Mum Motivation: Supportive Gear for Getting Active as a Mum

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:09 am

Summoning up the motivation and finding the time, as a mum, to get active is a tall order. You’ve got enough on your plate with the kids, let alone worrying about your fitness. To make life that little bit easier, though, you can find the perfect fits for when that motivation strikes. 

The last thing you need is unsupportive and ill-fitting gym clothes for when you find those pockets of time to get active in. Seek out activewear that will do the trick, whilst you figure out exercising as a mum. 

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Comfort or Mumfort

A top priority for your active wear fits is comfort. There are enough times in the day where you’re feeling uncomfortable. Leaning over the cot to rub your baby’s back, reaching to pick up a toddler, bending down to clean up toys, or cramped on the end of the sofa as your kids stretch out taking up all the space. In those moments when you’re taking time to work on yourself, you deserve comfort. 

There are a few details you can look for in your activewear to ensure they are comfortable for your body. Discover brands that create sportswear with sweat-wicking material, to avoid feeling damp due to sweat, and quick-drying fabric to avoid feeling soggy in the rain. That way, rain or shine, your outfit will be fit for the weather and comfortable for longer. 

You might also consider looking out for those outfits that offer 4-way stretch. This feature indicates that your leggings will move with your stretches. It avoids any restriction as you move and keeps everything in place as you go. At the same time, compression fabrics are often used for sportswear, and this will hold your body securely. This combination would give you the best of both worlds, so you can feel confident and get moving to your hearts content. 

You Can’t Carry it All

You might be holding down the fort at the family home, but you can’t carry it all on your shoulders. That’s why it’s so important to take time for yourself and your body. Those precious moments of time for you, whilst your children are at school or nursery, or when your partner or a friend can take the load off. These are the moments to take advantage of. 

One of the best features for a mum getting active, is sportswear with pockets. Yes, the feel of the fabric is vital. And, yes, the stretch is necessary. But pockets, are a real win for a mum on the move. 

As a mum there are one hundred things to remember all at once and always bits and bobs that you need to hold onto. Your car keys, phone, to do list, shopping list, school letters, hair bobbles… we could go on. So, having a pocket or two that you can throw your things in as you get active makes all the difference. 

Side pockets on gym leggings that hold your phone are often the most useful. They tend to be larger, and if you get a pocket on each leg there is a fair amount you can fit into them. That means you can do your run to the school gate and have all the things you need to hand once you get there to fetch the kids. 

A back pocket on leggings is handy too, although usually a little smaller. However, this might be room enough to stick you phone in and is sure big enough to pop in your car keys if you’re headed into the gym. Never underestimate the usefulness of a pocket on your sportswear outfit of choice. They’re a life saver. 

Post-Partum Picks

If you’re a new mum or have recently had a baby, you might be in the post-partum stage or still feeling the toll on your body after birth. Whether this be in the first six-weeks after having your baby, or the first year. Whatever the stage, it’s important to have the right clothes for getting active in. 

Although you can go back to exercise whenever you feel ready (everybody is different), it’s a good idea to take it slow and easy before jumping back into the intense workouts. If you are concerned about what your body is capable of, it’s always a good idea to talk to a doctor or professional. 

No matter if you’re feeling ready to scale a mountain or justjog around the block, you’ll need supportive sportswear to keep you feeling confident and secure. Opt for leggings with stretch. To be sure your gym leggings of choice have enough give, look the inclusion of added elastane or Lycra. This is what will make the material move with your body, rather than fight against it. 

You will also want a high-waist band to go over your stomach. This is likely the most sensitive area of your body, whether you had a natural birth or C-section. Therefore, giving it that extra support and protection, will help you feel more confident as you move. 

For many women, it’s a good idea to continue wearing Maternity Sportswear, whilst your body goes through the stages of post-partum. Your muscles are likely to be sore, stretched and in some cases, partially separated. Therefore, having that extra room around the stomach to help hold your post-pregnancy belly in place, isn’t a bad thing.

Find what works for you and go through each of the stages of post-partum being kind to yourself. Every woman’s experience of post-partum will differ, so get to understand what works for you. Go at a slow pace, build up your stamina, and find the right fits to help you get there.

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