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Hi! I’m Jenny (aka Mommy) I am 36 years old, a mom to three bouncing kids and living as an expat American in the UK. I moved from my beautiful home on the west coast of America 13 years ago, to be with my British husband, Mr. P. I wrote my first novel called When Love & Culture Collide, six years ago now and you can get it from Amazon here. I have always wanted to write novels and fell into blogging as a way to share our lives with all my family back home. I am a huge foodie and love home interiors. When I am not baking in the kitchen or redecorating something in my home, we are traveling as a family. ABOUT MY BLOG I write a lifestyle and parenting blog. It’s not one or the other. I share all our family adventures, milestones and experiences but I also share my …

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