My First Quilt & Bonding with my Mother

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:12 pm

I would love to say I am a crafty person, but that would be lying. My creative juices just don’t flow, I can copy but can’t create my own master pieces. I am a pretend-to-be crafty person but I do love anything crafty from scrapbooking, card making, decoupage, painting, crocheting & knitting but something I never got into was sewing, until now.

My earn to learn sewing came from my mother. I think it is just as important to connect with my children as I do to connect with my own parents. My mother and I are super close but very different people. Our interests vary from one another. Now, she is the ultimate crafty person. She can do anything, and it always turns out amazing. Lately she has been really getting into her quilting, a craft I haven’t yet tried. I thought it would give us a great platform to bond over and I could use the skills. What I didn’t realize is that I would really like it.

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She started me out on a hand-stitch patch quilt top, as I had never used a sewing machine. She wrote out the directions, cut out the fabrics I liked, even drew me the pattern, creating a mini how-to kit, then shipped it to me. ( see above) She even craftly made this sewing pouch that is so handy. It has pockets for all my mini tools, a main pocket for scraps or bigger tools, and the top is a pin cushion that also doubles for a weight to hold it at the side of any table or chair. Brilliant creation! I told you she was crafty.

It was amazing that something so little as a sewing project could bring us even closer together. I loved it. I only wish I had more time to learn from her and she was closer, 10,000 miles is hard to learn from someone.

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When I finished my first quilt top, I was so proud of myself. I had created this beautiful blanket for my soon-to-be daughter, at the time. My mom did the backing for me so it turned out to be a very sentimental  piece to give to Missy Moo when she was born. Not only had I worked on it, but Grandma (Namma) had, too. The best part, it gave my mother and I something to bond over for life- sewing.

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On her last visit she even taught me how to use my first sewing machine. We made mini pillows for Buba’s new big boy room. These projects are not very time consuming, and a fun way to spend time together when she visits. I look forward to making more things for my kids, bonding with my mother, and learning a very handy skill, in the process.


8 thoughts on “My First Quilt & Bonding with my Mother”

  1. What a lovely thing to do! I have lots of ideas for crafty & creative things I want to do but just never seem to find the time so I’m always awed by others with similar age children who do!

    • Naptime and after bedtime is when I do everything. Whether it’s crafties, eBay selling, blogging, working on my next book, cleaning, cooking etc. I couldn’t do it otherwise. Although I wish I was more crafty. I see other moms stuff as think I would never haw thought to do that. Amazing.

    • No problem, I know you are a very busy lady and it’s Christmas time. Yes, one day I hope to do it with Missy Moo too or even better the three of us. 😉 Love PoCoLo and Prose for Thought Glad butwhymummywhy introduced me to your site.


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