being back home with my family. But I also wish time sometimes would slow down just slightly. I feel like I don’t get to appreciate the time the kids are out of school fully because it goes by so fast.
We have been in Ireland for the Easter holidays and it was so lovely to catch up with friends and spend time with family. It’s such a beautiful part of the world and where we stay reminds me so much of back home, I love it. We had a few opportunities to take a family photo of the four of us but boy did this month go completely wrong in photo terms and completely right in adventures. I really should take the time to share the outtakes this month they aren’t pretty but they are funny and do bring back memories. We tried first attempt at Fore Castle which is our family tradition to visit there every Easter together – MM threw the biggest fit her face was red and swollen from screaming and hid behind Daddy. Second attempt, was in a lovely path with covered trees and I couldn’t get the camera to focus on our faces it kept changing it’s settings and hubby said he would only give me two tries – I failed. Third attempt…. we found the rapeseeds down the road from us and I begged hubby to let me capture us all among the yellow.
However, by the time we took these hubby was sick of me, the camera, my attempts, the kids had enough and I was frustrated but determined to finally get us in the Irish rapeseeds. Hubby said the farmer was going to shoot us off his land and the kids were so ecstatic that they climbed a steep hill on my mom and daddy’s backs through thistles into a yellow field. Mommy and Daddy (even Granny climbs too) weren’t as impressed with the thistles stings afterwards. MM was in heaven, a field of her favorite color what’s not to love?
But do you know what, even with our imperfect photos, our million attempts it has made a great family memory and a story to tell…about that time our crazy blogging, mother got us to climb a steep hill into someone’s farm fields to take a quick family photo and in the end she was covered in thistle stings while the rest of us mud. I call that adventure although hubby sees it slightly different.
This year, I really wanted to step out of our poses and try some different shots. I am really trying to practice getting better with my manual settings as these were all on manual I stopped using auto completely a few months ago. Even though I feel like I started all over again I can see the difference in lighting so much in manual than auto. Someday I will be good enough at photography I can stop along the road with no preparation pop the camera on an tripod and boom have a family snap or two that is what I envision. For now, we are just trying different locations and a few fun ones like the last one here to mix it up a bit so you don’t get bored of us. I love this project and sharing it with all of you. You get to see us grow and change as a family together every month and it motivates me to make sure I capture us all together regularly.
A new car!
Visiting friends at Malahide Castle in Ireland.
Seeing family for Easter.
Going out with the adult cousins for dinner (no kids).
Golfing in Ireland with B his first 18 holes.
Visiting family for the holidays.
Time off work.
Riding the ferry to Ireland.
Playing his first 18 holes of golf with Daddy.
Roaming with his cousins in the Irish fields.
Dancing to the Trolls soundtrack.
Riding her bike without stabilizers .
Getting into B’s school for September. WHOOP!
Running in a field of her favorite color.
Singing at the top of her lungs in the car to the radio.
 April has been so good to us. We have had no illnesses for any of us which has been a blessing with all the time off school. Easter over in Ireland the weather was beautiful so we had plenty of fresh air and playing outdoors. It’s now bank holiday weekend and we are into May just like that!


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43 thoughts on “Me & Mine Family Project {APRIL 2017}”

  1. Such a gorgeous collection of photos, I am desperate to capture some photos in a rapeseed field. Fingers crossed we make it before they disappear. I haven’t managed to find one where we would be trespassing. I am so glad you enjoyed your time in Ireland, I know how precious it is to you. x

    • I think most of the fields people are in is just the edge of trespassing hahahaha I am desperate to get my profile photo in one but worried it’s going to be gone and too late too. Thanks hunny we did these in Ireland rapeseed fields as we don’t really have them near us. We always have a great time with family there it is very special to us indeed.

  2. I’m loving everyone’s photos in rapeseed fields, last year I got mine in May so fingers crossed for this year. Taking photos in manual in hard work at first but it is so worth it. I’ve been doing it for a few years and am now moving into manual focus – leading to a frustrated hubby when I don’t get it quite right too. Sounds like a perfect April x #meandmineproject

    • That’s the problem I have I set it all up realize its not in focus and then hubby gives up before I can take the real good shot. hahah Typical isn’t it? I wish I just knew how to do it so it was more enjoyable practice practice I suppose.

  3. I’m loving everyone’s photos in rapeseed fields, last year I got mine in May so fingers crossed for this year. Taking photos in manual in hard work at first but it is so worth it. I’ve been doing it for a few years and am now moving into manual focus – leading to a frustrated hubby when I don’t get it quite right too. Sounds like a perfect April x #meandmineproject

  4. What gorgeous pictures Jenny and I can just imagine your husband’s exasperation trying to take the perfect photos. My hubby would have been the same. Your Easter holiday to Ireland sounded lovely and full of fun. I can’t believe it is May tomorrow, which is my favourite month. Fingers crossed for sunny days please #MyFamilyAdventures x

    • I really hope May holds lots of sunshine and fun for everyone all around. Thanks. Yes, he doesn’t always have the patience with the kids trying to take photos that I do with them.

