Get an ICON 25V Cordless Vacuum for allergies

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I have shared on here a few times about the health issues my son faces. Whilst it’s manageable with daily medicines, daily cleaning, and being mindful of where he goes and what he eats, it still can be a struggle at times.

One of the things that bothers his breathing so much is house dust and animals. Just because we don’t have animals doesn’t mean it doesn’t come into our house. Most people don’t think about if they have pets and how it transfers so easily. Not they should it’s not something they have to look out for. But we have noticed when people that own animals especially more than one in their home, he struggles to breathe when they even visit. Animal hair and dander float in the air that we breathe without us even noticing it. Doesn’t mean anyone is dirty it’s just the law of mother nature. Dust is the same way. We may clean everyday but it floats around us all the time and settles on the floor again. We see it when the sun shines through a window.

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

Get an ICON 25V Cordless Vacuum for allergies

So I need a vacuum that is easy to use, quick to grab and be able run room to room with a strong suction to reduce whats in our house and on our floors. In comes the ICON 25V Cordless Vacuum from Bissell. We are testing it out to see if it stands the test as one of the best cordless vacuum for allergies. Since a few of us in the house have severe allergies, it’s definitely a household that needs one.

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

High-power performance digital motor

This is one of the most important aspects of a vacuum to most people. What’s its ability to suck up as much as possible with a strong motor. We don’t have carpets in most rooms that my son frequents but we still have it in other rooms of the house. With deep carpets you need a strong motor to pull up the dust and dirt. I also think with a strong motor you get that added benefit that it’s sucking up the air around it too as the dust might get dispersed as you drive over it on hardwood floors.

LED motorized swivel nozzle with Tangle-Free Brush Roll

The LED on the swivel nozzle makes it look fancy but I didn’t realize actually how much MORE you can see with a LED light as you are vacuuming the hardwood floors. I knew we had dust on a daily basis that settled but I was shocked to see how much the LED light was showing each morning. It also helps under beds and sofas where you can’t see. The tangle free brush roll is smooth and grabs what it needs to and not what it’s not supposed to.

Mess-free, easy-empty dirt chamber with Smart Seal Allergen System™

On some vacuums this is where I give up on them when the cleaning out gets too complex, or hard, or messy. What’s the point if you just cleaned up to make a mess with the very thing that cleaned it up in the first place?

The ICON Cordless 25V has a mess free, easy empty dirt chamber. I love that it has a smart seal with allergen system which means with a no-touch chamber. It has a unique sliding mechanism which collects and then traps dust, debris, allergens and hair, so that the whole family can breathe easy. This is music to my ears.

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

Converts to handheld vacuum

I am one of those people that likes a good cleaning product but I don’t want a whole cupboard full of them. I like things that are “all-in-one”. The Bissell ICON 25V quickly becomes a handheld vacuum.

LED crevice tool with retractable brush

We have three stories in our house so there are A LOT of stairs. With an adaptable brush, the handheld is my new best friends to quickly clean my stairs. I probably use this more than I ever thought I would. Perfect for those shelves too. I have plenty of those in our house as well.

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

Adjustable power

There are three levels of power you can adjust to depending on what the task at hand requires. For busy families like ours, I don’t think it will be off high power. But depending on the mess you might need a lower power. It’s always great to have options.

Lightweight, yet sturdy and easy to manoeuvre

It only weighs 3kg making it lightweight, sturdy and the best bit – IT’S CORDLESS! Need I say more?

I love how easily it glides over carpet to hardwood to carpet and throw rugs again. Some vacuums that have  strong suction can pull them up as you go over them but the Bissell ICON doesn’t.

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

One of the things I love most about the design is that it comes with a “special” wall mount to store it out of the way. I say special because most wall mounts don’t come with a hole to hold the plug in so that you can hang it up and charge at the very same time in one easy motion.

You can put it on the back of a door, broom closet or cloakroom. We have ours in our laundry room so it’s easy to grab for the kitchen and dining room which is the two rooms we use it most.

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

What’s important to you and your family in your vacuum? It isn’t just about the name, the look, and cost of a vacuum. Always make sure it checks all the boxes that you need. Every family is different so your vacuum needs to be more versatile than you think.

When it comes to children with allergies, it’s important to know how to clean and help them not have reactions to things that flare up their allergies in the house too.

Bissell ICON Cordless 25V Vacuum review

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These are my opinions on using a cordless vacuum for allergies for our household. 

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