My Family of Five November

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:05 pm

November where did you go? We are into December and somehow our life has just been a blur of here, there and everywhere these days.

We have had the month of illnesses. It seems each family member was catching it and falling like dominos. Now, of course, it’s Mommy’s turn to enjoy the fevers, shakes, aches, and snotty nose. Don’t you think it’s great that kids share so much?

Also November held Thanksgiving for us. We had a blast with friends over for a feast. It’s the one holiday I wish every country would adopt. What’s not to love about a holiday solely surrounded by getting together with friends and family and sharing a feast? No presents, no media craze to get sucked into, just loved ones and food. And boy did we eat!

Daddy is loving…

Golfing (need I say this every month)

A quick trip to Ireland to see his family.

Christmas coming up in America.

Mommy is loving…

Thanksgiving with friends.

Ireland for 24 hours with no kids.

Going home for Christmas in America.

Buba is loving…

His new loft bedroom.

Decorating his new bedroom.

Having his own bathroom now.

Missy Moo is loving…

Her new bunk beds.

Having her room back to herself.

Helping decorate the Christmas tree with Mommy this year.

Baby Owie is loving…

His Mommy!

His milk!

His rabbit called Rabbie!

We still are trying to get Baby O used to others. He is settling in at nursery a little bit more still screams when I leave him. But he is still clingy as ever. He won’t even look at a camera if it’s not my phone so lately I haven’t been able to get the big dslr out. I tried with these photos as it was so dark outside, well you can see what happened when I tried to face him forwards to the camera. We all decided to document this moment and be sad with him. A family crying Christmas is in the works, hahahaha!

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