Missy Moo’s Milestones: First tooth

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:41 pm

Stop growing up already!

I can’t believe how fast Missy Moo is growing up and flying through her milestones. I don’t remember it ever going so quick with my first-born. I remember thinking when is the next step going to happen? Now, with my second, it’s more like, when did that happen?

Granny, Missy Moo, and I were out for a nosy around the Christmas Markets today in Manchester, it was freezing but a wonderful clear sky kind of day. It was feeding time so we popped into the nearest Starbucks (where else would I go, I am a Starbucks fanatic). Missy Moo was bouncing up and down on Granny’s knee having a ball watching people walk by the front window, when the light hit her big open grin just right – I saw it. A TOOTH! Her very first TOOTH! I squealed, being the over the top cheesy American that I am, and shouted, “SHE HAS A TOOTH!” Like I had won the lottery. A few looks and a lot of rolled eyes later, I was texting Mr. P. and all my close mommy friends.

The teething stage is all new to me. Buba never drooled, never put anything in his mouth as a baby, and didn’t get the fussiness, fevers, red cheeks that come with teething. I should have seen it coming with Missy Moo. She is a chewer! She will put anything in her mouth and gum it like there is no tomorrow. For instance, she was rolling around on the floor the other day and she ended up pressed against the armchair in the corner, instead of protesting, she attempted to gnaw the side of it before I rescued her. Along with her chihuahua like chomping, she won’t stop drooling. From day one, she has had this fountain of drool escaping her. I hate bibs, unless it’s for feeding. No matter how much she drools and I have to change her, I refuse to use them. They are awkward, ugly, a pain in the ***, and cover up her gorgeous outfits. That being said, I think we are in for the official teething stage that you read about in parenting books, with Missy Moo. Wish us luck!

It may be minoot milestone but I was ecstatic so I am here sharing it with all of you. Easy to please you say… GUILTY!

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