October Me & Mine Family Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

This month we had the pleasure of having our family photos taken for us. It’s normally a family selfie, or a snap at home or in our local park off my own camera but every few years (about three) I like to have someone come and take them for us. Ones that are more formal and less work for Mommy, although I think as a Mother I am always frazzled whether it’s me taking the photo or someone else. There is SO much that goes behind family photos like getting five people dressed, clean, coordinating outfits, hair done, and out the door. That in itself deserves a medal for sure.

Speaking of medals one needs to go to the lovely Christina Davies from Fish 2 Photography for these gorgeous Autumnal family photoshoot! She is amazing with kids. I have one very grumpy and clingy baby who is teething, one middle daughter who normally is shy and introverted when she first meets someone and a very hyper eldest boy that struggles to keep still. I was so surprised she not only got down to their level and had them laughing and playing within minutes of first meeting them but she managed to get baby boy smiling in a few photos too. She was so kind and patient with us.

We literally got home from this photoshoot and I found two teeth at the bottom cut threw from the day before. Poor little baby. That’s the thing about family photoshoots you can’t plan for illnesses and teething. There is bound to be one of you off that day when there is five.

It’s worth it to get your photo taken all together but also individually. We have done family photoshoots in the past where they were literally focused on all of us together. I love that Christina took various photos of each family dynamic, the boys, the girls, parents, the children, baby etc. She had a great eye for where we should stand and what we should do. There is nothing worse than showing up at a family photoshoot like we did three years ago and  have the photographer tell you, “decide how you want to stand or where and I will shoot”. NO! It was the worse and most stressful thing ever and three years later we found Christina and are so so happy with her as our family photographer. I love both the natural and posed shots she got for us here. 

Right back to Me & Mine, what have we been doing this month…

Well, photoshoots for one thing. Obviously! And we had a sneaky half term trip to Marbella, Spain to see our friends. Its always great weather, good company and fun in the sun when we go. We try popping over to see them at least once if not twice a year when we can. They have three kids same ages nearly as our three kids. The dynamics and personalities all just fit together it is really sweet.

I have been working on the house a lot finishing the baby nursery (room tour coming soon) and finishing off the master bedroom and spare room. I know, I never say anything is finished and here I am stating it against three rooms. Next up, MM wardrobes get installed Monday and our loft designers are coming to take measurements for the loft. Phew… I can’t wait for it to be all sorted. I feel like we live in chaos and mess at the moment. B’s mattress literally is on the floor of his sister’s room right now, having been evicted for the baby nursery. If the loft looks like it’s going to take a long time to complete, I might just invest in bunk beds for MM’s room for them.

They absolutely love sharing a bedroom by the way. I always shared a bedroom with a brother or a sister at one point or another. I noticed they go to sleep faster and less moaning when they are together. We have had them share at my parents’ house each summer and holidays but never at home. It’s been such a smooth transition that I think I might just have them share a bit longer rather than sticking his mattress on the nursery floor again. We were looking for bunk beds for MM’s room for when she has friends over or we have family over so it’s a win-win for now anyways. The kids are loving going to bed together. I think it makes MM less scared of the dark and vice versa knowing his sister is right next to him. 



Swimming in the morning sun in Spain before breakfast.

Going on our friend’s boat in Puerto Banus.  (he loves a boat ride).

Switching to a new golf club.



Practicing our Spanish in Spain as a family with our friends.

Sunshine in Autumn to recharge our batteries.

Planning our New Year’s vacation in Mexico for Daddy’s 40th Birthday!



Swimming half term in Spain.

Sharing a bedroom with his sister.

Getting his new Beano comics every week in the mail.



Having a princess cafe playdate in Spain with my friend’s middle daughter who is the same age.

Sharing a bedroom with her brother.

Having a Halloween party at our house with her friends and trick or treating.



His first time in Spain.

His first Halloween and trick or treating.

His first rolling over. (a lot of first this month for baby boy).

As a family we have grown to five but it now feels like we have always been five with baby boy in tow. He has slotted in so perfectly and besides being clingy to Mommy (a stage they usually all go through) he is the easiest baby ever. I am so grateful for the sleep he gives me and how amazing the older two dote on him and love him. It’s made our family dynamics perfect and I feel we are complete with the arrival of our third child.

Time is going so fast because next week he will be six months old and there are so many firsts listed above that he is hitting that I need a whole separate blog post for it. I am trying to work while he naps and when he sleeps at night so that I can really take in those baby milestones as they come and cherish every moment while he is still little enough to do so. We have a lot of fun together that’s for sure.

I apologize for so many photos this month for our Me & Mine. I could have shared a handful more but these are my all time favorite and I daresay you will see some of them (most of them) pop up on my instagram feed in the future. Each one a moment and a loved one to cherish and share again and again.

I am happy to share that Christina has kindly said I can share an exclusive promotion with all my lovely readers. If you live in Lancashire or want a Lancashire photoshoot, she will do a 30 minute mini session for £50 or in the NorthWest 20% off a full session using the discount code LetsTalkFish2

Remember this photoshoot above only took her 45 minutes and she got so many more great shots so you can do a lot in 30 minutes. It’s SO worth it. Try her out and let me know what you think. Remember use my special code above to receive your discount when making your booking. Tell her Let’s Talk Mommy sent you! Check out her website link at the beginning to see her gallery and her many, many talents. She does, weddings, family, lifestyle, product, website photography and more.

*This is not a paid collaboration. We have paid for this photoshoot and we just want you to benefit from reading our blog with this discount offer to say thank you for reading!

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  1. Oh these are all such gorgeous photos of your family. I love the ones of you all together, the ones where Buba and Missy Moo are throwing leaves into the air and the one with them cuddling their baby brother. I’m not surprised this post is so photo heavy with so many beautiful shots to share. Poor little Grizzle with teeth cutting through – that’s not a fun time. Well done to him on rolling for the first time though. Sounds like you had a lovely half-term in Spain. #meandmineproject

  2. These are such amazing pictures! I might contact Christina to book a shoot for us – we’ve never had a professional photo shoot all together before. It sounds like you had a great month too – I bet a week in the sun was amazing! #MeandMine


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