  5. You would have no idea looking at these photos that it was a bit of a chore to get them, they are so lovely and smiley and playful. Definitely some for a frame with all that beautiful yellow.
    And if it makes you feel better, last time we did rapeseed photos, Rich spent the entire time trying to convince me we’d be shot at by the farmer, or run over by a tractor. Men!!! x

      • I know I am the same trying to get hubby on board. They are all part of the adventure but he definitely sees it differently we are not alone in this at all. Thanks hunny.

    • Oh yes P was the exact same rushing me going the farmer is coming, we will be shot on sight. Ahhh men! I do love them but because they hold great memories I wish I had had more time to snap the kids playing and running through them and get a better angle than with trees sticking out our heads but they are our first rapeseed attempts anyways love them because they are all of us together. Thanks hunny for hosting and your lovely compliments.

  6. Wow no illnessses in April. It was the opposite for us with a broken arm and chicken pox! Your pictures made it worth the climb, I’d love a snapshot in a field of rapeseed, if only I could find one :0)

    • We were the same these are first year and we have been doing our family photo project for four years. Finally we got one or two to say the least. But wish I had more time to play around with settings and the kids running through it. We were nervous the farmer would come out to get us and run us away so we rushed through it hahahah Sorry to hear about chicken pox and arm that’s awful bless you. Hope May is better.

  7. I had yellow fields for my Siblings pics this month – I took the kids driving round the countryside for a good 45 minutes to find a yellow field with somewhere to park and a bridleway running through it; then we went home and got the camera kit and came back an hour or so later when the light was a bit lower – my family officially think I’m bonkers but I get why you wanted it, and why it’s an adventure!

  8. Such pretty photos Jenny! I do love the yellow fields, however I have yet to wrangle my lot into one. Ireland is definitely on my ‘before I’m 40’ list of places to visit. I would love to see the Giants Causeway and drink a proper Guiness. I loved cathcing up on your visit over on the Emerald Isle on Instagram, made my feet itch with wanderlust x

    • Thank you ever so much. We had fun even if it was work to get them. They are fun. Oh you must get over there it’s fab in Ireland so much to see and do and lovely people too. Love chatting on ig all the time …. 🙂

  9. Loved following your Irish adventures on instagram and well done on using the manual settings, the photos are just lovely! I’ve never been to Ireland…or a rapeseed field. I should reeeeally change that 🙂

  10. It was only when a friend asked if the farmer minded that I even realised it was a risk haha!! One of us bloggers will totally get thrown off land at some point huh? Gorgeous photos so totally worth it!! #MeandMineProject

  11. I’m glad you got your pictures in the end and had a lovely, if hectic, month. We usually only manage one attempt at Me & Mine photos each month and I have to make the best of what we get! I love the photos in the rapeseed too but I’m really allergic to it so it’s one family picture we’re never going to get! #MeandMineProject

    • They are but a pain to find or get in and then the begging starts to get the rest of the family to participate but in the end I always love them and such beautiful backdrops indeed. Ireland is fab can’t wait to go back already.

  12. Oh Jenny, these photos are beautiful. I’m currently trying to get my head around using my camera in manual too and failing much of the time, but I think it’s a case of practise makes perfect. Yours are gorgeous and have inspired me to keep trying xx

  13. I love the fun you had in these photos, the perfect #MyFamilyAdventures – thanks so much for joining up for April honey. I really need to find a field near us, I hadn’t thought about an angry farmer x

  14. Aw great to hear you had such a great time over here in Ireland! Love the family photos, the light is super in them! #meandmine

  15. Oh such gorgeous photos Jenny! I need to invest in a tripod and a decent camera to get some snaps like these. It sounds like you’ve all had a great month! x

    • Oh alot of my blog photos are taken with my iphone 7 plus babes on a tripod or leaning against something or with a grip holding it. You don’t need a fancy camera good lighting is almost always the key even here we are a little blurry I should have had my dslr to make it clear but they were a rush snap but I love them.

  16. Gorgeous photos, your post made me laugh because I’m exactly the same, dragging the poor old family around for photos! I want to try some different poses in our shots too. Your photography is looking brilliant, you should be really pleased with yourself x

  17. What lovely photos, so bright and fresh. It sound like you have all had a great month. I to can’t wait for some warmer weather, its been so cold again recently. At the same time i know what you mean about wanting time to slow down, life is so busy i don’t always feel like I’m making the most out of my time with Olivia.

  18. Such beautiful photos and a great story to tell in the future. You’re right about our accounts being similar, grumpy other halves are the worst but at least their smiles look genuine!!!


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