My Family of Five in June

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:02 pm

My family of five in june

Happy half way through the year everyone!

Can you believe we are gearing closer to Christmas already? I know it’s only June, but we are half way through what seems like a rocky year for us in some ways and an amazing year in others. We have out did ourselves on how busy we truly can be and while we keep starting off the year with the intentions to slow down, it doesn’t seem to ever happen.

To answer those pressing questions for those looking at these family photos, yes, I am covered in… SHINGLES! Of all the things that could happen this month, I woke up with shingles. It’s horrific and painful and I am not going to lie I have cried more times than I can count which actually only made it more painful and didn’t make me feel any better.

Yes, I could have used photoshop to clear the spots all over my face away. I could have put makeup over it to cover and hide it too. But these photos are not taken every month to be perfect. They are not styled and and thought out like I once would have done them years ago. I didn’t cover or take the time to hide my shingles because it’s reality. I share our actual life online and I don’t sugar coat the tough times, the challenging moments, or the plagues that seem to come our way here. I share it all.

These photos are here to remind me what happened that month, where we were, what we were doing and how we were getting on as a family of five. I can look at them and remember (not worth remember the shingles let’s be honest) but remember that baby boy was camera shy and weary at this age, that B was going through a thumbs up stage despite me asking him not to do it in every photo, MM was catching up with her brother in height and Daddy even though he is smiling had had a long day and didn’t want to take the photo (the eyes give him away).

I usually love taking these in our garden or our home if I can because it’s our natural environment. Unless we are on holiday or a celebration where we are all dressed up and the opportunity arises to grab a family photo these are usually always taken last minute, in a few seconds. I have been doing it for six years now and I love looking back at them. My family of five in june


A boys trip to Portugal this weekend.

Golfing competition with B (father & son)

Planning his birthday party.


Nothing – she has shingles!!!

Joking, I always love something, the house renovations finally starting.

Learning how to take better care of her skin (no pun here) and how to apply makeup properly.


Golfing competition with Daddy.

Knocking on the neighbors door and asking friends to play like a big kid now.

Getting Minecraft for his birthday and building things. (he is totally obsessed now)

Skiing for the first time ever with Mommy at Beyond, Manchester.


Her first horse riding lesson for her birthday this week.

Our trip to Italy with Bella Italia Eurocamp and Granny came too.


Walking around everywhere.

Chatting about everything.

Eating non-stop!

My family of five in june

We always do a silly photo. One where the kids don’t feel awkward and they giggle and play around making angry, sad, happy, excited, worried facial expressions. We go through a series. It’s the photos my hubby hates the most. Sometimes he does them with us and other time he point blank refuses to join in the fun. So we make fun of him, make faces at him and he shakes his head at us. Normally I only share the ones he joins in but I couldn’t stop laughing at the one above where I turned to him and snarled like a kid would behind their mother’s back because he wasn’t being a team sport. The fact that Baby Owie was sort of joining in by singing made me laugh even more. I couldn’t not share this moment. It reminds me never to take life too seriously, ever!
My family of five in june

It’s not easy getting five people to look at a camera and smile. It’s not easy after working all day and running around at a fast pace to make time to snap us up each month but we do it. We may not always love it but we love that we have us all together, each month, from the time ther was just one child to now three in our arms. Watching our family grow and change month by month and watching us all stick together as a family.

Next month, it’s a big month with the kids’ double birthday party, Owie’s Christening celebrations, my mother from America is visiting and we are going on our first cruise and then off to America all in the same month.

So there will be plenty to share with you coming up. Don’t forget to keep watching us on ig stories where we now share our daily adventures and a whole lot of HOUSE RENOVATIONS that’s going on too. Come have a nosy!!!!

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