Pit & Peak of the Weak #18

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:16 pm

Happy UK Mother’s Day! It does feel weird that half of my world is celebrating this special day and the other half isn’t. Life in two worlds is a very weird experience. I haven’t blogged “YET” of my expat experience and how life in the UK is for this American, for fear I would have scared you all off before I even got you hooked. But there are just as many advantages as there are disadvantages and one of them is getting two Mother’s Days.

This week has flown by, with a blink of an eye, I swear. Even though we were once again house bound for most of it for Buba’s potty training, it still felt like it was busy, busy. We attended a Charity event on Friday, which Mr P always gets competitive at these types of events but I am not complaining as he usually wins some nifty prizes, including Moet Champagne this time! Thank you Mr P and the penny toss game!  I also got involved with another charity, a bit closer to home. A good friend of mine’s friend was killed instantly in a car wreck and was 19 weeks pregnant with her first baby, a little girl. It is such a heart breaking story, I am trying to help raise money for the devastated family, so if you have a moment please click here.

Pit: We also had some sad news come Saturday night that Mr. P’s great-aunt, had fallen and broken her hip, to then go on to have a heart attack and is now on life support. We still don’t know very much as they are testing to see if she is brain dead or not, but all your thoughts and prayers would be grateful, at this time. She has had a long full life but always sad to hear of suffering, especially close to home.

Peak: I can happily say I have so many peaks this week. From the mountains of amazing messages from friends and family saying how proud they are of me making the MAD Blog Finals to Buba finally learning to hold his pee and go on the potty to an amazing day out with my kids on Mother’s Day, I could not pick just one.

I was floored to see how many people congratulated me, I think I am still in denial for the MAD Blog Awards. It truly makes me realized this is something I am not only so passionate about and love doing but I might finally be good at something too. That’s so huge for me as I have the worse confidence when it comes to my writing. In the past, the only thing that kept me writing especially while I was writing my book was that I loved it so much. My love for it overpowered my insecurities thankfully otherwise I wouldn’t have my book or this very blog!

Buba has come along way on week two of his potty training. Thursday at nursery, I thought would really help him but Friday was a set back day and I felt we really had to start all over again but this time he wouldn’t go pee or poo at ALL. He held it for two days, Friday and Saturday. But today he didn’t have one accident all day and stopped refusing to go so may this week, the third week, go even smoother because I am done staying in the house all day, everyday. I love my house but I am sick of the same four walls!


And last but not least, my amazing day with my family today for UK Mother’s Day. It started with flowers from my two little tikes, which is a lovely way to start the day and let’s not forget the lie in Mr P kindly gave me too. It was the first time I got one where I actually slept in, and didn’t just lie awake forever thinking at least it’s peace. It was an ordinary day, but it’s not the big flashy surprises that make it special, it’s quality time with my family. We took a lovely walk with the kids this morning then had lunch at our new local coffee shop around the corner, which is amazing and I think I might become a frequent drop in now. We returned home so the kids could have their naps, while Mr P and I sat out in the sun, on our lounge chairs. This afternoon we walked to the park and had a nice hour watching Buba run ragged and Missy Moo laughing on the swings. I made dinner and the kids are now sound asleep. It was a special day full of bonding moments for all of us. This to me is the best way to spend Mother’s Day. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Did you have a busy week? How was your Mother’s Day? Was it full of never ending to do lists or have you been somewhere great? I would love to hear your adventures? Fancy joining in Pit & Peak of the Week, it’s not an official blog hop but feel free to use the badge below and link back to here, if you want to write your own Pit & Peak post. It’s a therapeutic way to rave about your highs and vent about your lows of the past week.

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4 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Weak #18”

  1. It sounds as if you have a week of highs and blimey some major highs at that, well done on your MADS nomination! I am so sorry to hear about your pit of the week I hope Mr P’s great-aunt does recover. x

  2. So sorry to hear about Mr Ps great aunt. I hope it’s good news. And a huge well done on getting to the finals. I’ve only berm regains your blog a short whole but it’s very addictive and has a big brush of happy through it which is genuine 🙂 best of luck!!

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this time of need. It truly is hard to hear of suffering, especially when, as you say, it’s so close to home. It’s great to hear you had so many peaks tho on a lighter note! May the peaks continue on through this week!!

    • Thank you Artiesa. As always your heart is gold! Thanks too for the continual support and always commenting. You are amazing and it means so much to me. You are the only one from family so thank you.


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